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Treasure Hunt Tycoon 330 Don’t Call The Police

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Chapter 330: Don’t Call The Police
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The charity lunch was held in buffet style, and there was a large variety of food served. Everyone bought one or two dishes from home. Those with good culinary skills had been cooking since morning.

Li Du hadn’t used his power that much, therefore, he hadn't used too much energy and wasn’t that hungry.

After they finished the meal, the gathering was over. The priest printed a brochure for everyone; the amount of donation collected from the auction was written on it.

They sold 30 items during the auction and the amount of donation collected was 38,000 dollars. The price of Sophie's jewelry box was the highest—it was sold at the price of 20,610 dollars.

Li Du received a cross from the priest, a token of appreciation for his contribution during the charity auction.

Of course, it was not a valuable cross. It was a souvenir for everyone who donated during the auction.

But in order to show his gratitude for Li Du's kindness during the auction, he said before they bid each other goodbye, "Before you and Sophie get married, I will do my best to prepare the church for your wedding. The church will be in its best condition."

Li Du laughed, "That would be great."

Standing in front of the crowd, he held Sophie's hand as they stood at the pulpit. It meant that she had agreed to be his partner, and had accepted his silent love confession.

Li Du had bid on the emerald jewelry box, and then donated it in Sophie's name to collect more donations for the church. Everyone knew the reason why he had done that: he had feelings for Sophie.

Therefore, although they hadn't confessed their love for each other, and they never mentioned anything about this matter during the charity, everyone in the church thought they were a couple in love.

When they were leaving the church, Sophie was about to get in her parent’s car. But Mrs. Martin asked her to get out. "Whoever brought you here must send you home."

Sophie’s eyes were wide. "I’m not going home, mother. Today is our family day, we are having dinner together, aren’t we?"

Mr. Martin parted his hair in the mirror. "Our family day is postponed. Your mother and I would like to spend some time together today. Goodbye, Sophie."

The car left and the doctor stood stunned at the roadside.

Li Du drove his car up and pulled over. "Do you need a ride, miss?" he laughed.

Sophie was not an innocent young girl: she knew what her parents were trying to do. But she didn’t get in Li Du’s car. "It’s okay, I’ll take the cab."

Li Du looked surprised. "Why?"

Sophie bit her lips and said slowly, "What you did today was disrespectful to me."

Li Du looked even surprised. "What did I do?"

Sophie raised her hand. "You held my hand while we stood at the pulpit. You did it without asking for my permission—it’s not respectful."

Li Du understood and he said quickly, "Alright, do you accept my apology?"

After being with the doctor for some time, he understood her personality.

Sophie was a religious person. She was very serious about love and relationships between men and women. Although Li Du had good intentions, what he had done was a bit too much for the doctor.

Sophie seemed shocked after hearing what Li Du said.

She stared at him with her clear eyes and sighed, "Oh my god, you are so silly. But I accept your apology."

Li Du pinched his nose—he had the feeling that what he had done just now was wrong.

He drove his Hellcat and three cars followed behind.

After a while, Sophie noticed that something was wrong. She said, "Don’t you think that those cars are following us?"

Li Du was surprised. "Are you sure?"

"I’m sure," Sophie nervously said. "I’ve learned the techniques of stalking and anti-stalking to protect myself. I bet those cars are following us."

He was a rich man. He was driving an expensive car with a beautiful lady on board. Li Du was afraid to take any risks, so he called Hans. "I think someone’s following me."

Hans said, "Don’t worry, turn on your iCloud settings and use the ‘Find my iPhone’ application. Send me your iCloud ID and password. Make sure your phone is with you and I’ll find you. "

The modern technology was very advanced. Li Du handed his phone to Sophie and she helped him with the settings. He stepped on the accelerator so that the cars could not follow them.

Sophie was very fast. "Okay, Big Fox can track us now."

While she was speaking, A Ford Mustang sped past them and the driver pressed the car horn. After the car passed the Hellcat, the driver decelerated the car and stopped in front of them to block their way.

Apparently, when Li Du had accelerated his car, the stalkers realized they were exposed, so they took action.

Li Du locked his car and said, "Call the police now!"

The cars behind them stopped as well. Sophie was shocked. "The white Chevrolet is Marate’s car. Look, Marate just got out."

Li Du felt relieved when he saw Marate and his long face.

He thought they had met with robbers or kidnappers. But it was Marate who was looking for trouble.

Seven strong black and white young men got down from the three cars. All of them were standing behind Marate; it looked like Marate was their boss.

Li Du was not afraid. Back in Phoenix, he had confronted an Eastern European mafia. He wasn’t afraid of the mafia back then, and he wouldn’t be afraid of these immature young men now.

When he saw how nervous Sophie was, he gave her a hug. "Don’t be afraid. I’m here to protect you. Stay in the car, I’ll settle this—"

"Don’t go, Li Du," Sophie interrupted, hugging him back. "Let’s call the police,"

These men reminded her of the terrifying experience in the Bones Community. She was worried that Li Du might get hurt if he got out of the car.

Li Du was not scared at all, as he saw the men did not have any guns or weapons. He laughed easily, "You have no idea how good of a fighter I am. Don’t be scared."

He opened the door and got down from the car. He said, "Why are you blocking our way?"

Marate said coldly, "Are you stupid, Chinaman? We are here to beat you up, of course!"

"We’ll not just beat you up, man," one of the men said fiercely. "We’ll break your bones."

Another young man added, "You can call the police, it’s fine. The police won’t follow you forever, but we will, and you’ll be sorry!"

Li Du took off his shirt, revealing his muscular body. He said, "Come on, do it."

"What?" His reaction had shocked some of the young men—apparently this was not part of their plan.

Li Du beckoned them forward with his hand. "Didn’t you say that you wanted to beat me up? Come on. Don’t worry, I won’t call the police. But I’m worried that you might later, once I’m done with you. Come on, don’t be too soft."

After he finished his sentence, he activated the "Time Deceleration" ability immediately. He ran toward Marate at full speed and kicked his stomach.

After he kicked him in his stomach, he threw his fist toward the chin of one of the men who had spoken. Then, he turned his body around and kicked another young man in his stomach!
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