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It was common sense that aside from taking medicine, time was the only way to slowly recover one's spiritual energy.

And now, Ling Han actually said that he wanted to sell her a cultivation technique that would boost the recovery of spiritual energy. How could she not lose her bearings from such an extreme shock?

"Bastard, what did you do to Si Chan?" He Jun Chen immediately shouted, his whole face filled with thunderous rage. When he saw the expression of utter astonishment on Li Si Chan's face, he assumed that she had been taken advantage of by Ling Han.

He had a crush on Li Si Chan, and when he had seen the previous intimate interactions between Ling Han and Li Si Chan, he was already extremely displeased. Now, he naturally could no longer restrain his resentment.

"It's none of your business, just sit down somewhere," Ling Han said nonchalantly.

"How dare you!" He Jun Chen had already been extremely irritated by Ling Han's presence, and now he stood up instantly in a rage, ready to make a move.

"Elder Brother Disciple He, what are you doing?" Li Si Chan immediately stretched out an arm to block his advance, her beautiful face filled with displeasure. That was natural. If there really existed such a cultivation technique that could aid in the recovery of spiritual energy, then its value would be absolutely beyond measure, and would also be something that all the alchemists in this world would go crazy about.

"You, are you actually defending him?" He Jun Chen's expression transformed drastically. He had already been suspicious of the ambiguous relationship between Ling Han and Li Si Chan in the first place; now that Li Si Chan was actually protecting Ling Han, she caused his suspicions to deepen.

"You were the unreasonable one in the first place!" Li Si Chan said, displeased.

"I am unreasonable?" He Jun Chen almost jumped up, thinking, 'You adulterous couple are already flirting so openly in public, and actually dare to accuse me of being unreasonable?'

"Idiot, shut up!" When Ling Han saw that the bidding for the Second Star Grass had already began, he quickly waved a hand at Li Si Chan, and said, "Get me this Second Star Grass, and that cultivation technique will belong to you."

He only had over one hundred thousand silver coins, which was definitely not enough to buy these three stalks of Second Star Grass; he naturally could only place his hopes on this rich woman, Li Si Chan.

If this wasn't the case, he wouldn't consider selling off that spiritual energy replenishing cultivation technique—even if it was only a low grade spiritual support technique, at least in the vicinity of Rain Country, it was still a priceless treasure.

Li Si Chan's attention was immediately turned back to him, and she asked, "You wouldn't be lying to me, right?"

"What do you think?" Ling Han countered.

Li Si Chan pondered that while this guy was actually younger than herself, his ability had already been recognized and acknowledged by two Black Grade high level alchemists at the same time, so it wasn't likely he would be making baseless boasts. After all, the acknowledgement of these two alchemists was definitely worth more than a few dozen hundred thousands of silver coins.

She nodded and immediately began bidding.

As an alchemist, even if she was only in Yellow Grade mid level now, the wealth she possessed was still very shocking. She easily raised her bid to the exorbitant price of over a million silver coins, and it still seemed as if it was something very easy for her.

Ling Han nodded internally. Looks like this girl's rate of success when concocting pills was not low, and that was why she had been able to accumulate such wealth.

...An alchemist being in a higher grade did not mean that he would definitely be able to earn money, or earn big money, because this was affected by their success rate. For example, let's say that the medicinal ingredients cost a million silver coins, and theoretically, thirty alchemical pills could be concocted from this amount of ingredients. The total worth of these thirty pills would be nine million coins, so with a hundred percent successful concoction rate, an alchemist would be able to earn eight million coins, and that was a profit of eight times his costs.

But, if the alchemist's success rate was only ten percent, then the three alchemical pills that were concocted would be sold for only ninety hundred thousand silver coins—not only would the alchemist not profit, he would have lost a hundred thousand coins.

The higher the grade of the alchemical pill, the lower the rate of successful concoction, so don't think that alchemy was a profession that earned big money; whether or not it would be profitable would still depend on the alchemist. The amount of money earned would differ with different alchemists.

For example, the Three Fire Guide that Ling Han had invented in his last life was able to greatly increase the rate of success, and brought a revolution to the field of alchemy. It also earned Ling Han the revered name of Alchemy Emperor.

