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Chapter 183: Then Let’s Bet

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The people betting with him sighed with regret and disappointment. The two pretty ladies anxiously stood on their toes. "D*mmit, why did we lose?"

"Hey, have you girls seen that friend of mine?" Li Du asked.

The redhead’s eyes widened. "Which friend?"

Li Du pointed to the seat that Lin Ping had been sitting on. "This one. The one that was with me placing the bets. Where did he go?"

The redhead said with a serious look, "What are you saying? When was there anyone here? Didn’t you come here by yourself? The one placing those bets was you, wasn’t it?"

The blondie said as well, "Yeah, mister, did you lose too much, and now you’re not in the right mind? You’ve been betting by yourself this whole time."

Li Du rubbed his chin and looked at the girls, saying with a smile, "Stop joking, where did my friend go?"

"We don’t know what you’re talking about." The redhead shrugged with an innocent expression.

"Perhaps this guy is really in shock from the loss. He had been winning, but now he’s finally lost."

"It’s understandable. He really lost a lot."

If it wasn’t because of his own faith in his mental state, Li Du might have really thought that he was having a mental breakdown!

Everyone claimed to never have seen Lin Ping; everyone said that he had been gambling by himself.

All of them looked serious, and Mr. Li almost believed them. Good thing that he took out his phone to check, and the message and call records remained on the screen.

He could not understand; what was Lin Ping trying to do?

He didn’t want to bother with this anymore. He shook his head and wanted to leave, but the boxman in charge of the game held him back and said with a smile, "Sorry, sir. You’ll have to make your payment before leaving."

Li Du pointed to the chips on the table and said, "I lost, just take those away then?"

"Sorry, those are not enough." The boxman was suntil smiling politely.

Li Du creased his eyebrows and said, "Not enough? What do you mean?"

The boxman said, "You’ve placed your bets for a one-to-five payout; losing means that you’ll have to pay for five times the original bet."

"A total of one million dollars," the dealer added.

Li Du’s expression flickered a few times, and soon, he understood what had happened.

He had been set up by Lin Ping, or, more precisely, by some organization. Those people had premeditated this plan to set him up.

From the call from Lin Ping, to entering the casino, when playing Sic Bo with the two girls, to the eventual, huge loss. This was a trap, taken each step at a time to drag him down into the pits.

The two girls and the people around all belonged to the organization, including the boxman and the dealers. They were cooperating together to set him up.

He calmly said, "I guess you’ll also say, that I didn’t have a companion with me. That I was placing all the bets by myself, right?"

The boxman displayed his professional smile, "Of course, what are you talking about? You were placing the bets all by yourself. We all saw it, didn’t we?"

Li Du tried his best to remain calm, and then realized that he could have very well been set up by this casino itself.

He said, "How much do I owe you guys now?"

"The total amount you need to pay is one million dollars. On the table, there is a total of 200,000 dollars worth of chips, so 800,000 remaining." The boxman continued wearing his professional smile.

Li Du said, "No need to smile anymore. I might not be able to hold myself back from punching you in the face.

"That’ll make things even more complicated, sir," The boxman said proudly.

Li Du had made a total of 700,000 dollars up until now, but taking away the expenses for buying the car and daily expenses, he was left with only 500,000. It wasn’t enough for this debt.

He said, "Let me make a call. I don’t have that much money on me now; I need someone to send the money to me."

The boxman nodded and said, "Of course, no problem."

Li Du called Hans. "I’m at the Comanche Casino. Prepare 500,000 dollars and come over—bring Godzilla as well."

Hans snickered and said, "Are you mad? I don’t even have 300,000."

"I’ve been set up, and if you don’t bring 300,000, you probably won’t be able to see me anymore."

Hearing that, Hans immediately said, "Sh*t, you’re not joking?"

"Very serious." Li Du’s voice was cold as ice.

Hans said without hesitation, "Hold on there—give me one hour—I’ll bring 300,000 over!"

Li Du creased his forehead and pondered for some time; he then called Rose over the phone, explained the situation, and then said, "I’ll need some help."

Rose immediately said, "I don’t normally save much. The most I have is about 10,000 dollars. Give me some time—I’ll borrow money from my colleagues."

Li Du laughed and said, "I can deal with the cash, but with the way the casino is stepping on me, I’m furious. I’m going to fight back, but I’m afraid they might use violence."

Rose said, "I understand, I’ll try to get over as soon as I can. As long as you don’t break any laws, no one will be able to use violence on you!"

The female cop worked with lightning vigor and swiftness like the wind. Twenty minutes after the call, she appeared at the casino entrance in her casual clothes.

After half an hour, Hans brought Godzilla in with him, together with another person. It was the playboy who they had met twice before, Akkalou Benidito.

Hans also realized that the situation was dire. He didn’t joke around with Li Du and Rose. Straight away, he handed a card over to Li Du, and said in a soft voice, "300,000, how’s this?"

Li Du said, "Let them swipe it, but keep the card. Later there will be three million on it!"

Hans was stunned, and said, "Are you crazy? You still want to gamble?"

Li Du scoffed, "I’ve never wanted to gamble, but do you remember what I said? Back at home, everyone called me Gao Jing! The God of Gambling, Gao Jing!"

He didn’t want to gamble, and had never considered getting his hands into gambling since the start of his stay in America.

However, since the casino had already climbed on top of his head, he had to fight back. He, Li Du, was not one to look for trouble, but was also not one to be afraid of trouble. If these people thought that the Chinese were easy to bully, then he would let these people regret today!"

With 800 thousand swiped away, Li Du raised his card and said, "Exchange 10 thousand dollars worth of chips with this."

Soon, ten green chips were placed in his hands.

The casino had a saying: "If the one who invented poker was smart, then the one who invented chips was a genius."

Li Du held onto the chips, and felt that the saying was quite accurate.

Ten thousand dollars in Flagstaff was enough money to pay for common household expenses for a season, but as chips in his hands, the money was just ten, light pieces of plastic.

These plastic chips had a cute cartoon picture on them, subtly suggesting that these were all toys, that it was fine throwing them away.

Returning to the Sic Bo gambling table, Li Du waved his hand and said, "Continue."

The usual professional smile was plastered on the boxman’s face. "Alright, sir."

The Playboy had grabbed a cocktail and was enjoying it. He smiled and observed Li Du with a mysterious expression.

The crowd thought that Li Du was just simply waving his hands, but in fact, what he did was let out the flying bug.

The cup was placed on the table, and the flying bug immediately flew into it.

Expressionless, pushing the ten chips forward, Li Du said, "Everything into small."

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