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Li Du drove back to the villa and saw two beautiful ladies chatting away under the big
oak tree in the front yard. Several dogs were crouching on the ground in fear, as if they
were dead bodies drying out in the sun.
The four little ones were like that too at first, but once they saw Li Du, they quickly ran
over to him.
A lady dressed in a police outfit gave a cough, and the four little ones stopped running
mid-way and crouched down again.
When Li Du saw that, he said curiously, "Hi, Luo Qun, why are you here?"
"Aren't you glad to see me?" Luo Qun asked with a gloomy face. "I've been in Phoenix
for almost a month now, you have also arrived over ten days ago, and you didn't even
give me a call?"
Li Du secretly thought to himself, Why would I give you a call when Sophie is still
jealous? He changed the subject and said, "What happened to these dogs? How come
are they so obedient?"
Luo Qun simply said, "Oh, when I came they kept barking nonstop and it looked like
they wanted to attack me, so I pulled out my gun and took a shot…"
Saying that, she took out her gun and showed it to Li Du.
The group of hounds that were huddling on the floor pulled their tails between their legs
at once and whimpered in terror.
Li Du was speechless. "You took a shot?"
"In the air," Luo Qun said simply.
Li Du said, "Then how are you going to explain that your gun is missing a bullet?"
Luo Qun said, "This gun is my private property, it is not registered with the police
station, so why would I need to explain it?"
Li Du was shocked. "You carry a gun when you're not on duty? Aren't you afraid that the
"I am a cop," she said overbearingly.
Sophie explained to him, "Ah Meow was being too naughty. After Rose came over, they
drove the hounds to scare her off, but in the end, they were the ones who got a scare."
The four little ones huddled down together, looking sorry and glancing at Rose
occasionally with expressions full of respect.

Li Du wanted to give this female police officer a thumb up. This lady was a hero.
Luo Qun already knew that Li Du was coming to Phoenix. However, as she has just
arrived at the new place, she did not have much leisure, and had to spend most of her
time working.
Today was her first day off after moving to this new unit, so she took the opportunity to
visit Li Du. She did not say she was coming to visit Sophie, just Li Du. Sophie was very
sensitive and noticed this.
The sky was almost dark, and Li Du invited Luo Qun to stay for dinner.
Luo Qun was a simple and straight lady, and said directly, "You don't need to work too
hard to convince me, of course I will stay. I haven't eaten your dishes in a long time."
Li Du smiled. "Then give it your best tonight, eat more."
The police officer nodded her head happily. "Alright, I will pack some leftovers as well."
Li Du was stunned. Does she have to be so direct?
Seeing the change in his expression, the police officer laughed out loud. "I'm just
Without waiting for Li Du to respond, she added, "I will pack plenty of leftovers, so you
had better cook something that is easy to store. I've been eating fast food every day
recently, and I'm sick of it."
Li Du sighed, "Alright."
Sophie was the first to say, "I'll go and prepare the food for you first, and you can talk to
Rose here. After all, you guys haven't seen each other in a while, so there must be a lot
to talk about."
Li Du shook his head and said, "Why would there be anything in particular?"
Luo Qun said, "There is, in fact, quite a bit."
Sophie gave Mr. Li a look that said, you had better explain this to me later, and went
away to clean up the kitchen.
After she left, Luo Qun said, "I want to talk to you about my parents' case."
Upon hearing this, Li Du perked up and said, "Are there any leads? Did you find that
bastard Jonas Malone?"
Luo Qun's eyes became a little dull, and she shook her head as she said, "I couldn't find
him. The bastard had left Phoenix ten years ago and had gone abroad. According to the
most recent information I have, he went to Russia."

"Russia?" Li Du asked, stunned.
Luo Qun nodded. "Yes, Russia. Ten years ago!"
While she uttered these words, she was biting her lips.
Li Du became quiet. The murder case of Luo Qun's family happened exactly ten years
ago. If what she said was true, the murderer fled from America and went to Russia, the
country that had the worst diplomatic relationship with the United States.
Judging from this data, it was quite possible that Jonas Malone was the killer.
Li Du asked, "What do you think? You won't go to Russia, right?"
Luo Qun looked a little depressed. She said, "I will most definitely go, but I don't know
yet how I should do that. He didn't have any relatives left in America, so I guess unless
there are any special incentives for him to come back, he never will. But I will definitely
catch him, I will make him answer for his crimes!" As if making a solemn oath, the police
officer said to herself in atone as firm as steel.
Li Du did not know how to comfort her. He only knew that he had no way to persuade
Seeking for justice and revenge for her parents was the only reason that kept Luo Qun
going until now. This had taken over her life, and she would never change her mind
about this.
As a friend, therefore, Li Du said, "Just do it then, I will help you."
Hearing his words, Luo Qun smiled and said, "I can handle it on my own. There won't
be any problem. You had better stay with Sophie, as I think she might have
misunderstood our relationship."
Li Du waved his hand and said, "No, she hadn't."
Luo Qun looked at him with the hint of a smile, and said, "No? Do you doubt my vision
and intuition as professional detective?"
Li Du opened his arms in a gesture of surrender.
Sophie had, in fact, some thoughts about Luo Qun. It was obvious at dinnertime. She
prepared an elaborate dinner, to show off to Luo Qun this excellent side of hers.
Compared to most women, Sophie's cooking skills were very extraordinary. After
moving to this new villa, she has been preparing meals for everyone.
In the morning, she had baked pumpkin pudding. She made it in the proper way, which
was emptying out little pumpkins and pouring their shredded flesh into the cavity along

with coconut water and coconut milk, then sprinkling cheese powder and drizzling syrup
over the top before baking.
The pumpkin pudding was good to eat after cooling down, and would also keep well.
Sophie had cut the pumpkin into a few slices, the same way she would have done with
Li Du entered the kitchen and said, "Don't overwork yourself, sweetheart. Let me cook."
Sophie said in a slight temper, "Fine, you cook, then. You haven't cooked in a while.
Now that Rose is here, you can become the man who likes to cook again."
Li Du couldn't help but say, "Aren't you getting a little emotional? Could you be jealous?"
Sophie made a face at him, looking very upset.
He pulled Sophie into his embrace and looked out from the window as he said in a low
voice, "Just now Rose and I were discussing the murder case of her family. I assisted
her in finding some clues. This case had been abandoned by the police. Apart from
myself, there is no one else who is willing to help her."
Sophie was stunned, and said, "Are there any new clues in this case?"
The two of them looked outside. Luo Qun was sitting alone in the shade of the wide
tree. She was expressionless, and looked completely lifeless.
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