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Beautiful women were the most common resource on the Joint Peace Planet. As long as one reached the Mountain River Tier, it was really much too easy to take a beautiful woman as wife.

However, beautiful women could still be divided into different categories. A difference in identity and status would lead to a different level of the attractiveness of a beautiful woman.

A pretty daughter of a humble family and a royal princess were both women, but how could the feeling of conquering them be the same?

Shui Yanyu, meanwhile, was not only breathtakingly beautiful, she also had a graceful air about her. Every move she made was incredibly graceful and seductive, and would cause others to become infatuated and fall head over heels in love with her. Added with her cultivation level of Immortal level, she had naturally become the focus of attention of all those around them.

Who would not be enchanted upon seeing such a seductive beauty?

"What a beautiful girl!"

"Just look at that backside, both round and erect. I really want to go up and give it a touch."

"Hehe, her breasts are quite big too. I probably wouldn't be able to take hold of one with just one hand."

There were very many people eating in the hall, and some were already spouting out obscene words.

Ling Han's eyes froze over, and focused on one of them.

"Brat, what are you looking at?" It was a middle-aged man that looked to be in about his forties; he had a thick, solid build and a fierce face, yet he was actually wearing a long bright red robe, making him seem extremely out of place.

He pointed at Ling Han, and threatened, "If you continue to look, I'll beat you to death!"

"Ling Han!" Shui Yanyu gripped onto him, not wanting him to fight in this place.

Ling Han shook his head, and pulled her hand away. Then, he strolled over to the middle-aged man.

"Brat, are you having a great flash of anger for that beauty?" the middle-aged man sneered. "You are probably a spoilt young master from some clan, right? That's why you obtained such a beauty! Tsk, without that kind of background, how could you have qualified?"

He was filled with jealousy, his eyes slightly bloodshot. Just think, he was in the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier, yet absolutely did not have Ling Han's good fortune with women.

"You're already so old, yet all your years of experience might as well have been wasted on a dog. Since you speak with no thought at all, what use is there for you to have this mouth?" Ling Han strode over, his face very icy.

Since he and Shui Yanyu were going to stay here for two days, then if he did not make his position clear, it was inevitable that these people would run their mouths and take advantage of Shui Yanyu with their words.

"What a sharp mouth!" The middle-aged man smirked coldly. "Young man, I will teach you well today: without your background and your clan, you are nothing!"

The two were about to erupt into a fight at any moment, yet the others were merely laughing on the sidelines, watching the show. Since this matter did not concern them, it was natural that no one would speak out. Furthermore, the innkeeper did not call a halt, either. Their duty was only to prevent outsiders from coming to make trouble. Since these two themselves wanted to fight, then it was all right even if one of them died.

Of course, if either the middle-aged man or Ling Han asked for help, they would still interfere to stop the battle.

Ling Han had already come close. He was angered, his aura lightly surging, and possessing an intimidating might. This was because his divine sense had far surpassed any ordinary medium extreme cultivator's, and had also been tempered multiple times by the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, so it was naturally like a divine weapon on its own.

"You seek death!!" The middle-aged man suddenly struck out with a palm strike, directly aiming for the top of Ling Han's head.

Though he said he wanted to teach Ling Han a lesson, his move was meant to be fatal. Whoever actually believed his words was really much too naive.

Ling Han humphed, and similarly struck out with a palm, heading straight for the palm that the middle-aged man had shot at him.


The two palms crashed into each other. Suddenly, a thunderous sound rang out, and a shock wave visible to the eye surged out from where the two fighters' palms collided. Instantly, a few tables in the surroundings were flipped over.

"Ah…" The middle-aged man released a pained howl. He only felt as if he had delivered a palm strike straight at a piece of Godly metal, which was an impact strong enough to crack the bones in his hand. The suffering was indescribable. He looked at Ling Han in shock. No matter what, he could not believe that this young man who was only in the medium extreme would actually possess such massive strength.

He was in the early stage of the high extreme!

He took a step back, and gripped his right hand into a fist, striking out once more at Ling Han.

Ling Han similarly gripped his hand into a fist, and the two fists collided.


Instantly, the middle-aged man's figure swayed. He retreated a total of seven steps successively, and crashed into the table behind him. Due to the impact from the power he had used to protect his body, the table was directly turned into pieces and sawdust.

He still had not stopped his retreat, but the person sitting at that side stretched out his hand in a shove, and finally stopped his movement.

He hissed through his teeth, then raised his hand, and saw that part of his fist had actually caved in. Obviously, his bones had been broken. Otherwise, this kind of wound could not possibly have appeared.

Curses, how could there possibly exist this kind of physique?

The middle-aged man was both astonished and infuriated. In the first place, cultivators were most wary of battling at close quarters, and he was bullying Ling Han because the latter's cultivation level was below his. He had not thought it'd be he who was on the losing side in these two exchanges, which made him feel incredible regret.

This brat had to have concentrated on cultivating his physique, and that was why his defenses were so terrifying!

He was even more certain of Ling Han's "identity" now. The latter surely was the heir of some great clan, and that was why he had so many resources to temper his physique. It should be known that the cost of boosting the physique to Immortal level was frighteningly high. Every day, he would have to bathe himself in precious divine medicine, and only after countless years had passed could he be successful.

Otherwise, why would there be so few that had cultivated their physique to Immortal level if everyone knew that it was very beneficial to have a tough physique?

It was not that they did not want to, it was that they could not afford to!

The middle-aged man was almost mad with jealousy. This young man's cultivation level was lower than his, yet he possessed the kind of physique he could only dream about, and also had a woman that he wanted to push down just from seeing her. It was all because of his background, and because he had a wealthy noble clan to support him.

"Die!" he howled loudly. Weng, a sound wave surged out of his mouth, and actually formed a human figure that was brandishing a staff. The human figure waved the staff, and struck out at Ling Han's head.

He had finally learnt his lesson, and drawn out the distance between himself and Ling Han to finally deliver this attack.

'A sound-type martial arts technique?'

Ling Han was slightly surprised. This kind of martial arts technique was very rare, and he had never thought that he would encounter it when he had just arrived in this place. However, no matter what kind of martial arts technique it was, it was ultimately dependent on the abilities of the user. Thus, he was naturally unafraid.

Xiu, he charged over, wanting to directly combat the root of the problem.

The human figure that was formed from sound waves struck. Ling Han merely raised his hand, catching the staff. Peng, his figure slightly paused, but the force of this strike had also been dissipated.

He looked at his arm, and saw that his sleeve had burst open; there was also a light mark left behind on his skin.

The opponent was a high extreme cultivator, after all, so he should not be underestimated.

He merely sighed ruefully, yet caused the spectators to be incomparably astonished.

"Hey, hey, hey. This brat is only in the medium extreme, yet he can actually face Hu Qiwei, who is in the early stage of the high extreme, directly and even cause a little loss to Hu Qiwei? His abilities are really quite shocking."

"He has to be a one-star genius at least!"

"His physique is even more astonishing. He must be a member of an influential clan, and has thus used various divine medicines to temper his physique since childhood."

Their thoughts were more or less the same as those of the middle-aged man, Hu Qiwei. They all were completely certain that Ling Han was a member of a powerful clan, which was why he possessed such a tough physique, and perhaps he was able to become a one-star genius even more because of this factor.

Those that were trying to make a living here were basically all lone cultivators, who did not have a very good background. All of a sudden, they were filled with envy towards Ling Han.
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