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Chapter 748: The Difference Between Ah Meow and Ah Ow
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Even though his body was here, his mind was somewhere else.

This sentence described Li Du's current situation. Even though he had returned to the yacht, he was still obsessed with the cages that were placed in the reef and would, from time to time, send the little bug down to have a look.

Hans handed him a bottle of beer. "Can we win this time?"

"Have I lost any bets that I took part in?" Li Du asked with a poker face.

His vision was still on the little bug. There were already Australian Rock Lobsters inside a lobster cage placed in the reef. A two-pound lobster had burrowed into the cage, grabbed a piece of chicken, and was smugly getting ready to devour it.

There were two other smaller lobsters fighting with each other to get into a lobster cage. In an attempt to enter the cage first, both of them were forcing their way into one of the cage's openings.

They brandished their pincers before fighting each other.

In deeper waters underneath the reef, the King crabs were even more susceptible to taking the bait.

There was a cast of crabs that consisted of hundreds—possibly thousands—of crabs with different sizes near the reef. The cast of crabs was searching for food amongst the mollusks that clung to the reef.

After the crab cages were dropped into the sea, the delicious bait inside them attracted the crabs. Even before any lobster had burrowed into the lobster cages, there were already King crabs burrowed into the crab cages.

With everything in place, Li Du's heart returned to his chest after being lodged in his throat, and he was able to relax and drink his beer.

The owner, who was standing at the door of the cockpit, seemed to realize that his attitude toward his customers was not friendly enough. With the intention of making amends, he walked over and asked, "Are you guys from Europe?"

Li Du replied, "I'm from China but they are from America."

The owner gave a faint smile. "America. I know King crabs and Maine lobsters. Like Australia, America also has much seafood. However, the quality of seafood there is much lower."

Inadvertently, from his tone and words, he had revealed his favoritism toward Australia.

"Is that so?" Li Du laughed. "Actually, not only does America have a lower quality of crabs and lobsters than Australia, the quantity is also much lower."

Having understood the underlying meaning of Li Du's words, the owner shook his head. "No, mate, you will definitely lose this time. Double the fee. You have to pay double the fee."

Li Du was uninterested in what he had to say. After finishing the remaining mouthful of beer, he said, "Let's talk about who wins or loses after half an hour. I have to go drink another beer now."

Having sensed his lack of interest, the owner felt a little embarrassed. As such, he told Big Quinn, who was enjoying the sea breeze at the bow of the yacht, "This fella is really stubborn."

Big Quinn responded, "No, he is really strong. I have never seen our boss lose a gamble before. He's Asia's gambling god!"

After being rendered speechless again by them, the owner of the boat walked away bitterly, muttering,"A bunch of idiots."

When one hour was over, Brother Wolf and Godzilla went to retrieve the cages that had been placed in the sea.

After retrieving the two lobster cages and the two crab cages from the sea, they rowed back on a boat before bringing the cages onto the yacht.

The snowy white light from the bow of the yacht shined onto the cages and revealed the large, fierce-looKing lobsters and crabs inside

Not only had they managed to harvest lobsters and crabs, the quality of the lobsters and crabs that they had harvested were pretty decent!

The owner, who was taken aback, widened his eyes before suddenly shouting, "No, God, this is not possible!"

Li Du, Brother Wolf, and the others were celebrating by high-fiving one another while the two little girls, Victoria and Ivana, were happily jumping around, which was the first time Ivana had expressed childlike enthusiasm. Ivana shouted excitedly, "Boss won! Daddy also won!"

They poured the lobsters and crabs from their cages. Regardless of whether it was the King crabs or Australian Rock Lobsters, they were all full of energy and immediately displayed their strength by brandishing their pincers after emerging from the cages.

Among them, the Australian Rock Lobsters scampered and assembled together at once before moving their secondary antenna and rubbing them together to produce sounds to scare Li Du and the others.

However, instead of scaring anyone, they piqued Ah Meow's and Ah Ow's interests.

With his tongue sticking out, Ah Meow dashed over. Due to being startled, a lobster suddenly flexed its abdominal muscles and jumped backward to protect itself while using one of its large pincers to attack Ah Meow.

An ocelot's reaction time was much faster than a snake's, let alone this type of lobster.

Besides easily avoiding it, Ah Meow still took the chance to slap it onto the floor of the deck with his paws, which nearly broke its head.

Seeing an opportunity, Ah Ow also dashed over to beat up the lobsters and crabs.

Ah Ow laid her eyes on the largest King crab, which was the size of an electric cooker, weighing at least ten pounds, and had two large pincers that were like two handheld hay cutters.

Having overestimated her fighting ability, Ah Ow, who wanted to bite the King crab, pounced towards it with her mouth opened. The King crab raised its pincer and snapped it at her.

"Awoo! Awoo! Awoo!" The wolf's shrill cries could be heard. Unfortunately, as the King crab's attack was too quick, Ah Ow didn't avoid it and was struck!

The pincer of the King crab snapped onto Ah Ow's mouth. As the pincer was extremely powerful, she was unable to forcibly shake off the King crab even after shaking her head vigorously. The pain that she was in was so great that she nearly peed and sh*t herself.

Li Du and the others hurried over to help her. Since King crabs were very strong, Li Du was afraid that the King crab would crush her mouth.

As the King crab still had a large pincer that was free, it opened the pincer and snapped it at them.

At that very moment, Bother Wolf took out an army knife from his waist. With a woosh sound, he swung his arm and drove the army knife into the King crab's pincer. The tip of the knife was driven precisely into the joint of the pincer. As such, with a twist of his wrist, the army knife severed the ferocious pincer like a butcher skillfully dismembering a bull.

Without the large pincer, the King crab was no longer dangerous.

Brother Wolf repeated his actions and severed the other large pincer as well.

After Li Du picked up Ah Ow, Sophie walked over and exerted her strength to open up the pincer that had been clamped shut. At long last, Ah Ow was saved from the crisis.

Fortunately, as Mexican wolves had very strong bones, only the outer layer of her mouth was pierced by the pincer and her bones were fine.

With that, the top and bottom of Ah Ow's mouth, which looked like they had been cut by someone using a blunt knife, were bleeding profusely and she was in pain!

In pain and feeling resentful, Ah Ow burrowed into Li Du's arms and whimpered. Although she was glaring at the large crab with hate-filled eyes, she was very frightened of it and didn't go forward to continue to provoke it.

Since raccoons were very bold, Crispy Noodles, who was a rather supportive friend, ran over and used two of his paws to pick up the King crab by the edge of its outer shell before exerting strength on his forelimbs and flipping the King crab over.

Without its large pincers, the King crab was like a toothless tiger. After being flipped over, the King crab, like a toothless tiger on flatland, was unable to do anything!

No one had expected such an incident to occur.

Fortunately, there was a medical kit on the yacht, which the owner took out with a sneer. Sophie demonstrated her skills as an excellent surgeon and disinfected Ah Ow's mouth before bandaging it.

With that, not only was Ah Ow's mouth tied up, it was tied up using a butterfly knot. If she wanted to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, she would not be able to and could only bitterly endure the discomfort.

After settling Ah Ow's injuries, Li Du looked at the owner and said, "It's your turn mate, fulfill your bet."
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