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"Sea Dragon King?"

Under the extreme speed, Fang Yuan could already feel an enormous spiritual aura in front of him.

Winds raged and clouds loomed as the contemptuous aura of a king could be felt.

Such a feeling was very familiar to Fang Yuan.

The emergence of a water dragon would bring about crazed winds and rain!

The support that was rushing over towards Fang Yuan was the king of the deep seas, Sea Dragon King!

"Even if every member of the Demon Alliance is present, I will still not let you off!"

Nevertheless, the glow in Fang Yuan's eyes became more resolute. He then suddenly stepped forward violently.

"Hruuu! Hruuuuu!"

Spiritual energy swept across as though it became a windstorm.

Extreme Darkness turned around and felt as though she saw a black hole.


Suddenly, the black hole broke apart and a giant silhouette stepped out.

He was extremely tall, huge and had strong muscles. It was as though he came from the wilderness as he was very rough looking and his body was violet in colour. He suddenly hollered, "Zha!"

Sonic waves swept across!

This one word of his was like the first voice that created the heavens and earth; it was extremely terrifying.

The rough waves on the seas calmed down at once. Even the clouds in the skies scattered as though they were scared.

Enormous! Pangu Eagle Body!

This was of course not the real body of a True Divine martial artist, but with Fang Yuan's strength now, it was already extremely close to his original body in his own world. Such a body being displayed was still incredibly awe-inspiring and formidable.

"No! The unity of light and dark, Mandala Enchantment, seal it!"

Young Girl Extreme Darkness saw the giant extend his hand and his fingers were like five mountains that crushed her. An extremely horrified and panic-stricken look appeared on her face and she immediately bit the tip of her tongue. Her face became red and she started casting her spell.

On her right hand, a holy light mandala appeared which was radiating a pure and holy white-coloured glow. On her other hand, it was extraordinarily dark and gloomy as it formed a queen of the night flower that looked like it came from hell.

Suddenly, the two light and dark flowers merged together and gave birth to something chaotic. The two forces from the extremes clashed together and immediately opened up an inexplicable and indescribably powerful enchantment that was enveloping towards the giant hand.

"Very good!"

Fang Yuan chuckled.

Extreme Darkness did not while away time. After she conquered this otherworldly body, it was as though her misfortune turned into good luck as she gained substantial benefits.

Furthermore, just with the large amounts of techniques and experiences left behind by Elder Extreme Darkness were enough for her to progress tremendously.

However, the body she possessed would seal off and destroy its important memories if it was defeated. Hence, this young girl did not obtain much and this explained why the enchantment appeared rather incomplete and deformed.

"If she really continues to grow further, she would be unstoppable since her body's physique was already not bad and she was further supplemented by the experiences from another world."

As Fang Yuan thought, his expression became extremely stern. The giant he transformed as then roared furiously again, "Roar!"


In the enchantment of light and dark, even if the Five Fingers Mountain descended from the heavens, it would be sealed in the void too.

However, moments later, Young Girl Extreme Darkness' face changed drastically.

After she harnessed all of her strength, the attack merely sealed off one of the opponent's….. palm? Furthermore, the feeling it gave her was like as though she was catching a great white shark with a normal fishing net as the opponent could easily break free from it.


In that instant, the young girl made up her mind and fled towards the Sea Dragon King. She was very regretful.

If she knew Fang Yuan was so powerful, she would not have made enemies with him.

'Aren't people from other worlds who visit our world suppressed and restrained? Also... from the memories, this Fang Yuan isn't really someone to be afraid of...'

'Why... is it still like this?'

The young girl was incredibly puzzled.


However, Fang Yuan gave her no chances.

Accompanied by a raging roar, lightning flashed crazily in the skies and struck all at once, tearing apart the light and dark enchantment.

The lightning bolts surrounded the giant hands like two dragons swimming around it. The giant hand then grabbed the lightning bolts again.

The enchantment broke and along with the power of the lightning escaping from it, it immediately caused Young Girl Extreme Darkness' face to turn ashen at once. Fresh, red blood then spewed out from her face as if she was a plum.



At last, the seas raged and a 100-yard-long blue water dragon charged out from it.

"No one can stop me from doing what I want to do! Scram!"

The Pangu Giant hollered and struck out his other fist.


Water splashed everywhere as a fist landed on the seas. Its strength was like an entire mountain and brought about an indomitable might.


Under the fist, even the 100-yard-long water dragon was sent flying back. The layers of water on its body were shattered one by one.


Extreme Darkness' gaze was filled with despair. The giant lightning hand went for her without hesitation and sealed off the void at the same time. She could not even teleport away and was grabbed by the hand tightly.


In the next instant, lightning flashed and brought about great pain and anguish to the young girl. Her body was now covered in large patches of burnt marks and even her bones and internal organs could be seen. She was then continuously restoring and regenerating her own body.


After such great destruction, all the lightning bolts gathered and condensed into a lightning chain that entered the young girl's body. It then turned into a seal and immediately disappeared.

The young girl immediately lost her consciousness.

"You... humans! You have really enraged me!"


The surface of the sea which was filled with rough waves immediately turned pitch black.

