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Conrad was furious and wanted to curse. He really wanted to curse!

He was actually a very cautious person. He had worked with his dad, George Anthony, throughout the years and greatly built up this character.

He had experienced continuous conflict with Li Du because the two of them shared different opinions.

The conflict between the two of them began when they met each other for the first time. Brother Wolf had been holding his neck, which made him terribly embarrassed. After that, he was always opposing Li Du because both of them were about the same age, yet Li Du's talent was outstanding. This made him extremely jealous.

As his father was a talented treasure hunter, he had grown up surrounded by an environment filled with flattering bootlicker comments. For that reason, it was upsetting for him to be around Li Du.

At first, he planned to teach Li Du a lesson by crushing him at the basketball court.

As a frequent player, he could tell a player's skill just based on his posture and physical attributes.

Based on Conrad's judgement, Li Du was just an average player. He could play casually, but definitely not as an expert.

Therefore, he thought that he could crush Li Du on the basketball court.

However, he failed as soon as the match started. The opposition took the ball from him. In basketball, that was as embarrassing as getting a shot blocked.

When he made his second breakthrough, he wanted to catch Li Du off guard but he failed again. Li Du managed to steal the ball from him!

Compared to Conrad, Kobe's judgement was much more vicious and precise. Similarly, he first thought that Li Du's basketball skills were nothing special. He never thought that he'd lose the ball twice in a row at the start of the match.

Then, Kobe moved forward and grabbed the ball. He looked at Odom and smiled. "This guy's hands move deftly. Does he remind you of someone?"

It didn't concern Odom. He ran over lazily and smiled. "I know who you're referring to. AI, is it? Haha. You thought of him again, right?"

AI had been the NBA's top player at both shooting guard and point guard positions. Allen Iverson was nicknamed "The Answer," and he had once been Kobe's rival, well known for his explosive style and lightning speed. For a time, he was the most talented defender in the NBA.

Kobe passed the ball over and said, "Yeah, it's AI. This guy is even quicker. If he was stealing from me earlier, I might not have been able to dodge it."

This level of basketball lacked strong defence. The slum team had never defended seriously. A treasure hunter broke through their ranks and and scored easily.

Conrad's face became dull but he insisted to ask for the ball. A black teenager frowned. "Hey, man. Why not let me control the ball, and you try scoring?"

"No, I was just warming up earlier." Conrad was an arrogant person. "Trust me, bro. I will crush them and make them piss their pants."

Another black teenager nodded. "Viktor Mann, just let this guy control the ball. Didn't you hear him? He'll surprise us. He's a pro."

With the ball in his hand again, Conrad was even more cautious this time. He stopped underestimating Li Du and started to treat him as a strong opponent.

The two of them confronted each other. Conrad managed to break through. He dribbled constantly and dodged out of the way. He wanted to break through Li Du again with his skillful techniques and flexible footsteps. It was settled if he was able to pull it off.

The ball was dancing around him. Li Du charged forward and reached for the ball, but Conrad retracted his dribble to maintain possession.

But his hand became light and Li Du managed to steal it once again! This time, he threw the ball forward and ran ahead in a short period of time.

It could be seen that his speed was unparalleled on the court. None of the opponents could contest him. They could only watch helplessly as he moved into the restricted area. He moved three steps with the ball in hand and put it into the net with ease.

Kobe was amazed. Odom looked at him and said, "Wow, it really is AI. This guy is as quick as a cheetah!"

Conrad was beaten three times in a row. It was an extraordinarily shameful display in a basketball game.

His teammates could not tolerate it. After all, the slum teenagers were not civilized. They were grumpy as hell.

Their side had lost possession of the ball repeatedly. A black teenager with braided hair rushed toward Conrad and yelled, "Ha, you really did surprise us!"

"Really shocking. Your techniques were amazing!"

"What's even more amazing is that you have never met a worthy opponent? This is really shocking!"

Conrad was extremely ashamed. He was speechless. This time, Li Du had crushed him and made him lose all of his confidence.

In fact, Li Du had cheated when the two of them confronted each other. He used the little bug for assistance.

However, when facing against certain people, serious measures and punishments were necessary. Conrad was the kind of person that if he won an inch, he would ask for a foot. Therefore, Li Du had to teach him a lesson. Otherwise, Conrad would think that Li Du was gullible and could be easily bullied.

Conrad was beaten three times in a row. The slums would never allow him to control the ball. Odom was a tender-hearted person. He took over possession of the ball and led the attack to extricate Conrad from the difficult situation.

As an NBA player, taking over possession would not embarrass Conrad.

Li Du's swiftness and speed made the opponents fear him. No one dared confront him face to face. They passed the ball around when they were against Li Du.

Kobe always wanted to win, and he enjoyed beating strong players. His favorite candidate was a player with the most attention, which is the strongest player.

Kobe had already acknowledged Li Du's defensive abilities. The two of them played together closely, and scored successively. They were having so much fun.

After Li Du had his fun on the court, he then made to leave the court.

He clearly understood that everyone wanted to play with Kobe and be close to him. Therefore, he decided to leave the court and let the others have their fun.

The basketball match was still going on. Both sides kept substituting players to ensure all the players on the court had sufficient strength and stamina. This displayed a passionate game of basketball.

Li Du was squatting by the side of the court wiping off his sweat. As he was enjoying the game, a small kid came to him and asked, "Hi, sir. How are you?"

Once Li Du heard it, he turned back and said nicely, "Hi there. I'm fine. Thank you."

The white kid was overwhelmed just by receiving a response from Li Du. He spoke excitedly, "How are you, sir?"

Li Du laughed uncontrollably. "We're all fine. What's the matter?"

The kid nodded. "Yes, there's this thing. I need your help. Are you a friend of Kobe's? Can you help me get an autograph?"

He was worried that Li Du would not help so he further explained, "It's not for me. It's for Bruce. Bruce is taking care of Mickey and the others so he couldn't come out. He always helps others. But he actually needs help too . . . "
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