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This was a wide, boundless world.

There were fields of herbs, green mountains, and clear waters. There were Spiritual and Divine Beasts, with a divine mist interweaving in the air. It was like a heaven on earth.

Shui Yanyu had received a colossal impact. She had never seen a Spatial God Tool before; could it be that they were all so huge? This was not something that could be described as a space anymore; it was another world in itself!

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said, "Are you pleased with this place?"

"En! En!" Shui Yanyu nodded quickly, her pretty face filled with pleasant surprise. However, she was immediately stunned, and asked, "Then, with both of us in here, wouldn't the Spatial God Tool be discovered by others?"

"It won't!" Ling Han shook his head with a smile. "I call this place the Black Tower because it appears to be a nine-storey black tower, but only I can see it. That is because it is too small, like a mustard seed. Hence, even if I have entered as well, no one could possibly find such a small thing that is smaller than even a bit of dust."

Shui Yanyu believed him because she had seen Ling Han disappear suddenly before. No matter how hard she'd searched, she could not find him.

"Then, wouldn't we be invincible with this treasure?" she asked in pleased surprise.

"My wife speaks true." Ling Han wrapped his arms around her, honestly and without reservation. He had not had his fill of kissing just now.

"Damn pervert!" Shui Yanyu murmured softly, yet did not struggle too strongly. Seeing such valuable treasures, she was also overwhelmed with emotion, a kind of strong emotion surging within her.

The couple clung onto each other, and just when they were about to cross that final line, they stopped.

"I'll show you something nice." Ling Han led Shui Yanyu to the location of the Reincarnation Tree.

Shui Yanyu's beautiful eyes widened. "You wanted to show me this empty land?"

"No, no, no. Not much later, a Reincarnation Tree will grow from here!" Ling Han declared proudly.

Shui Yanyu was stunned, and said, "The seed of the Reincarnation Tree that you bought at the auction previously? But don't you know? It would need twelve trillion years to really grow to maturity."

"Hehe, don't worry. You will definitely not have to wait so long that your teeth would start to fall out." Ling Han laughed loudly, and pinched her pretty face. "At most, it would take three years, and this Reincarnation Tree would show its incredible effects. At that time, you can cultivate here, and one day would be comparable to a whole lifetime!"

Shui Yanyu was a little doubtful. After all, it had already been said that it would need twelve trillion years to really mature, but the problem was… didn't he have a Spatial God Tool?

Since even this kind of God Tool existed, then it would not be impossible for it to possess some other unfathomable ability.

She chose to believe Ling Han.

"Indeed, you are a man of great fortune!" Shui Yanyu declared with a nod. To be able to come by opening the sky, how could this be done by any ordinary person?

Ling Han snickered, and said, "That's natural. Otherwise, how could I possibly have such a beautiful demon like you throw herself into my arms?"

"Who, who threw herself into your arms?" Shui Yanyu asked, her pretty face flushed. She was still a little easily embarrassed, unused to being teased by Ling Han. Her almond eyes were as soft as water, gentle enough to melt anyone's heart.

"You damn pervert!" She recalled the incident when Ling Han spied on her bathing, and could not help but become annoyed. She raised her fist, and struck out at Ling Han.

How could it be that Ling Han would take that little bit of strength seriously? He pounced, and pushed down this captivating beauty. The couple rolled around on the grass, and very soon, they were kissing again.

The night passed. Early the next morning, Ling Han and Shui Yanyu walked downstairs to have breakfast.

Though Ling Han had not reached the last base the night before, the two of them had still slept in each other's arms. They were so intimate that they were no different from any other married couple, which caused Shui Yanyu's pretty face to be flushed again, her cheeks as if red clouds. She was astonishingly beautiful like this.

Hence, as she walked down the stairs, she instantly attracted an uncountable number of gazes. A considerable number was grumbling, thinking that this Ling Han had to have really accumulated all the luck from his past life and this life to be able to share the night with such a captivating, seductive beauty.

If it was them, what would they be coming down here for with such a captivating demon? They would keep the doors closed every day and have their fun in private.

Because Ling Han had just established his position yesterday, no one dared to harass Shui Yanyu with vulgar words. However, there was still a considerable number of men taking advantage of her with their eyes, fiercely staring at Shui Yanyu's beautiful face, breasts, hips, and long legs as if they wanted nothing more than for their eyes to grow hands so that they could touch her as well.

For those that had reached Immortal level, their bodies had completely cast off their mortality, and they no longer needed to eat nor drink. As long as they had Spiritual Qi to absorb, they would not starve to death nor die of thirst, and could live normally until the end of their lifespan.

However, the reason why cultivators cultivated was definitely not for the sake of suffering. Similarly, sleep was not necessary, yet everyone would still have the habit of sleeping because it was beneficial to the body. Meanwhile, eating and drinking was to satisfy the palate. This was a kind of enjoyment.

Ling Han and Shui Yanyu both ordered their respective breakfasts. It was very simple. There were only a few steamed buns and a small side dish. Thankfully, this was provided for free. Otherwise, if they would still have to pay a few True Origin Stones for this, everyone would fly into rage.

A waiter of the inn suddenly rushed over with a fearful expression, and exclaimed, "Oh no, many people from the Black Five Gang have charged over!"

The five great forces frequently fought, and there would be a few casualties and injuries every time. Perhaps it was going to happen to him this time.

"What!?" Many waiters from the inn immediately drew out their weapons, and rushed out the doors.

Recently, the two great forces were in an especially tense situation due to fighting over territory. Every few days, there would be a fierce battle. Hence, the Great Chariot Gang had long prepared as well, and immediately entered into battle mode.

A thought flashed in Ling Han's head. He and Shui Yanyu walked to the doors, and began watching the excitement.

Over a dozen people had come down the street, all dressed in black. Each of them exuded an aura of violence, but they should all be in Mountain River Tier. Not one had reached the Sun Moon Tier.

This was natural. Sun Moon Tier cultivators—even if they were only in the low extreme—could be considered elites even in the Imperial Capital, and could take the position of an elder in the Scarlet Heaven Academy. In any clan, they would be considered pillars of support.

Tyrant Axe Harbor was only a small place, after all, so how could any random fight draw out a Sun Moon Tier elite? If such elites were really drawn out, then it was clear that both sides had become serious, and it was a situation of neither wanting to live while the other survived.

Obviously, the five great forces would definitely not progress to this point. Otherwise, both sides would come off worse; even if it was a narrow victory, that would be benefiting another. The remaining three forces would definitely join forces to suppress them, and divide the profits among themselves.

The members of the Black Five Gang stopped at the entrance to the inn because the members of the Great Chariot Gang had also come out, not allowing them to advance one step further.

"What are the bastards from the Black Five Gang doing here? Get lost and go back wherever you came from!"

"Get lost, or we will beat you until you burst!"

The members of the Great Chariot Gang took the initiative to provoke them because the other party was already intruding their territory.

Within the group from the Black Five Gang, the people separated, and a young man walked out. He was not wearing black like others, but rather a flamboyant embroidered robe. It had so many colors that it made him look like a colorful butterfly. His looks, though, were not too bad: skin smooth, lips red, and teeth white. He also had a paper fan in his hand.

Pa, this young man unfolded the paper fan, and waved it lightly. Then, he said, "Yesterday, someone beat some disciples of our Black Five Gang. Today, I have come purposely to look for this person. As for those unconcerned… get out of my way!"
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