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In the end, Realm Lord Di Tai decided to head for the Abyss.

After all, it had been so long since the Immortal Cooking Realm had a Divine Chef.

For Realm Lord Di Tai, the Divine Chef's remains and legacy were full of great temptation, which was so strong that he was willing to go despite the risk of being killed by Nether Prison experts. Lord Dog's advice was the last push he needed.

Therefore, he made the decision, no matter how strongly Meng Qi and City Lord Zou opposed it.

Bu Fang actually didn't approve of the realm lord going to the Abyss. After all, the invitation was sent by a Nether Prison expert, and no doubt the expert had dug a large pit and was waiting for him to jump in. What was the point of obtaining the legacy when he would lose his life in the end?

However, Bu Fang didn't shoot his mouth off. He respected Realm Lord Di Tai's decision.

"Abyss is a good place..." Lord Dog lay on the ground again and said.

"Bu Fang, my little friend... Do you want to go with me?" the realm lord looked at Bu Fang and asked sincerely before he left.

However, Bu Fang only rolled his eyes. He naturally chose not to go. All he wanted now was to stay peacefully in the restaurant, take care of the business, drink tea, and bask in the warm sun.

Realm Lord Di Tai felt a little disappointed. If Bu Fang agreed to join him, the mangy dog might follow them as well, and he wouldn't have to be wary of being killed by some Nether Prison experts along the way. However, it was plain that Bu Fang didn't want to go with him.

After that, the realm lord and the others left. Now that he had decided to go, he naturally needed to prepare.

The Immortal Cooking Realm had a transport array that led to the Abyss, but it could only transport him to a large city nearest to it. He would need to rent an Abyssal Winged Dragon in the city to reach his destination.

The city was a messy place, mixed with good and evil people including creatures from the Netherworld, the Abyss, and the other continents. A world of chaos and bloodshed was the most vivid image of that city.

After Nether Prison occupied Abyss, it spent the next few thousand years looting all its resources. When it was done, it basically gave up the whole Abyss, never bothered to manage the order nor control the killing, and just let it fend on its own. Eventually, it developed into today's Abyss, a chaotic and disorderly city of slaughter.

Realm Lord Di Tai returned to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion. Today's Immortal Kitchen Pavilion was considered the realm lord's seat. As times changed, the center of the whole Immortal Cooking Realm had shifted from the fifth layer to the first layer. 

The realm lord had thought of going to the Abyss alone, but the idea was rejected. Meng Qi had decided to go with him. In the beginning, the realm lord refused her, but all the others had voiced out. So in the end, the people that would go to the Abyss became two.

Then, both of them returned to their own places and began to prepare things for the trip.


Bu Fang leisurely leaned in the chair, holding a teapot in one hand and drinking from it from time to time. The taste of the Nine Revolution Great Path Tea was amazing. It made him feel his spirits freshened up whenever he took a sip.

He was actually curious about the Abyss, but only because it was where the Abyssal Chili Sauce was produced. In fact, he was curious about the Abyssal Chili Sauce. He had cultivated Exploding Flame Peppers in the Heaven and Earth Farmland before, but the chili sauce made with them was much inferior to the Abyssal Chili Sauce. Mainly, its taste lacked a kind of essence.

Suddenly, Bu Fang opened his eyes—something serious occurred to him. Realm Lord Di Tai was going to the Abyss to obtain an opportunity of becoming a Divine Chef, which could be found in the Divine Chef's remains that recently appeared. It was very tempting to the realm lord, but for Bu Fang... it now seemed to be tempting as well. 

'At such times, shouldn't the system already be issuing a temporary task?'

What came into his mind was that he happened to complete all the temporary tasks recently. If he was not wrong...

Just when his mind flickered, the system's serious voice rang out in his head.

Bu Fang couldn't help but roll his eyes.

'Sure enough... Could it be that the system had forgotten to issue a temporary task, and it only did so after I reminded it?' He thought it was likely the case.

"Temporary task: Host, please go to the Abyss and obtain the Dark Qilin Bone. Task reward: True energy level increase by twenty percent."

Looking at the task reward, Bu Fang couldn't help but roll his eyes again.

'The task reward is really random...' 

Nevertheless, the reward of increasing the true energy level by twenty percent was still a huge temptation for Bu Fang. At least, it could lower quite a lot of revenue conversion. 

Bu Fang's current cultivation base was Nine-star True Immortal Realm. How much Nether crystals and crystals could twenty percent of his true energy convert into? Therefore, although this reward was a little random, it was also very handy. 

The system's task had swayed Bu Fang. He had decided not to go, but the reward and the curiosity for the Abyssal Chilli Sauce changed his mind. Besides... he had a feeling that the trip to the Abyss would be an unusual one.

The system asked him to obtain Dark Qilin Bone.

Qilin was an ancient spirit beast, and Dark Qilin was a variant of Qilin, which was also an ancient spirit beast and couldn't be underestimated.

Since he was going to the Abyss, he naturally had no time to lie leisurely like this anymore. Although Bu Fang wanted to find a moment of leisure in his busy life, there were always so many things that kept him busy.

With a thought, he appeared in the Heaven and Earth Farmland.

