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After Eagle Beak Blade paid up, he brought his gang to warehouse number 77 with a solemn look.

One of his people, a guy with a mustache, said, "Boss, how will we deal with this? Can we still get any profit from number 103? Initially, we had planned on gaining four hundred thousand from those."

Eagle Beak Blade said coolly, "Who cares about 103? Anthony has to fork out the cash. According to my information, that New York dude is a well-known figure in the treasure hunting trade. He would not shirk his way out of paying. He's gotta pay up. Otherwise, he can forget about staying in this business."

Someone said, "That was a close shave. Fortunately, that Chinese dude retreated from the bid war early. Otherwise, boss, you would have continued to bid and might have had to pay for that warehouse."

Eagle Beak Blade grinned and said, "Even if it had happened, d*mn it, that New York dude would have to compensate me. We are all doing business and have to stand behind our words. He would have to pay me whatever we agreed on!"

"Yes, sure, boss," His underlings nodded.

The warehouse was opened and Big Mustache smiled. "Luckily we managed to lay our hands on this warehouse. There is some branded furniture in here. I have already contacted a store that's ready to take it in."

"What about the price?" Eagle Beak Blade asked, concerned.

"Definitely not a problem," Big Mustache pounded his chest for emphasis. He continued, "It will be in accordance with the market rate at a seventy percent profit. They would sell it off at an eighty percent profit and earn ten percent for themselves."

Satisfied, Eagle Beak Blade nodded. He said, "Good work. Everyone is trying to make a living. We have to strike it big together. Otherwise, if you stop others from making a profit, you might find yourself being put to bed with a shovel."

"That's right," A few of his underlings said sycophantically.

At that time, someone who had entered the warehouse lifted a box and then turned his head to look at the group in shock. "Boss, something is wrong."


"This box is too light. Is it empty?" That man whipped out a penknife and started to cut the box open. When the box was opened, they saw it was indeed empty.

Eagle Beak Blade was stunned at the sight. He lost composure and shouted, "D*MN IT, what's going on? Open up the other boxes!"

More than ten men rushed in and frantically started to move the boxes.

Big Mustache lifted a box carefully to test it out. Eagle Beak Blade kicked him and howled, "HURRY UP. What are you doing?"

"I'm checking out the weight. If there is furniture inside, it might hurt people if the boxes fall," Big Mustache explained.

Eagle Beak Blade kicked him again and said angrily, "Move on, you sissy!"

Seeing that, the rest of the people increased their speed and moved more boxes out. Eagle Beak Blade's expression darkened and, in the end, he looked as though he was about to kill someone.

The people had moved out the boxes with ease. Most of them were easy to lift and carry. One could tell at once that there was no furniture inside, let alone branded furniture.

After all, the better the brand name, the tougher and more durable the furniture. Such furniture would be heavy. A packaged sofa half a meter tall and one to two meters long would require two men to move it.

Eagle Beak Blade started to tear up the boxes like a madman, seeing nothing but empty space.

The people from the Eagle Beak Gang could tell that the situation was not right. Seeing that their boss was so mad, they did not dare to provoke him and only stood in a corner silently.

However, there were other treasure hunters who came closer to watch the fun. After every auction, opening up the warehouses that were purchased at a high price was a major attraction for all treasure hunters. They cherished that opportunity to learn and observe.

Seeing the empty boxes brought out, some of the treasure hunters laughed. "Ha, there's nothing worthy in this warehouse. How much was the bid? More than four hundred thousand, right? Haha."

"A bunch of trash boxes. Will they fetch even forty dollars?"

"Let's go check out the most expensive warehouse. This dude is doomed. That's more than four hundred thousand gone down the drain!"

Hearing all that, Eagle Beak Blade was so mad that he was trembling with anger. He yelled, "What are you guys standing there for? Chase these sissies away! Make them all scram!"

"Get going!" The men from the Eagle Beak Gang sprang into action. They vented their anger on the treasure hunters, pushing and kicking them.

However, it was a bad move to attack the treasure hunters. Having been ill-treated, the crowd grew angry. Instead of backing off, they pushed forward and tussled with the men from the gang. A fight was about to break out.

"What are we going to do?" Big Mustache asked Eagle Beak Blade.

Eagle Beak Blade's eyes were red to the point that it looked as though they were bleeding. He grabbed onto Big Mustache and said, "Call that old dog George Anthony! Get him rolling in here to see me!"

Big Moustache nodded vigorously and pressed the number in a hurry. After a while, he looked as though he was about to cry and said, "Boss, he switched off his phone!"

"What?" Eagle Beak Blade was about to go mad. "He dared to switch off his phone? Call his goddamn son, then!"

"Boss, I already called. That number is also switched off," Big Mustache told him with a depressed face.

Hearing that, Eagle Beak Blade stopped his display of outrage. He suddenly calmed down and said, "He has got to pack up warehouse number 103. Let's go there to have a look."

Warehouse number 103 was open and there were indeed people packing up the contents. However, those were not the Anthonys, but a few men that Eagle Beak Blade did not recognize.

He went up to kick one of the men and said angrily," Where's that old dog, George Anthony?"

Having been struck, the man was naturally furious. When he turned, however, he saw many angry people and hence, he suppressed his own irritation and said, "I don't know. He gave us this warehouse."

Eagle Beak Blade gritted his teeth angrily, and with a face twisted with rage, he said, "Very well, very well!"

Big Mustache said, "Boss, could this be a trap? Maybe George Anthony and that Chinese dude ganged up to do us in?"

Hearing that, Eagle Beak Blade snapped back to his sense and started to consider.

Big Mustache continued, "It was George Anthony who looked us up first. He was the one to get us to mobilize our connections, contact some men and plant the fake jewelry in warehouse number 103. Then, he was also the one who gave us the idea of putting on an act to bluff that Chinese dude."

"They placed a spy recorder in the Chink's car and then got us to install one in the hotel room. We could listen to the Chinese dude's conversations together. He even paid McRae to bring that Chink into the warehouse to mislead him."

"I think it had all been a lie. The real motive was to bluff us. The info about warehouse number 77 came from the Chinese dude and George Anthony let us take down that warehouse. He said that the Chink would not have earned anything and would only fall into our trap to bid for number 103."

Hearing Big Mustache's analysis, Eagle Beak Blade's face went pale. "D*mn it, those bastards! They joined hands to bluff me! They actually dared…"

Big Mustache suggested, "I will get some men to check where they are. It hasn't been long, they can't escape."

Eagle Beak Blade said through his teeth, "Alright, you go find out. Paul, you gather our brothers. Bring them all! I will make them pay for playing a trick on me in my own town!"

The policemen arrived before the gangsters, however. A police officer got out of the car and said, "Eagle Beak, get down with your people, someone reported to us that you guys are fighting here!"

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