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The lake island's territory was quite large, covering several thousand square meters. It was full of weeds and had no trees. However, the weeds could reach as high as a man's waist.

The lakeside soil was soft. When Brother Wolf wanted to step on it, Li Du stopped him and threw Ah Meow ahead.

Ah Meow landed lightly, but his feet sank down in the mud, and Li Du shook his head. "No, we can't get off here."

Li Du was very careful since he almost drowned in the swamp. Life was really beautiful, and he had no intention to part with it anytime soon!

Brother Wolf threw a piece of wood forward and stepped on it. After he probed the soil this way, he nodded and said, "No problem here."

Li Du and the others got off the boat. There was no need to worry about crocodiles, snakes or other deadly killers here. The climate was too cold for such beasts to live here.

However, they had to watch out for the countless annoying mosquitoes that would bite them relentlessly for hours and days. It was sometimes worse than being stung by a wasp.

The island was located in the middle of a lake. It didn't look high or very big, but it was actually quite solid.

They marched up on the island. After a while, Brother Wolf beckoned, saying, "Boss, there is a hole."

Li Du carefully approached and looked. Indeed, there was a big hole on the rocky island. It was quite large, about a few hundred square feet in size.

Its soil looked to be the same as the rest of the island. Upon closer inspection, it became clear the hole was actually a cave. It winded down, seeming to go under the lake.

Brother Wolf used a flashlight to examine the opening in the ground. The cave was deep, and there were twists and turns further on. Therefore, they could not see clearly where it led.

Seeing this, Brother Wolf put on his shoes again and said, "I will go down and have a look."

Li Du stopped him and looked at the five little ones.

They were smart, and they knew what Li Du was planning to do without him saying anything. They recalled what he had done to Ah Meow just now.

The little animals quickly hid in the grass, and Li Du grabbed Ali, who was the biggest. He pulled it by force, like offering a sacrifice object.

Ali tried to wriggle free, but it could not shake off Li Du and finally, was pushed in unwillingly.

"Be careful and get out quickly if there's something wrong," Li Du tapped its head and sent it in.

Ali bounced into the cave.

Li Du was worried. He released the little bug to accompany Ali, and the little bug flew in front.

The little bug could observe the condition of the cave, but it could not feel the air quality. They still had to rely on humans to find their way down. However, finding the way was dangerous and it was better to let animals like Ali test it out.

After about 20 or 30 meters of the cave's downward slope, Li Du saw a pool of water. This was the end; there was no sign of the mammoth tusks that he wanted to find, and no visible danger.

But just as he was about to retrieve the little bug, Ali, who had followed him, let out a sudden scream, turned around, jumped vigorously and hopped away desperately.

Li Du was startled. What did it see? What was in the cave?

Then Li Du saw a white hairy creature dart away on a stone wall. This must have been what frightened Ali.

Li Du was surprised. He did not see the creature clearly, but it seemed like a monkey, with a small furry head and human-like features.

However, there were no monkeys in Siberia; humans were the only local primates here

The little bug swooshed and followed through the stone wall. Li Du saw a new branch of the cave, and a little white monkey, a little longer than his hand, was climbing up.

He could see it clearly now. It really was a white monkey, with a red face and a red butt, glancing back now and then with a startled look.

Li Du thought the little fellow was really quite cute. He was about to take a closer look when he realized something was odd. The place the little white monkey was going into was a wide cave with wide gravel paths.

The little bug looked around the cave, and then a curved piece of petrified bone appeared in front of him. It was not a mammoth tusk, but a mammoth bone!

Sure enough, the little bug followed the bones and saw more of the mammoth's remaining skeleton, eventually passing over its head. The two tusks were there, looking like giant sickles!

Suddenly, Li Du was delighted. He found the first ivory treasure!

It was a stroke of luck. He was right, it turned out that it was a good decision to send Ali in to check the cave out. His little pets had acute senses and could discover some suspicious things that humans could not spot.

The little monkey appeared at the break in the stone wall without a sound. Li Du did not notice it at all, but Ali did.

Ali ran out, stumbling, and Godzilla grabbed it by the hand. It plunged into Godzilla's arms, terrified. If it could speak, it would probably have said, This is too scary!

Godzilla wondered, "What happened to this little one? Why is he so frightened?"

Li Du smiled and said, "Why don't we go in and have a look?"

The little bug flew through the walls and saw more mammoth bones and tusks in the maze of the caves. They were well-preserved thanks to the cool, dry conditions.

Steve was excited. He wanted to jump headfirst into the adventure. He wanted to be the first one to go in.

Elsen quickly stopped him and sent two of their bodyguards ahead.

Li Du entered with the crowd. They went down, following the flashlight. Not long after they found the pool of water at the end.

Seeing the pool, Steve was disappointed and said, "Damn it, there's nothing. We were tricked by your kangaroo!"

Li Du suddenly turned the flashlight to the side of the stone wall, and said quickly, "What is that?"

"What?" the group echoed.

Li Du pretended to be very careful and looked at the stone wall next to him. He said, "There was something here just now. Brother Wolf, take a look."

Brother Wolf took out a dagger and held a flashlight close to the stone wall. He looked back and said, "Boss, there is a passageway here. It seems someone had blocked it."

Li Du took out the treasure map and looked at it. He said excitedly, "Very well, open the passage, and if we are lucky, we shall find a treasure at once!"

Godzilla and the others went ahead and, not knowing how steady the cave was, started working on opening the passage.

As the stones, large and small, were removed, a wide branching path appeared.

They walked in carefully. Li Du released the little bug as usual, and then found that the little white monkey was gone!

The little bug moved around and finally rediscovered it above the wall.

There were many holes in the wall. The little white monkey hid in one of them and looked at them with a frightened face.

While they were looking around, Steve's flashlight swept over the wall. He saw the trail of mammoth bones and exclaimed, "God, this is a miracle! The treasure, we have found the treasure!"

Brother Wolf, who was at the front, said, "Look, boss, there is something strange here."
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