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Chapter 441: The Extraordinary Arrow
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Li Du knew that this matter could not be settled amicably as the other party was not someone whom he could talk reason with.

What he had done was not a big deal. He had just accidentally brought another tribe's token and entered the Navajos' territory. These people wanted to make a big deal out of it and Li Du did not like this.

Li Du didn't want to let them have their way. Through the eyes of the little bug, he saw the emergence of a large number of cracks and knew that it was about time.

The little bug continued to absorb the time energy in the sandstone. The cracks got bigger and longer and some of the cracks were fused together forming larger cracks, and the red rock sandstone was about to break soon.

With that, he quickly lifted the crossbow and aimed at the sandstone.

Swish! As the bowstring shook violently, a sharp arrow flashed past. The crossbow could shoot consecutively, and so Li Du continued to pull the trigger, one arrow after another was released and headed straight to the sandstone.

The Native Americans curled their lips in disdain while looking at Li Du. They had lived here for generations and knew the red canyon rock like the back of their hands.

Indeed, the red rock might not be as strong as time went by due to natural erosion. Nevertheless, it was still as hard as iron when compared to the crossbow that looked like a toy.

Whack! A sharp arrow hit the sandstone at the weakest link. It unsurprisingly bounced off.

Whack! Another arrow hit the sandstone and got bounced again, unsurprisingly.

Whack! Whack! Whack! A succession of sharp arrows hit the sandstone and repeatedly bounced off. The Native Americans guffawed heartily at the sight.

The old man mocked, "You'll probably need tens of thousands of these little—"

He was halfway through saying his piece when a sharp arrow did not bounce off after hitting the sandstone. It was as if the arrow had hit a piece of wood and went straight into it.

Visible cracks could be seen on the feldspar!

The Navajos' contemptuous expressions disappeared at that instant. Instead they were all staring in great shock with their mouths wide open!

After the crack appeared, it expanded rapidly as if many small snakes had come crawling out of the red rock sandstone. In a speed visible to the eyes, the small snakes became a long snake and the long snake became a boa constrictor. Crack! Crack! The weathered sandstone made a few cracking sounds then finally gave way!

The moment the sandstone broke off at the weakest link from the main canyon rock, the coffee-table-sized weathered sandstone came tumbling down. The sight was like a comet coming to hit the earth!

The Native Americans were panicking and instinctively moved back. However, Li Du did not move an inch from his position.

Their location there was actually safe. It was just weathered sandstone, not a bomb.

But the Native Americans were appalled, for they understood the dangers of falling rock—many people had killed by rolling stones while exploring the canyon. That was why they fell back immediately when they saw the falling stone, especially the old man—he was the fastest to run.

Boom! A loud bang was heard in the distance. The weathered sandstone hit the ground, stirring up a layer of thick dust and sand!

There was a lot of really fine sand in the land here. That was mainly the reason why cars were not allowed in. The weathered sandstone, which was broken into many pieces now, and the canyon's entrance looked all smoky.

The scarier thing was that because of the impact of the weathered sandstone, there were more stones falling from two sides of the canyon; for a moment, it felt like an earthquake might be coming!

From the old man's walkie-talkie came some cries and the flustered voice of the guide. "What happened? Why did the rolling stones appear suddenly?"

The impact of the weathered sandstone was just right. The dust and sand in the air slowly settled down and there were no more rocks rolling down to the ground.

The Native Americans looked at the whole incident with astonishment and disbelief.

"I'm warning you," Li Du said with a cold look. "Once the arrow goes out, it will be worse than getting killed!"

The old man exclaimed, "This is impossible!"

Li Du raised his crossbow, Pterosaur Rage, and the Native Americans further backed off from him.

Godzilla was certain of one thing when he saw that and spoke in a low voice, "A bully is always a coward! They've lost the bravery that their ancestors possessed."

The Native Americans were ashamed of their reactions too. They quickly glanced at each other and calmed down. The old man kept repeating and mumbling, "This is impossible! An arrow can't pierce rock!"

Of course, the old man was right to say that. The arrow had actually entered a small crock in the rock. Because of the distance, the Native Americans could not see that. Only Li Du knew the truth, and he would not reveal it. He could say whatever he wanted.

Lifting up the crossbow, he said proudly, "Do you think my arrows are made of steel just like yours? No, this is made by fusing titanium and tungsten carbide. It can shoot through gold and break iron."

No one understood what he was talking about.

The old man murmured, "An alloy made by fusing titanium and tungsten carbide? My great God Tsohanoai, is there such a strong metal?"

Li Du smirked, "Of course, the world now is not the same as it was 100 years ago. Let's feel the power of technology, everyone. Modern technology will make you realize that cannons and missiles are no longer the most terrible weapons!"

A burly Native American walked out and assured his fellow tribesmen, "Everyone, do not be afraid. So what if his bow and arrows are the best around? Does he have the guts to hurt us? If he dares do it, they will not be able to get away with it!"

"Of course I won't dare to do that," said Li Du. "I've said that I won't hurt anyone! But I would dare to continue shooting your canyon! I want to see if any visitor will come to a canyon riddled with holes!"

The burly Native American was unnerved and exasperated. "You dare to threaten us?"

Li Du reloaded his crossbow and said in an icy cold tone, "You forced me!"

The burly man roared, "Did you know that it's against the law to destroy the canyon?"

In a derisive and mocking tone, Li Du replied, "Oh, so you're talking about the law now? No longer about who calls the shots just because you're stronger?"

The old man glanced at the shattered sandstone in the distance with a somber face. He pondered for a moment and said slowly, "Fine, you can go. Today's incident has been a misunderstanding."

"No, Ahiga," the burly Native American cried anxiously, "they are friends with the cowards of the north. We should keep them in captivity, and let those cowards come get them by exchanging their land!"

Li Du now understood why they had been picking on them because of a feather. He had originally thought that these Native Americans were just abiding their ancient tribal battle rules. However, this was not the case: they were actually thinking of using them to exchange for land with the Hopi.

Li Du pointed behind the Native Americans and said, "You can exchange for a lot of land, we have a lot of people here."

Turis and the group of treasure hunters had arrived. More than 30 men appeared behind the Native Americans.

The Native Americans were caught in a pinch.

The old man had noticed them earlier, which was why he was willing to let Li Du go.

He puffed out his chest and said, "Young lad, your threat will not frighten the mighty Navajo warriors who are not afraid of death!"

The Native Americans instantly shouted in unison, "Fearless! Charge!"

But the volume was much softer than their previous warrior chant.

The old man continued, "We have had a misunderstanding between us. I don't want to cause bloodshed because of a misunderstanding. If you're determined to head the wrong way, we'll show you you're wrong with blood and pained moans!"
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