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Chapter 787: Be a Hero in Australia
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"Hello, Mr. Fox. According to our investigation, the Australians hope that the court can give the criminals the toughest sanctions and resume the death penalty. What do you think about this?" one reporter asked.

Human trafficking groups had angered Australians across the country by using brutal methods to abduct and sell children, such as hiding them in radioactive waste dumps and using large doses of sleeping pills and tranquilizers.

In the eyes of the public, this was unforgivable. The harm they had caused to the four children was permanent.

Indeed, the four children were still in the hospital, and one was still being treated for a brain injury.

Howard, the first to wake up, was also in bad condition. He had been severely frightened by being put in a closed box and still suffered from occasional mental tension.

The psychiatrist examined him and said he was suffering from claustrophobia.

"I'm just an ordinary person," Hans told the camera. "I don't have the right to dictate Australian laws, but I think laws are made for people."

"It is God's duty to judge the devil," Lu Guan added. "What we should do is send them to God."

There was a burst of applause.

Hannah clapped and wept. Sophie comforted her. "Don't get emotional, dear. We knew that Hans would become a hero one day."

Taking Sophie's towel and wiping her tears, Hannah said, "I never thought it would be so. I was always worried his close contact with the police would be because he had either been on drugs, had been involved with theft, or maybe had an affair."

After the press conference ended, the group returned to the police lounge.

Lu Guan took out the check and the black gold abalone harvesting permit and handed them to Li Du.

When he got them, Li Du said happily, "God is so kind to us. This thing is worth a million."

"It's not as good as that, man," said Hans. "South Australia is coming to the end of autumn. The seawater is getting colder, and we can't dive for black gold abalone anymore."

"But at least I got that much money." Li Du shook the check.

"Lu Guan is the biggest contributor because he found the container's problem, so we'll first give him a third of the bonus."

The crowd nodded. There was no objection to this.

Li Du pointed to Brother Wolf and said, "Lu Guan found the container. Brother Wolf held it and opened it, so I want to give him another quarter of the bonus."

There were five of them, and the one who did the most was Brother Wolf.

Brother Wolf was very self-conscious. He shook his head and said, "No, boss. I am your bodyguard. This is my duty!"

Li Du patted him on the shoulder and said, "Since I'm the boss, you must listen to me."

Brother Wolf nodded, no longer objecting. He knew that Li Du gave him so much money because Ivana would be operated on soon, and they would need the money for medical expenses.

The others knew it, too, so there was no objection to the distribution.

The rest of the money was divided equally between Li Du, Hans, and Godzilla.

Lu Guan took his share, then quietly asked Brother Wolf, "How much money do you still need?"

Brother Wolf said, "That's enough. Thanks, man."

"Is a million dollars enough?" Lu Guan asked.

Brother Wolf said, "Boss, Godzilla, and Big Quinn have loaned me some privately."

In fact, it was not necessary to loan him the money. They had sold a large amount of black gold abalone recently, so Li Du had given him a large bonus. Li Du had also given him $10,000 just for the maintenance of the marine monitoring station.

It had all been done privately, so Brother Wolf had not said anything about it.

Lu Guan generously took out $200,000, handed it to Brother Wolf, and said, "I'll give you 200,000. I'm not lending it to you. I am sponsoring my niece because she called me 'uncle.'"

Brother Wolf, with a smile on his cold face, said, "The money is really enough, my brother."

"You have to take 200,000 more," Lu Guan said. "Then you can afford better medication to help her recover more quickly."

Looking at his mobile account, he smacked his lips. "F**k! I never thought I'd be so generous before I followed my boss."

"Same here." Brother Wolf smiled.

"To be honest, buddy, I've never had 200,000 dollars in my account before, let alone given so much money away," Lu Guan said, shaking his head.

They were happy.

The children's guardians came into the lounge.

The four men shook hands with Li Du. When they met Lu Guan, they each gave him a warm hug.

"I'm Adrian Howard," said a middle-aged white man in a giant Superman T-shirt, shaking Hans' hand. "I'm sorry I took so long to thank you."

"We understand. If this had happened to my child, I would not leave his side," said Hans.

It was a festive time, with the police serving snacks and drinks. The group of people chatted in the lounge.

Adrian took out his cell phone and showed Li Du and the others a video he had recorded. Howard, wearing a hospital gown with Superman on it, thanked Li Du and the others for their help.

"The boy is a Superman fanatic," Sophie said. "Is there Superman on all of his clothes?"

"Yes, he's going to be more of a Superman fan in the future, and he told us that after the abduction, he always believed Superman would come to his rescue. Later, Superman actually appeared."

By the time Adrian had said this, tears were in his eyes.

As they were talking, the door of the lounge was pushed open, and a gray-haired old man appeared and asked, "Is the super-powered Mr. Mac Conrad here?"

Hans pushed him a little and laughed, "Hey, your fan is coming to see you?"

Lu Guan stood up and said, "What's the matter? I'm Mac Conrad."

The old man took him by the hand and asked hopefully, "Can you help me find my wife? Her name is Jennifer. Look, here's her picture."

He took out a piece of paper with several photographs on it of a charming young woman. The photographs spanned the years throughout her life, ending with an image of a graying old woman.

Hearing the old man's words, Lu Guan was immediately stunned.

Adrian hesitated and asked, "Jennifer? Are you Mr. Benson Selberg?"

The old man said with tears in his eyes, "Yes, I'm Benson. Mr. Conrad, can you help me find my wife? Tell her that Benson misses her and takes good care of their children."

"God, what's going on here?" Lu Guan asked in a low voice.

Adrian grinned and looked at Li Du, whom he viewed as the leader of the group. "It's not easy to be a hero, Mr. Li."
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