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Picking up the apple core, the little white monkey put it near its nose and sniffed, then stared at Li Du.

Li Du's heart skipped a beat as the monkey kept sniffing at the apple and then took a careful bite.

Although it was the core, there was still quite a lot of apple left around it. The little white monkey bit off a small piece of fruit and started chewing.

All apes were omnivores and would often eat insects and grass seeds, but the fruit was surely better.

As the little monkey chewed the apple, its eyes became brighter and brighter, and soon its hands were holding fast to the core. He bit at it incessantly, just like a chicken pecking rice. He quickly finished the core of the apple, including the seeds.

Li Du attempted to hand it another apple, but the little monkey quickly ran back to his parents' bodies. Facing Li Du, it still looked wary.

Li Du had no choice but to put down the apple and walk away.

After waiting for Li Du to walk about ten meters away, the little white monkey gingerly came out. It picked up the apple smelled it eagerly again, picked it up in its hands and ate it with relish.

The whole fruit was even more delicious than the core. The little monkey actually danced in joy while it ate.

It probably has not eaten anything like this since it was born. What fruit was there in the Siberian taiga, except for berries, and those only for a brief season? The monkeys must have eaten insects, grass seeds, or weeds.

The white monkey looked small, but it had a great appetite and clearly liked to eat a lot.

After eating half an apple, it looked at Li Du again.

Li Du took out a banana. This time, the monkey boldly approached him, but slapped away the banana and just stared at his pocket.

It was not stupid and obviously understood where the fruit came from.

Li Du patiently demonstrated what to do with this new delicacy. He took a bite of the banana and put it in front of the monkey again.

After the tip of the banana was bitten off, the fruit overflowed with fragrance. The little white monkey, tempted at last, took the banana and bit into it.

Even more delicious than apples, bananas were fragrant, sweet and soft, which undoubtedly suited the taste of a baby monkey.

The little monkey ate happily, hopping up and down.

After finishing the banana, it ate even the skin. Then, it continued to stare at Li Du's pocket.

Li Du could not let it continue eating at this pace. The little monkey was skin and bones, but now its belly bulged as if it were pregnant, which looked a little scary.

It was too small, and its skin was so thin that the bulging belly looked almost transparent. Li Du thought that its belly might burst if it ate another bite!

Li Du came out of the cave, thinking he could lure the little white monkey out with food.

However, the little monkey did not take his bait. It followed Li Du to the mouth of the cave, and after looking outside, it darted quickly back inside and stayed beside its parents' bodies.

The cars began to arrive, and the natives whom Hankway had hired hopped off, ready to work.

Digging up mammoth tusks was no small task, involving the high-pressure spraying of frozen earth with water cannons, and crushing and breaking the hard earth layer to get at the tusks.

Li Du was worried about hurting the little white monkey, but Brother Wolf and Godzilla assured him there was no danger of that, as the mammoth carcasses were in a different part of the cave. The little white monkey and its parents' carcasses were in the deeper end of the cave, and if their team started work in the entrance of the cave it would certainly not harm the monkey.

Therefore, he directed the men to work.

The lake water entered the pressurized tank through a pipe. After a high-pressure, high-temperature treatment, it passed the faucet and spurted from it with overwhelming force.

The frozen soil was hard, but the hot, powerful jets of water gradually washed it away.

The mud flowed. Digging out mammoth tusks was no environmentally friendly project. It would destroy scarce vegetation and fragile geology.

The Siberian ground took tens of thousands of years to get to its present state. The plants here grew and reproduced very slowly. Once a patch of vegetation was destroyed, it would not go back to the way it was for more than a decade.

Well, they were underground, so whatever they did would not affect the local vegetation too much, but it was still bad for the geology.

While rinsing the ground in the process of retrieving mammoth tusks, they also had to fortify the underground caverns in case something went wrong.

The machines' noise was powerful, and the water vapor caused the temperature and humidity in the cave to rise. The little white monkey could not stand this kind of disturbance and tried to pull its parents' corpses out with both its hands.

Of course, it was not strong enough to move them, which made it worried and puzzled. It jumped between the two dead bodies and squeaked.

Li Du gave a sigh when he saw this. He looked for someone to pick up the bodies of the two white apes, but the little one quickly blocked the men's way, scratching and biting, refusing to let them touch the bodies of his parents.

Taking out a banana, Li Du peeled and handed it to the little white monkey, who ate it while it jumped up and down, still determined to stop anyone who approached

Watching from the sidelines, Ah Meow jumped up and grabbed the little white monkey, throwing it upon one of the carcasses.

At first, the little monkey was scared to death. It obviously thought it was going to be eaten. It stared with eyes wide in fear, still nibbling quickly on the banana.

Li Du felt astonished seeing that That monkey was a true foodie, who did not stop eating even in the face of death. Even Ah Meng, who loved to eat honey, could not compare with it.

Ah Meow put it on top of the dead ape so that when the body was carried out, the little white monkey would go together with it.

Being able to stay with its parents and eat bananas, the little monkey reconciled itself and did not struggle anymore.

After the carcass was carried out of the cave, Brother Wolf found a shady spot and put it there. The little white monkey continued to stay beside it, curled up on its legs like a human, with its hands folded on its knees.

Observing the animal, Li Du thought the intelligence of the white monkey was scarcely less than that of Ah Meow and the others, at least in terms of anthropomorphism.

However, his pets have been transformed by the time bug, and the little white monkey was an untamed animal. There should be a big difference.

The machine was so powerful and there were many laborers that a mammoth was soon dug up.

Godzilla pulled up the mammoth's huge skull, followed by curved tusks up to three meters long, which were quickly dug up.

These two tusks were well preserved. They were brown-yellow in appearance, with an intact outer layer and thick and round roots. They were the best-looking tusks Li Du had ever seen.

He had gotten five mammoth tusks in a warehouse in Flagstaff city before, but none of them was as good or as big as these two. The longest one of those was only two and a half meters, and it still had sold for more than 50,000 USD.

After the tusks were dug up, Li Du laughed and said, "Well, our plan is ready to launch. Let's see how Jonas Malone runs this time."
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