His research with Niu Hansan for the carrier of the Imprison Array had made a small breakthrough. What dish should be used to carry the Imprison Array? After both of them studied for a long time and tried various dishes and ingredients, they finally decided to use a dish called Moon Dumplings.

In the beginning, Bu Fang tried it with Soup Dumplings. The effect had been good, but to be used as a carrier of the Gourmet Array, it still had some flaws. To solve the flaws, he tried a dozen different dishes related to Soup Dumplings and eventually decided that Moon Dumplings were the best.

He went into the wooden hut.

Niu Hansan had ground the flour for making Moon Dumplings. The flour contained the Will of the Great Path, which made it very unusual. He was very excited when he saw Bu Fang, and he showed the latter the flour.

Bu Fang nodded. He asked Niu Hansan for one kilogram of demon beef, and after picking some immortal vegetable from the garden, he began to make Moon Dumplings.

Bu Fang was no stranger to making dumplings. In fact, he had cooked dumplings when he was at the Light Wind Empire. It was at the Hundred Family Banquet, and he had conquered everyone with Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumplings. Now, he was going to make the same dumplings. However, the change in ingredients had caused a change to the dish's grade.

He started by kneading dough. Mixed with the Spring of Life, the dough gleamed like stars. The filling was made by mincing the ingredients and mixing them with chopped demon beef.

Niu Hansan watched from a distance as Bu Fang made the dumplings. His smooth movements were pleasant to watch.

While Bu Fang was making dumplings, Jing Yuan came for the milk again. Recently, Fang Fang's Ice Cream Store's sales in Goddess City seemed to have increased, because Jing Yuan had come out with many new flavors and created another trend.

Inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Spring of Life was boiling. Bu Fang put the dumplings he had made into the wok, one by one. These dumplings had been made into a crescent shape. As the water came to a boil again, the dumplings began to burst into a dazzling seven-colored light.

Before very long, he scooped one dumpling after another out of the wok, drained their water, and placed them in a blue-and-white porcelain plate. By then, the cooking of the dumplings was completed. After that, Bu Fang took out some crystal fruits of life and fused them into the dumplings. 

Finally, the dish that contained the Imprison Array was ready.

When Bu Fang infused the Imprison Array into the Dried Pot, its effect was slightly weaker. Now that he used the Moon Dumplings, it should be stronger. However, these dumplings' destructive power would never be as good as that of the Perishing Pot.

He put away all the dumplings except one, and he made it float in his hand.

Niu Hansan followed beside him as they both walked out of the wooden hut.

In the distance, Eighty was playing with the Eight Treasures Pig, while the Three-Eyed Wild Lion followed behind them, jumping up and down.

Bu Fang fixed his eyes at Eighty, who was running about happily.

Eighty felt a chill run down its back and... a gaze that came from a chef.

"It's your turn, Eighty." Bu Fang's lips curved upward into a faint smile.

Niu Hansan also showed a playful smile and said, "This chicken is... making a lot of noises."

Bu Fang flicked his finger. Immediately, a stream of seven-colored light shot out of his hand, heading toward Eighty at top speed.

In the distance, Eighty's chicken eyes grew wide. It clucked, flapped its wings, turned around, and ran as fast as it could, leaving a few feathers behind.

The Eight Treasures Pig looked confused, while the Three-Eyed Wild Lion lay on the ground, unmoving.

The grass was swaying while Eighty ran wildly. The Eight Treasures chicken was followed by a dumpling that radiated a seven-colored light. 

No matter how fast Eighty ran, the dumpling had locked onto its body, so it couldn't avoid it. In the end, the chicken simply sat down on the ground. 

The food in the farmland was too good, so Eighty had grown fatter. It was no longer the Eighty who could run fast. 

The Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumplings shot over and smashed Eighty's head with a thud. 

Eighty turned its eyes in puzzlement. Suddenly, the dumpling burst into a blinding light.


The next moment, Eighty found itself enveloped in a circular column of light, and it couldn't move at all. The only thing on its body that could move was its feathers, which fluttered when a gust of breeze blew over...

"Cluck, cluck, cluck?"

Eighty rolled its eyes and let out a feeble clucking sound. It tried to move, but it couldn't.

When Bu Fang and Niu Hansan saw that Eighty was trapped in a circular column of light, they couldn't help but clench their fists.

They began to count the time.

From start to finish, Eighty was imprisoned for almost the time for half an incense stick to burn. It was now almost fully grown and was considered a real immortal ingredient. Besides, its diet was so good that it could even be considered a top-grade immortal ingredient. It was not bad that the dumpling could paralyze it for so long. 

The time for half an incense stick to burn was enough for Bu Fang to cook a chicken into a dish.

He was satisfied with the Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumplings. Its effect might be weaker against stronger opponents, though. He reckoned that it could imprison a half-step Saint for a dozen breaths, a Little Saint for two or three breaths, and perhaps less than one breath when the target was a Great Saint. However, it was at least part of his arsenal. He could always use it together with the Perishing Pot, paralyzing the enemies before smashing them with the Perishing Pot.

Now that he had the Rainbow-Colored Crescent Moon Dumplings, Bu Fang had more confidence in his trip to the Abyss, and he could finally stir up some troubles there… 

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