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Right at the moment when the shadow pounced, other shadows at different spots followed suit. However, the shadow at Vampire's proximity was nearest to them. The rest of them were rather far away. Brother Wolf and the rest immediately reacted and paired up to start firing at the dark shadows.

Bang, bang! Bang, bang! The sounds of the loud shots rang out. 

Sissy was Vampire's partner. As everything had happened too quickly, Sissy was unable to provide aid at once. 

Sissy had not been able to fire on time. Vampire was too close to the wolf. By the time he had reacted, the man and the wolf had been entwined. 

At that moment, if Sissy were to fire, he might have easily hurt Vampire. He could not take that risk.

Fortunately, Ah Ow arrived not long later and pounced on the wild wolf that had latched onto Vampire's body. It was as though Ah Ow was on steroids. With a quick swish, it swiftly dragged the wolf away. 

Not too far away, the shadows moved again and the howling of the wolves rang out. Ahh-wooo, Ah-wooo, Ah-woo!

Li Du was shocked to see that the wolves had such a strategy in their fight. They had successfully laid an ambush. 

Needless to say, the wolves had merely given them a fake impression that they had left the area. They were trying to get Li Du and his people to lower their guard. All these wolves that had been hiding among the trees were obviously the same ones that had been circling their campsite. 

It meant to say that the circling Li Du and his group had thought was silly, was actually the part of the wolves' trap. He could not help admitting that the wolves were really smart.

"Defend! Gather!" Brother Wolf's voice rang out and he sounded calm, as always.

The wolves had launched their attack. Siberian wolves were fast and capable of inflicting great damage. When they chased after their prey, they could move at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour. Every leap they took could go as far as five meters.

Seeing that the wolves had started their attack, Li Du realized that the pack had not gone too far. The animals were slightly more than a hundred meters away from the campsite. It was just that the light was too faint at night, and as the wolves had intentionally camouflaged themselves, it was not easy to spot them.

The distance of one hundred meters could be considered pretty long, but the wolves were able to sprint so fast that they covered it in a matter of a few seconds.

Brother Wolf and the rest had paired themselves up. One partner of each pair would be firing while the other would retreat in Li Du's direction and gather there. 

More shots rang out at the same time and agonized cries of the wolves could be heard. 

Li Du went forward to help Vampire up. Sissy half-squatted nearby, facing outwards and ready to protect them with his gun. 

Vampire's clothes had been torn and Li Du saw blood on his arm. Seeing that, he was very concerned and asked, "Hey, buddy, are you OK?"

"No problem," Vampire said, taking a deep breath.

He picked himself up quickly and joined in the fight, shooting at the wolf pack. "Don't worry, guys, it's just a scratch. I'm fine, make way for me!"

The M4A1 was a powerful weapon. However, it was meant for shooting at humans and not animals. For the latter, it would be more effective to use a hunting rifle or shotgun.

They had eight guns with them. Their weapons could serve as a powerful firewall, but in dealing with wolves, it was subpar. 

Though many shots had found their mark, the wolves could move quickly and changed their track often. Most of the wolves had been unhurt or were only mildly injured and could continue moving at the same speed.

Right at that moment, the people at the campsite had reacted quickly. Two of the cars were started and the light from the SUVs lit up the place. It was as though a row of miniature suns had appeared. The bright light helped them to locate the wolves. 

Driver stepped up on the accelerator and the SUV dashed towards them. The door of the front passenger seat had not been closed. Driver stepped on the pedal and grabbed the door frame with one hand as he held the shotgun in another. He started shooting at the wolves!

As the lights illuminated the place, the howling of the wolves rang out again. The ferocious wolves turned around and continued running in an S-shaped route, retreating into the dark wilderness as quickly as they could.

The battle had started and ended abruptly. After realizing that they were exposed under the light, the wolf pack had escaped immediately. Only a few wolves that had been hurt severely or struck dead that were lying on the forest ground. 

When Brother Wolf and the rest finally heaved a sigh of relief it at this abrupt resolution. They had already whipped out their daggers and prepared themselves to throw their guns down to start the melee. If they really had to go into such a fight, they would probably lose some of their men. 

Even a well-trained elite soldier might lose to a wild wolf in one-on-one close combat. 

Li Du pushed Vampire, who was injured, towards Madman. There was still a wolf there. It was the one that had been fighting with Ah Ow. 

After being pushed off Vampire's body, the wild wolf had retaliated. It did not care that Ah Ow was tearing its skin, and every time it managed to turn around, it would take a bite at Ah Ow's neck. 

That was the difference between a tamed wolf and a wild wolf. Ah Ow was much stronger than the wild wolf. However, she did not have the experience of fighting in the deserted taiga and lacked the motivation to fight until death. It did not understand the techniques required to kill. 

It was different with wild wolves. Since their birth, they had been living in the taiga. They were very experienced fighters and could easily kill their enemies. 

Ah Ow had a fast reaction speed. When the wolf turned back to bite down, she would quickly retreat. While at it, she would snap her teeth at her adversary, often inflicting a bite. 

The wild wolf was able to achieve its aim and disregarded the wound on its body. Once it was free, it got up and dashed towards Ah Ow, its paws reaching out. With one paw, it scratched Ah Ow's eyes and with the other, it tore at Ah Ow's belly. Its mouth was still aiming for Ah Ow's neck. 

The two wolves continued to battle and exchanged bites and blows at top speed. They were close together and nobody could be of any help. They could not fire, for fear of hurting Ah Ow accidentally. 

Sophie was at the campsite and when she learned that Vampire was hurt, she yelled, "Put pressure on the wound and bring him over this instant! I need to sterilize the area quickly and give him an injection. Come over at once!"

Li Du waved his hand to gesture for Sissy and the rest to leave first. He kept his eyes on the two fighting wolves and stressed himself out, trying to think of ways to help Ah Ow. 

The best way would be to let Ah Meow strike. Perhaps Ah Meow could not deal with the wild wolf alone, but he was fast and agile. He would be a good partner to help Ah Ow.

However, Ah Meow did not strike. It only stayed in a corner, watching the fight. Neither did the other three animals join in the battle.

The wild wolf had a lot of experience with fighting and was very steady. 

Li Du glanced at Brother Wolf nervously. Brother Wolf said, "Let Ah Ow deal with this. She can do it!"

The two wolves tore at each other, fumbled and rolled. While Ah Ow was bigger and had greater strength, the wild wolf had more experience in combat. 

At the very end, the one with the physique and strength managed to withstand the fight and the one with the experience started to show signs of weakness. 

Ah Ow clawed at the head of the wild wolf. Whenever she had an opportunity, she would bite down on its head. Otherwise, she would go into defense mode. Her four legs moved quickly as she changed her position. 

The wild wolf did not have much success anymore and started to lose. As it had lost a lot of blood, its body was becoming increasingly weaker. 

Ah Ow did not bite the wolf to death. She only continued to chase after the wild wolf and bite down onto it when she had a chance. When the wolf retaliated, it would circle around. The power balance was slowly tipping in Ah Ow's favor. 

Li Du then understood. Ah Ow was gaining experience from combat with a wild wolf. She was bound to win.
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