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Chapter 236: Another Chance Encounter

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Bringing Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles to the beach, Li Du felt that it was better to remain low-key. So he rented a tent for them to lay in.

Hans walked over with some plush toys. He threw them through the door of the tent and said, "Right—these should help conceal the real ones."

When the similarly furry Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles were placed next to the toys, if one did not take a close look, one would not be able to tell their true identity.

Li Du had set up the tent under the shade of a palm tree. As he sat on the soft sandy beach, he sipped on his iced mango juice, enjoying the feeling of being relaxed.

Not far off, the crystal-clear waves were lapping at the sandy beach. A few children were stacking sand to make sandcastles. Each time they built one, the waves would crash and wash it away, but they still giggled in delight.


Many young men and women were sun tanning, lying on their yoga mats. With sunscreen and sunblock applied on their bodies, they looked shiny and glistened when the sun’s rays landed on them.

White people liked to suntan. When their skin had been in the sun too long, they would turn red, looking like lobsters that had been fished out from the pot. Li Du thought it looked really ugly, but their ultimate goal was to tan, not to burn.


In the distance, a large ship was anchored at the deeper part of the harbor.

There were a few large ships here at Long Beach, including the haunted RMS Queen Mary and a World War II Iowa Battleship.

Ah Meow used its claws to dig and dig in the sand, and soon it had dug a wet hole.

Crispy Noodles glanced at it, and then, using its innate digging skills, it dug an even bigger hole, which was more than three feet deep.


Ah Meow gathered the clean sand that it had dug up around itself, and then closed its eyes as it lay on top of the mound.

As for the hole it had dug? Oh, it had no intention to burrow in there—it had only been digging to get the sand mound to lay on.

Upon realizing this, Crispy Noodles knew that it had wasted its effort, and with two grunts, ran into the tent to sleep.

Carrying a surfboard, Hans walked over and said, "Hey bro, isn’t it boring sitting here by yourself? Shall we go catch some waves?"


Pointing at Ah Meow and Crispy Noodles, Li Du said lazily, "Forget it, I gotta watch them. We can’t possibly bring them along into the water, right? You go and have fun."


Hans shrugged. "Okay, best daddy ever, I’m going to have fun with my babes. I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to get laid tonight."

Li Du reminded him, "Don’t get into a fight. If the girl already has a guy, then don’t disturb them."

Hans rolled his eyes, "Of course I know that. Actually, the way you speak makes me feel like you’re talking to a child."

"Right—I’m the best daddy ever."

Li Du laughed heartily. Hans flashed his middle finger at him as he walked backward. He then bumped into a well-endowed woman in a red bikini.

"Oh, sorry gal, I didn’t notice that someone was behind me," Hans said sincerely. "I’ve indeed bumped into a lady. Please let me buy you a glass of champagne as an apology."

The girl smiled, and the two of them walked off.

Li Du knew that Hans had bumped into the girl on purpose; that guy really had his way with girls.


As he was deep in thought, he heard a clear, captivating voice beside him, "Hi Li, so who’s trailing who now?"

Hearing this voice, Li Du turned around and was shocked to see a black-haired, long-legged girl smiling at him.


He could not help but think that fate worked in strange ways; he had bumped into the smiley woman Tina again.

This was their third time bumping into each other—a totally unexpected meeting.

Tina was wearing a bikini, highlighting her ample chest and her long, straight legs. As she walked, her waist swayed in an attractive manner.

Li Du stood up and said, "If I were a celebrity, I would suspect you of being paparazzi. If I were a politician, I would suspect you of being a beautiful lady assassin…" He laughed and said, "But I’m just a nobody, so I’m inclined to think that this is indeed a small world. Or maybe we’re really destined to always meet."

Tina looked at the clear blue sky and smiled. "Maybe God wanted us to meet?"

Li Du passed her a cold drink, and raised his glass of mango juice. "Then let us make a toast to God."

"Toast to God," Tina covered her mouth in a giggle.

A sophisticated-looking, young blonde man walked over, and said, "Kristen—"

Tina turned around immediately, and said, "Sorry, I bumped into an old friend. I think we don’t have to hang together anymore. Have a nice vacation."

The blonde youth smiled politely, nodded at Li Du, then left gracefully.

Li Du asked, "Your suitor?"

Tina shrugged, "No, the role that I’ve been given. Let’s not talk about it. What brings you to Long Beach? There’s a storage auction here?"

Li Du told her about their trip to LA, and Tina was shocked. "You guys managed to find a Batpod? Too bad I didn’t get the news. Otherwise, I would have gladly bid for it!"

"You would have needed 300,000 dollars."

"The Batpod deserves this price," Tina smiled.


Li Du asked, "Then what brings you to Long Beach? Here to chase your musical dreams?"


Tina replied, "Oh, of course—LA’s the place all girls with movie star dreams must go, isn’t it?"

"Yes," Li Du nodded, "it’s the heaven of movie star dreams."

But Tina shook her head. "No, it’s hell—it’s hell for girls with movie star dreams! But I don’t have dreams of becoming a movie star—what I’m after is music!"


Li Du asked, "Well, any luck this time?"

Tina laughed again. "I was joking with you earlier—who would come to such a chaotic place to chase after a musical dream? My home’s in LA, and this time I’m here at Long Beach for a vacation with my family."


The two of them chatted over drinks, but as the topics dried up, the mood turned slightly awkward.

Ah Meow, with a plush toy in its mouth, stared curiously at the two of them. Crispy Noodles—which had also stuck its small head and long face out of the tent—also had a puzzled gaze.

Tina saw them and smiled in surprise. She reached over to pet Ah Meow. "You’re still bringing your ocelot around? Wow, what’s this? A raccoon? It’s your pet too?"


Li Du answered, "Yes, they’re both good kids."

As he said this, Ah Meow was readying its claws to scratch Tina. Such audacity—how dare you touch my belly?

As Tina played with the pets, Mr. Li searched for The USS Iowa.

Noticing that he kept searching in the distance, Tina asked, "What’re you looking for?"

After Li Du had said the names of the two ships, Tina laughed, "You want to take a look? That’s not a problem—they’re not here though. They’re near San Pedro Port; you’ll have to come with me."

Without hesitation, Mr. Li started to pack his things. He had never seen a battleship before.

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