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The fireworks show began, so they could not continue their performance. There was no amplifier, so no one could hear them no matter how good they played.

The fireworks exploded loudly.

Sophie got up and bowed her head slightly towards the audience. People knew the performance was over and went off to watch the fireworks.

However, most people were very kind and clapped before they left.

Sophie said to Cao Yulin. "You play really well. How many hours do you practice usually in a day?"

"Oh, I used to practice five or six hours a day when dad was here, but now I have not practiced for a while," the boy whispered. 


The boy shrugged. "We sold the piano. Of course, I would not want to practice anymore."

Instead of asking more questions, Sophie snapped her fingers at the boss and said, "Grand piano, Yamaha five feet. Do you have one?"

The boss nodded and said, "Yes, our company sells many brands of pianos."

"How much is it?"

The owner said, "The Yamaha five-foot grand piano would cost from $120,000 to $500,000. Our company now has a model at a price of $150,000. It is already in stock."

"You take Cao Yulin's contact information, I'll pay the bill for him, and then you send him the piano," said Sophie.

These words made the surrounding go into an uproar.

The manager was the first one to be surprised. "Send over? Are you giving him the piano?"

The boy looked at Sophie in shock. Li Du was surprised too. Why did Sophie suddenly have this idea? However, knowing that Sophie had always been sensible and that she had a reason for whatever she did, he did not say much.

Sophie nodded. "Yes, I am giving him a piano."

She turned to Cao Yulin and said with a smile, "Be diligent in your studies and keep practicing the piano. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone here. Otherwise, I could recommend a piano teacher."

Cao Yulin shook his head and said, "No…you are giving me a piano, why?"

He must have been in a daze, thinking this was some new scam.

Strangers did not usually just walk into one's life with gifts of $150,000-priced pianos!

Sophie smiled. "Because you are so talented. You need a piano at home. Practice every day. I don't know your exact situation, but I heard the need for a piano in the tune you played just now."

"Isn't this foreign girl a little silly?" someone asked in a low voice.

Cao Yulin shook his head to refuse. He could not believe his luck and kept thinking that something was not quite right.

Sophie straightened his collar and said. "I don't know much about you. Therefore, you could say I did something out of the blue. It's just that I could hear your longing for a piano from the sound of your playing. Am I wrong?"

Cao Yulin spread out his hands and said, "So you want to give me a piano? One that costs 150,000?"

Sophie winked at him and smiled. "Yes, 150,000. Is this piano too cheap? Do you feel that this piano is not high-quality enough?"

"Of course not! It's too expensive!" Cao Yulin almost shouted.

"Oh, no. It's no trouble at all. Come on, financial assistant, take care of the bill and I'll pay you back when we return to America," said Sophie.

She turned her head and gave Li Du a mischievous smile.

Li Du reached for his wallet and, a second later, looked shocked.

Sophie was startled. "What's the matter?"

"My wallet was stolen." Li Du touched his pocket in disbelief.

Cao Yulin and a group of other people stood aside. They had a feeling, to begin with, that this kind of generosity was suspicious. Now, when the two strangers were about to pay for the piano and Li Du suddenly said that his wallet was stolen, someone began to voice the possibility that this was a new scam.

Li Du had no time to pay attention to these people. He had to find his wallet quickly. He had many important documents in it, including his passport, which he needed to go back to America.

Fortunately, he still had the little bug in his hand, and there was nothing like the little bug when it came to crime scenes.

Using the time reversal ability, Li Du directly saw someone behind him, silently slipping a hand into his trouser pocket and fishing out his wallet.

At that time, Sophie and Cao Yulin were playing the first Canon, and he was immersed in the memories of the past, feeling almost delirious. He was surprised to discover he had been so immersed that he did not realize someone had pickpocketed him.


Determining the appearance of the thief, Li Du immediately let the little bug fly around to look for him.

The theft happened not long ago, and the culprit could not have run far.

Sure enough, when the little bug flew through the crowd, Li Du saw the thief, a young man with a simple and honest face.

He worried that the thief might be part of a gang, so he called Brother Wolf first and asked him to come over. At the same time, he let the little bug search in the young man's backpack and found his wallet inside.

There were also two other wallets, a watch, and several mobile phones.

After Brother Wolf arrived, Li Du went and gave a flying kick to the young man, who fell to the ground. He did not have to be polite to a thief!

The youth was shocked by the sudden attack and cried, "What are you doing? Help, help, he is going to kill me!"

He was an experienced thief and knew things were going badly. He immediately chose to cause a diversion so that it would be easy for him to run.

Immediately, several youths rushed up to attack Li Du, looking very indignant:

"Damn! Scoundrel, do not move!"

"Bastard, how dare you hit someone!"

"Damn it, you'll regret this!"

These were the thief's accomplices; otherwise, they would not have reacted so quickly.

When Brother Wolf started his moves, he managed to knock down all the young men.

Police were on hand to keep order at this official government-hosted event. They came an instant.

"What's the matter?" shouted one of the police officers, baton in hand.

The young man shouted, "Comrades, they are beating people, they act against society…"

"Damn, thief!" Li Du interrupted him with a curse. He rushed to grab the youth's backpack, tore open the inner compartment, and poured out all the wallets, mobile phones and jewelry from inside.

Their agitated crowd roared at once:

"Damn it, it is really a thief!"

"Hey, my friend said that his mobile phone disappeared!"

"That's my purse. When the hell did you steal it?"

The young thief was totally stunned and looked at Li Du in shock. How did this man know he had hidden the things he stole in the backpack?

Li Du ignored him, pushed him towards the police, took his wallet back, got out the credit card and handed it to the piano manager, saying, "Here, 150,000, swipe it."

The man hesitantly asked, "What's going on, buddy? To tell you the truth, I am a little confused, and a bit afraid to swipe your card."

Li Du said, "I am not sure what happened either, but my boss instructed me to pay."

He nodded to Sophie.

Someone squeezed out from the crowd and said, "Brother Wang, don't worry about the card. This is my classmate. He is very reliable. He would not cheat you."

Li Du saw his old classmate Du Zhengnan, with whom he had a drink at the class reunion before.
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