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Treasure Hunt Tycoon 502 Let’s Move To The South

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Chapter 502: Let’s Move To The South
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Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles gawked at the crystal clear ice cubes.

Victoria paid for the drinks proudly and gave them the ice cubes. They each received two, which was more than what Li Du had suggested.

But Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles didn't want ice cubes!

Ah Meow was unhappy. He looked at Li Du in displeasure and thought, I'm so hot that my tongue is sticking out like a dog. You think some ice cubes are good enough?

Li Du pressed Ah Meow's head onto the ice cubes and said, "Just eat them!"

The kids eventually met up with them one after another. They chatted happily with each other, showing off their victory and capability.

When Kent saw Li Du, he shouted, "I want another 20 boxes of cookies!"

"We need to go back and get more," Li Du said. "There are no more cookies here."

Kent was shocked. "No-no more cookies? How come? I remember we brought 50 cartons?"

There were 20 boxes of cookies in each carton. In other words, they had brought 1,000 boxes of cookies along with them. The kids had taken about 200 boxes away earlier, so there should be around 800 boxes of cookies left.

Li Du looked at Victoria and the little girl smiled shyly and spoke softly. "We sold them."

"Louder," Li Du encouraged. "Tell them you're Wonder Woman!"

Victoria shouted, "You're Wonder Woman!"

Li Du was speechless for a moment.

The kids were confused. "What?"

"I didn't mean for you to say that sentence," explained Li Du. "I'm asking you to tell them what happened!"

Victoria nodded. "Oh oh, I misunderstood. Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles and I sold the cookies."

She was very careful and remembered every single detail. She explained how Li Du had taught her to get customers; how Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles had worked hard to sell the cookies.

The kids were so envious they almost cried. Warren, the boy who liked to eat fried chicken, exclaimed, "Oh my God, Victoria, you're awesome! You broke the Scouts' sales record!"

"What was the sales record?" Li Du asked.

Kent didn't agree and replied unhappily, "She didn't break it. The record was set by Katie. She sold 18,000 boxes of cookies in just seven weeks in Oklahoma City."

Li Du was shocked. "What? 18,000 boxes? Are you sure?"

Sally nodded. "Yes, 18,000 boxes. She's so good that even the President wanted to see her."

Li Du did some math. There were 50 days in seven weeks. She sold 18,000 boxes of cookies, and that meant she sold 360 boxes of cookies everyday—while she was in school.

That record was amazing!

Warren didn't agree with Kent. "Although Victoria didn't break the record now, I believe she can break it if she has seven weeks to sell the cookies!"

"Yes," Sally agreed, "Victoria sold the cookies like the speed of an F1 racer. Only the sky is her limit!"

Kent wanted to argue some more but Li Du stopped them. "Alright, alright, boy and girls, do you still want to sell cookies? If so, let's go back and get more!"

"Yes!" All the kids, including Victoria, were full of vim and vigor.

Li Du sold cookies with the kids for two days. After that, Hans returned from Phoenix and it was the beginning of the month. He sold most of the cigars and cigar boxes and he got some news on a storage auction.

"There's a big storage auction in Tucson. We should go have a look."

"Good," Li Du said. "We've never been to the southern area. It's time for us to venture further."

Hans packed his things and handed Li Du the accounts book.

When Li Du saw that the two Terminator cigar boxes had not been sold, he asked, "These haven't been sold? No one wants them?"

"It's not that," Hans said with a smile. "I showed them to a friend. He said these two cigar boxes are precious collectibles, so there's no rush to sell them. Let's keep them until we can find a good buyer and sell them at a high price."

Li Du nodded. He could rest assured with Hans in charge of selling the items.

The other eight cigar boxes were sold for 24,000 dollars. Sayder's estimation had been lower because he assumed each cigar box would fetch 2,500 dollars. Hans, however, had sold them at 3,000 dollars each.

There were 224 cigars in total. Hans gave away some for free and kept ten cigars from themselves. He sold the rest of the cigars to a cigar store for the price of 180,000 dollars.

Hans hadn't managed to sell the big gun. When he'd been in Phoenix, Maurice, the owner of Veteran's World, was not around. So he had brought the gun back and arranged for another appointment in two days' time.

The enormous storage auction would take place in three days. Therefore, they started to pack and set off for Tucson.

Since this was their first time going to an auction in southern Arizona, Li Du brought all his men and necessary stuff. He was ready for a tough fight for some units.

On their way to Tucson, Hans explained, "This storage company went into bankruptcy, so all of its storage units are going to be sold. There are 150 storage units in total but more than 100 units are empty. So there are around 40 units going on auction."

Li Du nodded. "Very good. That's a good amount of units. Is there any other important information?"

"I got so much information," Hans said. "I feel like some of it's too messy and not completely accurate. Let's check it out ourselves once we get there. Tucson is like an entrance from Mexico to America, so there are many shady companies and illegal trade gangs. I think there could be valuable items in the storage units."

When they reached Phoenix, they stopped for a break. They had to sell the giant gun to Maurice as well.

Maurice and Hans had missed each other a few days ago due to bad timing. When Hans stepped out of Phoenix, Maurice returned.

When they saw each other they hugged. The old man laughed, "I hurried back but I still missed you. D*mn you, you impatient b*stard."

Hans said, "I knew you would come back anyway, so I went home to rest. Look, I've brought you the gun. Take a look, I bet you'll to add it to your collection."

The gun was so big that they had to dismantle the parts for transportation. Godzilla brought down the boxes and opened it, revealing the huge barrel and the huge handle of the gun.

When he saw the reddish-brown handle and silver-white barrel, the old man gasped, "Oh my goodness! Honestly, I'm an expert in light weapons. But this is too amazing. I've never seen an amazing gun like this before!"

This gun was not a standard weapon, so Maurice couldn't judge it right away.

He asked the men to bring the gun into his storeroom. Then, he brought his assistant with him to study the gun.

After they studied it, Maurice was shocked. He rubbed his hands together and exclaimed, "This is really an amazing gun. Too bad that I don't know who made it. I bet he's a professional!"

Li Du asked, "So how's the gun?"

"Very cool, it's superb," exclaimed Maurice. "I bet that it is the biggest shotgun in the world. It must be the most powerful shotgun in the world too."

"Tell us about the gun," Hans said. "We know very little about it."
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