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Li Du waited for Wang Zhongshi in the VIP reception room of the airport. The graceful
flight attendant brought them coffee and served them.
After he got the coffee, a shrill voice suddenly sounded.
Hearing this, Brother Wolf, who was standing behind Li Du, suddenly pulled him forward
and cried, "Quick, all fall down!"
Just as he said this, there was a loud bang. Bang…Doom!
The VIP reception room shook. Windows cracked and shattered all over the floor.
Brother Wolf pulled Li Du with one hand and Sophie with the other, and said in a harsh
voice, "Rocket bomb! Get out of here! Quick quick quick quick!"
Li Du was stunned. "Damn, what happened?" he cried.
"Armed attack!" Brother Wolf said curtly. He was unarmed, and the best he could do
was take a fruit knife from the table and run out among a throng of people, clenching the
knife with his teeth.
Li Du stood upright, and Brother Wolf mercilessly elbowed him in his lower abdomen so
that he doubled over. Brother Wolf shouted, "Bend down, take small steps, follow me!"
There was another rumble outside, and Brother Wolf rushed to the window to look. He
pushed out the shattered glass with his shoulder, grabbed Godzilla and thrust him
through the window.
At the same time, Brother Wolf growled, "Godzilla, hold tight!"
He grabbed the pale-faced Sophie, who was standing behind him, and pushed her
down. "Boss, Big Quinns, quick! It's going to attack here!"
The VIP reception room was on the second floor. Li Du estimated the height was only
about three meters and jumped down with his teeth clenched.
Brother Wolf rolled with the fall and helped Li Du reduce some impact when he jumped.

When the group of people thinned out, Brother Wolf pulled Li Du and Godzilla held
Sophie, while Big Quinns stuffed Ali and Crispy Noodles inside his clothes. They bent
down and moved forward.
The airport had a large pit on the ground to give access to the airport car parking from
below. Brother Wolf rushed over and stuffed them in one by one.
Thunder! The deafening thundering sound was still going on, and Li Du felt the ground
shake. His eyes were blinded by smoke and fire, and everything was in chaos.
They had just jumped into the pit and looked up when they saw a rocket hit the building
where they had come from. It only just missed the VIP reception room.
There was a big hole in the wall of the small building; the flames were rising, the smoke
Seeing this, Li Du broke out in a cold sweat. They had run out no more than thirty
seconds earlier. If Brother Wolf had not dragged them out, they would have died in
Brother Wolf did not jump into the pit. He half knelt down and looked around, his face
Sophie gasped. She was pale. She pulled on Li Du's clothes tightly, gasping, "God, oh
God, what's going on? Is this war?"
Li Du didn't have answers. He could not help cursing. He had checked the international
situation before he came here. South Africa's economy was in a low state, but their
political relations were stable.
They did not go to Russia, because they were afraid that Russia would start a war with
Ukraine. There was, however, no war in Russia, while they found themselves under a
bombing as soon as they got off the plane here.
The VIP room was the last room to be attacked. The rockets stopped and a dozen
pickup trucks crashed into the airport, loading off a group of black men with guns who
were shooting indiscriminately all around.
This was not the main airport in Congo, but a small one on the border, where most

aircrafts landed temporarily and some passengers would come down for a flight transfer
or just to relax.
The attack was so sudden that the airport quickly went haywire. Passengers rushed
down from the plane and ran around the airport, where rockets had previously only hit
planes and buildings but did little to harm people.
Now, as the militants opened fire, the crowd at the airport was hit.
Tu du du du! Ta da da da!
The dense, loud sound of gunfire continued, some people were shot down, and the
white airport was suddenly dyed red with blood.
"Help! Help! Help!"
"Help me, someone, help me ah ah ah, it hurts!"
"Thomas! Where are you? Oh God! Oh my God!"
Several military vehicles, loaded with machine guns, came out, charging head-on
towards the black men. The gunfire grew louder and more intense, and the black men
around the pickup trucks were knocked to the ground.
The scene became more chaotic. The military vehicle attack was very sharp and
aggressive. If someone blocked their route, the vehicle did not stop and rode right over
Big Quinns. who had a glimpse of this, ducked down and threw up. Sophie, who had
seen nothing, was in a better situation.
Da da da! A series of bullets swept over the concrete floor next to them, and debris fell
and hit people, causing a lot of pain.
Li Du opened the bug's black hole space and was ready to take out his single-soldier
combat equipment at any time. If any black men came on to attack them, he would take
it out and fight alongside Brother Wolf.
Brother Wolf jumped down and said in a calmer tone, "We are safe, we can go out

Li Du, confused, said, "Safe?"
"This is a terrorist attack. The terrorists were from The Crowd. The army came to rescue
and take over the situation, and they are winning."
Li Du was not in the mood to ask for details just then, but his mind was reeling. He did
not fully believe what Brother Wolf just said.
"The attackers were too stupid. They should not have been in a hurry to create panic.
They should have kept shoulder-fired armored vehicles waiting to attack the airport,"
said Brother Wolf calmly while he motioned them to stick close together.
"However, they were also right to do so, from their point of view. In action, the armored
vehicle targets were too small for them to hit."
After listening to Brother Wolf's calm tone, Li Du and the others felt less nervous, and
they let out an unconscious sigh of relief.
Godzilla said regretfully, "It's a pity we have no guns."
Big Quinns glared at him. "You idiot, even if we had tanks, we should have stayed in
hiding. Who do you think you are, the god of war?"
Li Du said, "Stop shouting! We should thank Brother Wolf. If it weren't for him, we would
be dead!"
Brother Wolf shook his head and said, "This is nothing."
Sophie said gratefully, "It's lucky we ran out quickly. We were about to be killed! Brother
Wolf, you seemed to know they were going to attack the VIP room?"
Brother Wolf nodded. "I checked the attack site at once. The first rocket attack was the
airport command center, then the office building and the security guard. Obviously, they
mainly attacked buildings to create chaos, and VIP rooms were important buildings and
would inevitably be attacked."
Listening to his confident reply, Li Du felt for the first time that it was a good decision to
spend money and hire Brother Wolf.
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