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Every human skull was spewing shadowy light as they shot out towards Ling Han.

360 streaks of light formed a mysterious formation, greatly boosting the power behind every attack. Meanwhile, after the baldy delivered this attack, his face couldn't help but turn a few shades paler. It was apparent that this attack was very straining on him.

Ling Han dared not take this attack head on.

It was one thing for his physique to be tough, but his opponent's cultivation level was superior to his by as many as 10 sub-minor levels. Even his Body of Diamond would be pierced through, and he would be severely wounded at the very least.

Peng, he delivered a palm strike and sent Shui Yanyu to the sidelines, while he himself retreated in another direction.

"Buddha is merciful, and willing to pass redemption to all!" The baldy descended amidst golden light, his face wearing a twisted expression, without the slightest bit of mercy anywhere.

Ling Han dodged endlessly, while the baldy continued to pursue him. His abilities were far superior to Ling Han's, so naturally the more he chased, the closer he came. Those streaks of shadowy light descended in a violent surge, and looked like they were just about to catch up to Ling Han.

Accompanied by a cold humph, a streak of dark light swept over. Pa, pa, pa, pa. All these streaks of black light were shattered. Yang Tiecheng, who was currently engaged in a fierce battle with three pirates, had still managed to spare a hand to dissolve the crisis that Ling Han was trapped in.

Yet, with this action, he was immediately on the receiving end of the counterattacks from three elites of the pirates. A vivid dance of shadow and light wrapped completely around him, and no further sign of him could be seen.

"You managed to dodge once, but will you be able to dodge the second attack?" The baldy smirked coldly. However, he did not immediately wave his string of beads for a second attack. Instead, he merely brandished it and charged over.

Obviously, that earlier attack was too straining, and he had yet to recover fully.

The pressure on Ling Han naturally decreased greatly. He used the unique terrain on the ship to dodge and evade continuously as he continued to observe the proceedings of the battle.

The battle looked incredibly fierce, but there was still a great number that did not use their full abilities.

For example, Liu Ying and the other three women. They were obviously elites in the consummate level of Mountain River Tier, yet merely exhibited abilities on the level of the peak stage of the medium extreme, and were currently in a heated battle with a few minor characters. The two members of the Luo Clan were the same as well. Their abilities were obviously powerful, yet they purposely pretended to be weak.

Otherwise, with at least five elites of the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier on their side, they had an overwhelming advantage.

'Looks like their evil intentions have not died!' Ling Han thought. These people were reserving their strength. It was obvious that they wanted to make use of the chaotic battle to deliver a fatal strike against him. At that moment, they would be able to push the blame onto the pirates, removing themselves from the matter entirely.

After all, no one would want to have any relation with the crime of having killed a disciple of the Scarlet Heaven Academy.

"I will deliver you to the heavenly paradise!" The baldy grinned in a twisted manner, the fingers of his right hand forming an orchid. He smacked down lightly, and hong, a real orchid flower actually took form, and slammed down on Ling Han.

Upon a closer look, the stem of the orchid flower was formed from divine patterns, and the light it was exuding further formed shadowy images of blossoms, possessing a kind of sacred aura.

To think a murderous maniac would have an aura of holiness and sanctity circulating around him… This was very odd and extremely bizarre.

Ling Han quickly dodged. Bang, the orchid smashed into the deck, actually smashing a hole right in it, demonstrating how terrifying this attack was. It had to be known that the ship itself was built from bones of a special Demonic Beast from the Star Sea, and was incredibly sturdy and tough.

Peng, Ling Han was sent flying with the aftershock, and shot sideways.

Just at this moment, an incredibly cold sword's light waved, piercing out towards Ling Han's chest.

The attacker was shockingly Zhou Gaoyang, that ordinary-looking man in gray robes. But at this moment, his eyes were shining with the light of malice, his whole person bursting with a terrifying aura.

The peak stage of the high extreme!

He was an elite even stronger than that pirate from before. The sword strike approached, and it was the moment where Ling Han was falling down and his defenses were the weakest. Moreover, the tip of the sword was sinisterly cold. It was obviously a supreme weapon, and added with an instillation of power from him, it was very possible that this stab would be able to pierce right through Ling Han's body.

