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The chaos lasted for about half an hour. The gang leader of the attacking party had no strategy in fighting. They drove into the airport and started to open fire.

The military responded with a fierce counter-attack. A few well-coordinated military vehicles forced the terrorists together. Then, they used the heavy machine gun to kill them all.

Finally, a helicopter arrived. This time, the terrorists were really done for. They were terrified and wanted to escape.

This was obviously the wrong decision. The machine gun on the helicopter was in position and started strafing. Pickup trucks were much bigger than humans, much easier to target. Very soon, the trucks were turned into sieves.

After the battle, the airport was a mess. It looked like the end of the world.

Dead bodies were lying around the open space of the airport. The surrounding buildings were raging with fire. There were people continuously stumbling out from them.

Someone was on fire; he screamed and rolled on the ground. Li Du could not bear to look at that horrifying image.

A blonde white person held a fire extinguisher and put out the fire on the victim's body. Li Du looked and recognized that it was Lu Guan. He immediately felt joyful.

Lu Guan had followed Big Ivan to check on the condition of the plane. They had been separated and Li Du was worried about them.

As soon as he saw Lu Guan, Big Ivan appeared too. He raised both of his hands, with blood spots on his body.

Brother wolf stood up and waved. Big Ivan rushed over as soon as he found them.

A military man with a gun carefully walked over. He stood a few dozen meters away and screamed, "What happened to you?"

Big Ivan raised his arms high in the air and said, "I am a visitor. During the attack, I protected the flight crew. The blood on my body belongs to the bad guys!"

There was a man beside him wearing a flight attendant uniform. He yelled at the military police, "Mopti, this is a friend. He's a hero! He saved us!"

The military man walked over with the flight attendant and said, "Yo, white guy. Take your clothes off. Don't wear clothes with blood on it. It's very misleading."

Big Ivan took off his clothes. His upper body was full of scars.

The military man asked, "From the military?"

Big Ivan nodded. "From Russia."

The military man shrugged and left.

The few of them gathered together. Li Du patted Big Ivan's and Lu Guan's shoulders. "Thank God you guys are alright. I was worried that you were in trouble just now."

Lu Guan felt indifferent and said, "In the chaos, two idiots wanted to mess with us. Big Ivan dealt with them using just a wrench."

The medics had not arrived. The screaming and yelling at the airport was incessant. The victims had been wounded by gunshots, some had been hit by vehicles, and some had been smashed by buildings. The injuries were extremely serious.

Sophie looked over and went to fetch a big box on the plane with Big Quinn. She put on a white coat, a mask and spoke evenly. "Let's save them!"

Li Du grabbed her and said, "Hey, sweetheart. You know that I'm not a cold-blooded person. But now is not the time to be heroic. It's best for us to not get involved in this."

Sophie persisted. "I am a doctor, a surgeon. This is my duty."

Li Du shook his head. He wished that they could stay out of it.

Sophie patted his arm and said, "Don't worry. I know what to do. I've been a battlefield doctor. Although it was only an internship, it was a good experience."

As Li Du was about to speak, she laughed, "I know. Just now I did not seem ready. But that was because I was not prepared. I have seen plenty of these before."

Sophie was dressed like a doctor. A few people ran over. One teenager immediately kneeled and began crying. "I beg of you. Please save my mom. She's . . . She's . . . I don't know!"

At this point, how could Li Du stop Sophie?

Sophie was putting on a pair of latex gloves as she quickly walked away. The flight attendant and the military police were gathering the wounded. This way, if Sophie went over, she could just kneel down and start working.

Li Du couldn't help much. He could only be an assistant and help Sophie with jobs like holding the patients.

Sophie was busy and kept sending out orders. "Who has a belt? Quick. Tie it here. His situation is really bad. His artery has been sliced. Tie it tight. Pay close attention to the time. Release it for 10 minutes every 15 minutes. And then, tie it back tightly . . . 

"Bite tightly. I have to remove the metal pieces from your stomach. Otherwise, the bleeding won't stop . . . Okay. You're a tough guy!

"Quick. Get me some clean water. Clean the wounds. I will stop the bleeding first, Remember, later when you see the doctor, you must ask him to give you a tetanus shot. Your wound is really serious!"

Sophie was bustling around the crowd of the wounded. Li Du looked at her figure and listened to her voice. Suddenly, he understood why she needed a job.

She saw saving lives as an obligation. She truly loved this job. To her, it was not about money, confidence, or dignity.

Exactly an hour later, the ambulance slowly moved in. Compared to the reaction speed of the military, their speed was too slow. The most ridiculous part was that the airport did not have a medical team!

As two ambulances arrived, dozens of medics came out. Li Du was stunned as he saw them. It was really extreme going from zero to a huge bunch of them.

Sophie only had some simple equipment and medicine. She could only heal the lightly wounded. As for the heavily wounded, she could only do some simple treatment to extend their lives as much as possible.

When the doctors and nurses had arrived, she could leave the scene.

Sophie threw her gloves away and then wiped away her sweat. Two tall and hefty military policemen saluted her. The local media had also arrived. People started taking photographs.

The airport had been bombed into a mess. Many flights were delayed. The government had sent a construction team to start immediately repairing the airport.

Li Du and his group could not leave. Fortunately, the airport arranged accommodations for them. In addition, due to Sophie's good deeds, the airport was extremely friendly to them and provided them with a presidential suite.

The hotel was located not far from the airport. It only had four floors. Although it was called a presidential suite, it was only a large room with beds, a sofa, television, toilet bowl, bathtub, and other basic facilities.

As they arrived at the hotel, an old Hummer pulled up. Wang Zhongshi's head appeared. "Brother Li!" he yelled. "Brother Li! Are you guys okay?"

As Li Du saw Wang Zhongshi, he sighed in relief. "Brother Wang, how are you? We're alright. The fact that we are alive to meet you is a blessing."

There were three Chinese men who had come along with Wang Zhongshi. Two were strong and energetic young men. The other had a brawny figure and appeared to be simple and honest.

After shaking each other's hand, Li Du brought them to the hotel room.

Sophie wanted to make some coffee and tea. Unfortunately, there was only hot water. No other beverages were available.

Wang Zhongshi did not feel like drinking coffee. He was still in a panicked state. "What happened at the airport? There was a curfew. We could hardly make it here. It's like the guerrilla squad was here."
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