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Chapter 277: Storage Units of the Wealthy

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As the treasure hunters predicted, Andrew was not someone who would take that lying down. Hearing those words, he flipped into a rage.

With a twitch of his brows, he looked down at them and exclaimed, "Well, who would have thought. No wonder you guys look familiar, it's our friends from Flagstaff."

Godzilla put down a bowl of beef noodles and stood up expressionlessly. The others behind Andrew instinctively backed away, their faces full of panic.

Though, Andrew was somewhat experienced enough to hold his ground and said, "Hey kiddo, what are you trying to do?"

Godzilla asked, "Kiddo?"

Andrew said with a forced smile, "You’re younger than me, so you’re all kids to me."

Godzilla raised up a fist the size of a watermelon. He continued asking, "Kids?"

A guy beside Andrew threw a fake smile and said, "Friends, it’s friends. We’re all friends."

The other treasure hunters who were watching the commotion laughed. Due to Godzilla, Andrew and his gang had lost their original imposing aura.

Li Du laughed as well. He waved to Godzilla and said, "Sit down and enjoy your meal, buddy. There’s a lot to be done tomorrow."

Though he had lost here, Andrew refused to lose when it came to business. He scoffed, "He won’t. There won’t be any work for him. With us, you guys can continue dreaming about taking any units."

The Playboy pointed to a plate and said, "If humans didn’t dream, then what’s the difference between people and this potato?"

The treasure hunters laughed again, and said, "Yeah, we all have our dreams in the storage hunting business."

"Andrew, are you going to buy all 11 units? I don’t believe you can."

"I’m going to take one with me. I swear I’m going to take at least one."

Due to Andrew’s position, the treasure hunters of Flagstaff would show him some respect. However, there were many other treasure hunters from Las Vegas and Phoenix. They wouldn’t care about giving him any respect.

Andrew gestured with a grim expression and said, "Let’s go!"

Li Du and his companions had also finished eating. They too, stood up and said, "Let’s move out too."

Andrew treated it as a provocation. He squinted and said, "Hey man, you guys wanna have a go?"

Hans said in disdain, "You wanna start a fight here? Sure, two on two, we’ll send Li and Godzilla. Come here."

"You piece of sh*t!" someone immediately cursed.

Li Du said, "Alright, enough of the jokes. Let’s go and do the sign-in process."

"Who’s joking?" Andrew scoffed. "Kid, you guys asked for the fight first. It’s already on."

Li Du asked, "How are we gonna do this? Do you still want to have another bet? Someone wants to lose to me for the third time?"

Andrew roared in rage, "F*ck, who’s losing to you for the third time? I’ve only lost once!"

"Did I say that someone was you?" Li Du chuckled and looked at him. "You’re thinking too highly of yourself. But yes, you’ve already lost to me three times."

The treasure hunters at the side soon started whistling and jeering, "Yo, yo, Cocky Andrew has actually lost to Chinese Li three times?"

Andrew’s face was red with anger. "F*ck you. Kid, stop talking nonsense." He gritted his teeth as he spoke.

Li Du stretched out his index finger and said, "The first time, we gambled on Lebron James’s buzzer beater. You lost that one."

He then flipped out his middle finger and said, "The second time, at that auction, you lost."

Finally, he raised his thumb. "The third time will be tomorrow, where you’ll lose again."

The treasure hunters started cheering again. Someone shouted, "Smooth!"

Li Du wasn’t just speaking without anything to back up his words. After lunch and a break to avoid the warm weather during noon, they would head out to the storage company.

The storage company was called "Central Power Station Storage Co.," which was originally a power station in Kingman.

One should not underestimate Kingman due to its small scale. It had a power station with a long-running history. At one point, the power station supplied power to all of west and central Arizona.

Not far from Lake Havasu was a large waterfall. A dam was built here on the Colorado River to generate hydroelectricity.

With the presence of Route 66, there was a convenient highway for transport via land; this enabled the transport of coal energy.

To sum it up, before the rise of renewable clean energy, Kingman’s power station was one of the main power centers for the state. Now, the power station was run-down, and had become a tourist service center.

The storage company that originally belong to the power station started renting out their units to the public. They had lots of units, but the city population was low. Thus, the rental costs were relatively cheap. Most of the people in the city would rent units from there.

As the group drove toward the west, the buildings of the power station appeared in their view.

Hans pointed to a low-roofed building and said, "That’s the storage facility from the Central Power Station. There will be a total of 11 units being auctioned this time, and one of them will be full of treasures. Li, find it!"

Li Du nodded. "Leave it to me."

"Then what are you waiting for? Go!" Hans waved and said.

Li Du looked back at him suspiciously. "Something’s wrong with your tone, are you ordering me like a dog?"

Hans said with a fake smile, "D*mn, you realized it?"

Li Du waved his hand as well and said, "Ah Meow, Crispy Noodles, go! Attack!"

The ocelot and raccoon immediately pounced on him. One attack from the front and the other from behind, Hans had no way of fighting back.

Arriving at the storage company, Li Du gave the guard a dozen beers, and snuck in. He found the first unit, and let the bug in.

The flying bug entered the unit, and Li Du soon sighed in disappointment.

His dream of striking gold today had gone up in smokes.

The first unit would be what Hans, the Playboy, Cocky Andrew, and the others were looking forward to. There were new carpets wrapped with tarpaulin. They were thick and intricate, and definitely looked valuable.

The unit was neatly organized. The carpets were propped against the walls in neat rows. In the center sat some wooden shelves. On the shelves, were antlers, vases, and Asian knives. There were also many other varieties of things, most of them new.

Li Du couldn’t understand the way tycoons thought. The stuff in here was worth at least tens of thousands of dollars. They were also arranged neatly, which showed that the owner had carefully spent the time to tidy the place up. Following this logic, they shouldn’t have forgotten about the things in here.

However, for some unknown reason, the owner never came to renew the contract, nor did they move the stuff out. They had just left them here.

Shaking his head, he moved on to the next unit. There was no way that the other treasure hunters wouldn’t understand the value of the first unit, so there would surely be some carnage.

The unit beside it seemed to have belonged to the same owner. However, the things inside paled in comparison. They were mostly furniture and daily-use products. There were also a bunch of clothes, shoes, and hats.

If the things were new, then the goods in this unit might be even higher than the first. The clothing was all high-end goods, with many unique brands that Li Du had only seen before in Los Angeles.

However, once they were second-hand goods, their value would plummet. Americans were relatively receptive to used-goods, but clothing was an exception. These things were not of much value.

The bug entered a grandiose closet, and then, Li Du saw something interesting.

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