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Zhou Gaoyang slashed his sword, and sneered, "So what if you know? You're still going to die anyway!"

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Brother, you definitely, definitely shouldn't have dragged innocent people into this matter."

"Oh, so you want to stand up for them?" Terrifying divine light flashed from Zhou Gaoyang's sword as he relentlessly slashed at Ling Han. His strikes were especially simple, and all of them targeted Ling Han's vital points.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "I certainly don't have that much spare time. However, there's someone who's been itching to pulverize you for a long time!"

Zhou Gaoyang continued to attack as he asked, "Oh? Who is it?"

"Me!" Yang Tiecheng walked over following a cold humph. An overwhelming aura radiated from his three-meter-tall body, and his face was livid and full of killing intent.

Goosebumps instantly formed on Zhou Gaoyang's skin as he felt a cold chill run down his spine and through his four limbs.

He was an entire minor level weaker than Yang Tiecheng, and he was only an experienced assassin, not a prodigy who could fight above his cultivation level. On the other hand, Yang Tiecheng was a two-star genius!

In other words, there was a whopping difference of six sub-minor levels between them.

There was no doubt that this would be a one-sided battle.

Zhou Gaoyang wasn't Ling Han, and he didn't have a sturdy physique, either. Against an elite like Yang Tiecheng, it was extremely likely that he would be killed in 10 strikes.

"Yang Tiecheng, die!" The three powerful pirates also charged over.

Yang Tiecheng simply blocked them with one hand as he continued to stare at Zhou Gaoyang coldly. "Do you still have anything to say?"

Zhou Gaoyang remained silent. Then, he suddenly became one with his sword.


His body instantly soared through the air.

He wasn't attacking Yang Tiecheng, nor was he trying to drag Ling Han down with him. Rather, he was attempting to leap into the sea. His aim was evidently to escape to the seabed. Although the gravity field here was terrifying—one would almost certainly sink if they entered the sea, and they would have to walk like normal people on the seabed—after a good eight or 10 years, one would definitely be able to walk back out of the sea.

This was a better option than struggling against Yang Tiecheng and facing certain death, no?

"Trying to escape?" Yang Tiecheng sneered as his other hand reached out and grabbed at Zhou Gaoyang.

This strike exemplified the crushing power of a cultivator at the peak stage of the consummate level. As if it were a small mountain, his large black hand grew incredibly large. A dozen or so divine patterns that exuded a frightening aura pulsed on his hand.


This hand was far too large, and it instantly cast a shadow over the entire ship, blocking Zhou Gaoyang's path of escape.

"Sky Soaring Sword!" Zhou Gaoyang exclaimed softly. His speed suddenly increased dramatically as he became one with his sword and hurtled toward the large hand.


As if it were raining drops of light, sword light exploded through the air.

Ling Han activated his Eye of Truth, only to see that Zhou Gaoyang had managed to create a hole in the large hand.


Zhou Gaoyang dashed out, yet the sword light around him had already become extremely dim. It was evident that he had paid a heavy price to use this technique.

Yang Tiecheng waved his large hand as he charged out in pursuit, and sneered, "Do you think you can escape?"

"Ahhh…!" Zhou Gaoyang screamed in agony as the large hand wrapped around him and crushed his bones.

The difference in strength was extremely evident. There was a gulf of six sub-minor levels, and Zhou Gaoyang more so lacked the will to battle. His only thought was to escape, yet in the end, this made it even easier for Yang Tiecheng to capture him.

"Die!" The three pirates attacked Yang Tiecheng relentlessly.

Peng, peng, peng!

Their attacks continued to rain down on him.

Yang Tiecheng was only fighting them with one hand, so he was naturally unable to completely mitigate their attacks. As a result, he was struck by a few of them. However, his physique was also astonishingly strong, so he merely had some blood seeping from the corners of his mouth.

He was battling against three elites at the same time, yet he was still able to capture another elite who was at the peak stage of the high extreme. His strength was truly astounding.

"S-spare me!" Zhou Gaoyang immediately begged. "I swear I didn't kill them. It really wasn't me!"


How would Yang Tiecheng believe him? He clenched his right hand, and Zhou Gaoyang instantly exploded into a cloud of blood. The large hand slowly dissipated as he humphed and unclenched his fist.

"Pirates, let me send you all to hell today!" His killing intent had been inflamed, and an overwhelming might exuded from his tall demon-like body.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" The pirates weren't afraid of battle, either.

"Kaka, brat, it's only you and me again. Die!" The baldie started to attack Ling Han again.

Ling Han replied with strikes of his own. As long as his opponent didn't unleash his most powerful move, Ling Han's sturdy physique would definitely be able to withstand all of his attacks. He would at most suffer some minor wounds, but these could be instantly healed by his Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

In terms of battle prowess, he was only at five or six stars right now. In terms of resistance to attacks, however, he was definitely at a freakish 10 stars.

It was truly unbelievable that even an elite at the consummate level wasn't able to kill him.

Meanwhile, Ling Han felt that it was a pity that he couldn't help Shui Yanyu kill more pirates.

'I'll kill them myself, then.'

Ling Han continuously activated his Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique, with even cultivators at the peak stage of the medium extreme being affected. After stunning his enemies, Ling Han would kill them with one punch and then store them into his Spatial Spirit Tool.

The baldie roared in fury. He was chasing and attacking Ling Han, yet Ling Han still had the time and leisure to kill his fellow pirates. This was utterly humiliating.

On the one hand, the weaker pirates were being wiped out. On the other hand, the sailors on the ship were also being massacred. This caused Yang Tiecheng to almost go crazy with rage. His three-meter-tall body expanded again, transforming into a giant six meters tall.

His clothes were torn into shreds, and only a pair of underpants covered his sensitive region. Nine pulsating circular symbols were visible on his body, and they raised his power by a significant margin.

"Nine Symbol Divine Pattern!" a few pirates exclaimed. "This is the Yang Clan's secret technique, and one has to sacrifice a certain amount of their lifespan in order to activate it. It can raise one's battle prowess by one star!"

Yang Tiecheng was already extremely strong. Now that his battle prowess had been elevated by one more star, there was definitely no one on the ship who could fight him head on.

After all, this was a secret technique that reduced one's lifespan!

To living beings, what was more precious than their lifespan?

"All of you can die!" Yang Tiecheng unleashed his fury at the pirates.

Ling Han was also astonished by the sight before him. If he were to battle against Yang Tiecheng head on, it was extremely likely that his internal organs would be punctured in under 10 exchanges. After 100 exchanges, even his Godly bones faced the risk of being completely shattered.

Yang Tiecheng was at the consummate level, after all, and his battle prowess had even more so reached three stars right now.

The pirates were instantly put on their back foot after Yang Tiecheng activated his secret technique. Their situation was only worsened by the fact that Liu Ying and the others were all starting to unleash their full battle prowess.

However, in Ling Han's eyes, the most eye-catching person wasn't Liu Ying the consummate level cultivator or Yang Tiecheng the giant. Instead, it was Fu Tian, the youth who only looked to be 16 or 17 years old.

This person was an absolute beast!

His cultivation level was only at the peak stage of the low extreme, yet his battle prowess was extremely powerful. He didn't use any weapons, and instead used his various body parts to spectacular effects. In fact, Ling Han had even seen him biting off the nose of his opponent!
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