While Li Si Chan was only a Yellow Grade mid level alchemist, if her rate of success was extremely high, she too would be able to earn a lot of money. Of course, the higher the grade of alchemical pill, the more money could be earned with a high success rate.

For example, when Ling Han in his last life had concocted some Earth Grade alchemical pills, then no matter how much money you offered, you still would not be able to buy any. You had to trade either natural treasures, high grade cultivation techniques, or martial techniques in exchange for a few Earth Grade alchemical pills.

While he was in his pensive thought, Li Si Chan had already successfully obtained the three stalks of Second Star Grass, paying the high price of a million and two hundred thousand silver coins. After all, there weren't many alchemists here, and even if there were, they were obviously not as wealthy as Li Si Chan.

Ling Han smiled widely. If it had been his last life, it would not be possible to purchase such a priceless item with worthless crap like gold and silver coins. Spending a mere million plus silver coins, he managed to get it; this was an extremely great profit.

Very quickly, the staff of Spiritual Treasures Pavilion had delivered the three stalks of Second Star Grass over to them.

"When you give me that cultivation technique, I'll give you the Second Star Grass," Li Si Chan said.

The corners of Ling Han's lips twitched, and he said, "Do you think I would renege on a promise to a little girl like you?"

"Don't act so old and mature, you're one year younger than me!" Li Si Chan pointed out. She was actually really scared that Ling Han would act shamelessly, and take advantage of his younger age to trick her out of her money. After all, this was the money that she had earned through her own hard effort.

"Fine then, let's return to the Academy immediately," Ling Han could barely wait to concoct the Second Star Pill. The sooner he took the pill, the sooner his spiritual energy would be increased, and he would be able to cultivate for a slightly longer period of time every day.

Accumulating this extra bit of time over a long period of time would eventually lead to a very significant increase of his cultivation.

"All right!" Li Si Chan nodded. She wanted to get her hands on a cultivation technique like this as soon as possible, too.

Ling Han carried Hu Niu, and the group of three departed.

Qi Yong Ye and the others snickered in unison, revealing knowing expressions. Only He Jun Chen's expression darkened like water; he had already developed a powerful killing intent for Ling Han.

After all, Li Si Chan was not only one of the Twin Stunning Pearls of the imperial city, she herself was a very impressive alchemist, possessing a future with unlimited possibilities. If he was able to marry such a woman, then whether it was for himself, or for the clan behind him, this would be a colossal gain.

This was his woman, and he would mercilessly kill all who threatened his position as her man!

Ling Han and Li Si Chan soon returned to the Academy. When they arrived at the place Ling Han was staying at, he told Hu Niu to play by herself while he began to impart a spiritual energy replenishing cultivation technique to Li Si Chan. The name of this technique was "Major Origin Spirit Replenishing Technique."

This was not Ling Han's own invention. Instead, it was an extremely common spiritual support technique in the field of alchemy from his last life. It was very effective for the recovery of spiritual energy for any alchemist below Gushing Spring Tier, but after the alchemist has passed into Gushing Spring Tier, its effects would begin to decrease.

Thus, Ling Han did not have much misgivings or reluctance, and directly taught it to Li Si Chan. Otherwise, the latter would have to perform three kowtows and nine bows, completing the formalities of becoming his disciple, before he would be willing to teach her the real art of alchemy.

But for Li Si Chan, this cultivation technique was indescribably valuable and priceless. Her whole body was shivering, because she was really too overwhelmed with excitement.

"I, can I teach this Major Origin Spirit Replenishing Technique to my Master?" she asked very nervously.

"All right, then I'll sell it for a rough ten million!" Ling Han nodded without hesitation.

"When you sold it to me, the price was only a million and two hundred thousand!" Though Li Si Chan knew that Wu Song Lin could easily afford this sum of money, but as his disciple, she would naturally want to defend her Master's interests.

"That's because you're a beauty, so I gave you a friendly price. Your Master.... sigh, not pleasing to the eye at all, so of course I'd be selling it to him at the original price," Ling Han laughed.

Li Si Chan rolled her eyes at him, but because Ling Han was complimenting her beauty in a roundabout way, she was still very happy.
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