The point that he was targeting was precisely Ling Han's heart—this attack was meant to be fatal!

The baldy did not know that there were already hidden waves of turbulence on board this ship, and when he saw this scene, he couldn't help but feel it weird, but it was all right with him. In any case, their purpose was to kill all the men here; as for who delivered the killing strike, who cared?

Zhou Gaoyang's face was serious and somber, both hands gripping onto the hilt of his sword. There were visible divine patterns flickering on his hands, which extended onto the blade of the sword, causing it to burst with an astonishing glorious light as well.

He obviously was also very wary of Ling Han's physique. Hence, this attack had his full power in it, and he was determined to pierce right through Ling Han's body.

"Many Shadows Embodiment Technique!" Ling Han exclaimed in a low voice, and in the instant the sword's tip touched him, he had entered into the Black Tower.

Zhou Gaoyang's sword strike instantly missed its target.

It should be known that he had used his maximum power in this sword strike, and as it missed its target, the endless power did not find any exit. Naturally, his figure lost control, and charged right ahead.


Quite coincidentally, this strike just happened to stab into the thigh of one of the pirates, causing him so much pain that he screamed loudly. He turned around to look who had attacked him; he felt this was unfathomable. He was presently in a heated battle with one of the crew members, so why had some random guy f******* suddenly stabbed him?

He had not expressed how innocent he was when a bang was heard. That crew member that he had been fighting grasped the chance, and struck with his hammer, crushing the head of that pirate into mush.

Xiu, Ling Han appeared once more. Naturally, he reappeared on the spot he had disappeared.



Zhou Gaoyang and the baldy both exclaimed in surprise. The few people that had been paying attention to Ling Han were also no exception. Just now… had Ling Han suddenly disappeared?

Many Shadows Embodiment Technique?

These people automatically digested the smoke bomb Ling Han had thrown out. That was because in comparison with a Spatial God Tool, they would be more willing to believe that it was an incredible movement technique.

… What a joke. How could an ant from a small world possibly obtain the treasure of an ultimate elite of Genesis Tier?

The words 'Spatial God Tool' did not flash through their minds at all.

This movement technique was very awesome. It should be known that Zhou Gaoyang's abilities were far superior to Ling Han's, and the timing that he had chosen to make his move was exceptional. But, it was precisely because of this that his strike did not succeed.

Hiss, was this ant from a small world really so hard to kill?

Ling Han smirked coldly, and asked, "So the mysterious killer… is you!"

Zhou Gaoyang was expressionless as he asked, "You suspected me for a long time?"

"My departure from the Imperial Capital must be a good chance that could not be missed to you ghosts. How could there be no movement from the Dark Night Hall? I have long since guessed that the mysterious killer comes from the Dark Night Hall, and in my eyes, you are the biggest suspect!" Ling Han said.

Those like Luo Yu, Liu Ying, Zuo Xiao, and the others all had clear identities. Then, if the Dark Night Hall had really sent out an assassin, he would naturally be someone among Jin Zhihui, Zhou Gaoyang, Fu Tian, and Yin Yuanxiang.

However, though Jin Zhihui was also a swordsman, his sword techniques were wide and bold; it even had a kind of blunt feeling to it, which was completely not conforming to the sneak attack and ambush style from before.

Fu Tian was even less of a suspect. This youth was practically a wild beast. His fighting style was barbaric and wild. Every part of his body was a weapon in itself—he kept attacking with his elbows, knees, and head. He even opened his mouth to bite others, like he himself was a barbarian.

Yin Yuanxiang's weapon was a whip, so she was better at defense than attack.

With such a comparison, Zhou Gaoyang naturally had to be the assassin from the Dark Night Hall. At the same time, the possibility that he was also that mysterious killer from before was naturally extremely high.

Though Ling Han had been engaged in furious battle with the baldie all this while, he had also placed a considerable amount of attention on him. He knew that with how chaotic the battle was, the latter might sneak up on and ambush him like a poisonous snake.

And Ling Han had indeed not guessed wrongly.Wherein the thumb would be held to the middle finger, whereas the other three fingers would be spread far apart.
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