The currents moved continuously and brought about huge waves that were more than 10 yards tall. On the crest of the wave, the blue water dragon emerged from it. It had a single horn on its forehead, dragon claws on its abdomen and a plain looking dragon tail. It then began stirring waves.

"Hehe... a cross-bred water dragon dares to call itself the Sea Dragon King?"

Fang Yuan scanned the dragon with his eyes and revealed a disdainful look.

As Fang Yuan was a water dragon before, he could naturally feel that although this blue-coloured water dragon's power might have been higher than his own, its bloodline was not pure. Thus, it was not even comparable to his golden water dragon transformation and not to mention, a true dragon.

Such a dragon that dared to call itself the Sea Dragon King would be killed and shredded into pieces if it really met a true dragon. 

A dragon's temperament was haughty.

As it saw Fang Yuan's disdainful look, the Sea Dragon King seethed with anger even more. It then violently opened its mouth.


A beam of cold blue coloured light gathered in front of its body and immediately landed on the giant's body.

Freezing weather! Snow during summer!

In an instant, an extremely frosty feeling swarmed the area. The vast ocean turned into solid ice and encased the giant in it, becoming an ice statue.

The blue water dragon swam about and turned into a stream of blue light. It then arrived in front of the giant and swung its tail.

The water dragon had never hoped to freeze the giant to death directly, it only wanted to restrict the giant's movement for a more convenient attack.


A divine dragon tail's smack would be nothing short of a thousand tonnes!

However, even though the shockingly immense strength landed on the giant's body, it only made the ice in front of its chest shatter. The giant's broad and sturdy chest was revealed and he did not even move back a single step nor flinch.

"How could it be?"

Seeing such, the Sea Dragon King finally let exclaimed in shock, "How could your body be so strong?"

As a mutated beast, its advantage against humans was its body that was tougher than steel. As the apex of mutated beasts in the ocean, the Sea Dragon King was very confident of its dragon body. It would never have imagined such an attack of his would be so useless and it could even feel slight pain from its dragon tail.

"Hmph, you're ignorant!"

Fang Yuan sneered.

The most powerful thing Fang Yuan had currently was his martial artist divine body of Pangu Eagle Body. Even though he was only showcasing a small bit of it, it could rival any ferocious beasts in this realm.

Under the attack just now, he even had the strength to protect the fainted Extreme Darkness who was inside his hand.

"Oh? Looks like the reinforcements are here!"

Fang Yuan looked at the prey in his hand. He then announced loudly, "I am a very fair person. Since you attacked me once just now, I will counterattack you once! If you can block it, you live! If you can't, you die!"

"How brazen!"

Sea Dragon King was fuming. Layers of sturdy ice appeared on its body and transformed into a solid defence.

At the next moment, it saw a fist smashing towards it.

What kind of tyrannical punch was that?

It was as though the punch opened the skies and split the earth, separated the good and bad, and crushed everything in front it. Against this fist, it was like going against an entire world!

This was a punch that was exceedingly close to the power of an area!


As the Sea Dragon King roared, blood oozed out from each and every scale on its body. The gigantic bloodied dragon dived into the sturdy ice which formed the strongest defence.


In the next instant.

The fist landed and the sturdy ice was crushed. It even forced apart the seawaters and revealed unseen pieces of land that were submerged for aeons.

How could the might of a fist be this powerful?!


Moments later, a stream of holy light and a stream of bloody light arrived. As they looked at the ravaged surroundings, they had the same astonished looks on their face.

"Could Area Beings be... fighting here before?"

Farquhar mumbled.

Faced with such a scene, anyone would have thought of that possibility.

"Where's blue dragon? It can't be dead, right?"

Curtly looked at the large pool of fresh blood on the ocean and was salivating. He almost could not stop himself from guzzling it.

"Such precious dragon blood shouldn't be wasted!"

Curtly's eyes turned blood-red like a shiny crystal and a force of his mind emerged.

Streaks of blood were drawn out from the waters as he easily separated the seawaters from it. The streaks of blood then gathered in front of him and formed a large ball of blood. Its surface was uneven and a tinge of gold colour could be seen too.

"Tsk tsk... what unadulterated dragon blood! Such a beautiful wine should be enjoyed during the grandest feast..."

The vampires' first ancestor muttered.

"Curtly! If you dare to do that, I guarantee you I will eat you up! I swear!"


A portion of the sea split apart and the blue dragon king emerged from it.

However, it was now miserable and wretched looking. Not only were its scales broken and its dragon claws cracked, there was even a giant hole near its waist that went through its body. It was almost severed it into two halves.

"We received the call for help from Extreme Darkness and immediately rushed over! It was Fang Yuan, right?"

Farquhar waved his hand. A streak of holy light descended and sped up the healing of the water dragon's wounds.

"It's him indeed! That person... that person..."

The blue dragon king muttered and a look of fear appeared inside his giant dragon eyes.

"Not only are his spiritual techniques powerful, his physical body is not like that of a normal person too... He had already captured and brought away Extreme Darkness."

Although Farquhar and Curtly had already guessed and expected such, hearing it still caused them to heave a chilly sigh.

"You all can do whatever you all want to do by yourselves! I wouldn't be interfering anymore!"

The Sea Dragon King hollered. Its body then shrank into an appearance similar to that of a fish before it dove into the deep seas and disappeared.
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