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His words caused the tension at the scene to loosen up.

Then the treasure hunters glanced at Eagle Beak Blade, who looked as though he was going mad. They waited for him to make his bid.

Hearing Li Du's words, Eagle Beak Blade really looked like he was crazy. His wide face went red, his eyes were bloodshot, and he resembled an angry bull.

The auctioneer looked to him, but Eagle Beak Blade's face remained solemn and he stayed silent.

Just like that, the bidding ended at the sum of five hundred and ten thousand US dollars. The auctioneer pointed at George Anthony, gesturing that the warehouse now belonged to him.

Some of the treasure hunters were rather disappointed and sighed, "I thought that we would be able to see a warehouse being auctioned at one million."

"This is not some army warehouse auction. One million? That's too much!"

"Why? Did the Federal Reserve Chairman become a treasure hunter? Who would take down a warehouse at that price?"

"The winning bid of five hundred and ten thousand is impressive. Buddy, I've never seen such a price tag."

The treasure hunters chatted as they strolled away. The Eagle Beak Gang and the Anthonys remained rooted to the spot, stunned.

Conrad Anthony said, "No… how did that happen? God, why did he retreat?"

Li Du was walking away as well. He smiled at Eagle Beak Blade. "Although I joined in the bidding, I pulled out halfway. So you won't be too angry, right, buddy? It is not I who snatched your warehouse away. You won't make trouble for me, will you?"

Then he turned to George Anthony and said, "I kept my word. Today, in a tribute to our friendship, I will not vie with you. This warehouse, I give it up to you. Congratulations."

George Anthony wore a frozen smile and his eyes looked straight at the warehouse in front of him. He was silent.

When Li Du nearly walked past him, George Anthony suddenly grabbed his shoulder and asked with a forced smile, "Your interest in this warehouse doesn't seem that great, does it?"

Li Du shrugged. "Oh, I was very interested, but the price was too high. Unless there is genuine gold jewelry inside, it's not worth it. I don't want to take such a risk."

He pushed George Anthony away and whistled to himself as he continued to walk down the row of warehouses.

Eagle Beak Blade could not bear it any longer. He rushed at Li Du and yelled, "Hey, wasn't your auction reserve price six hundred thousand? Why did you withdraw without reaching your maximum bid?"

Li Du looked at him, surprised. He said, "How did you know our reserve auction price?"

Eagle Beak Blade looked as though he would go crazy. He shoved Li Du and howled, "Tell me, d*mnit, you son of a b*tch, what trick were you playing?"

Brother Wolf took a step forward, grabbed his arm and gave it a twist. Eagle Beak Blade's arm was pinned behind his back.

The people from the Eagle Beak Gang rushed forward. Madman, Firecracker and the rest took their places around Li Du. Their desire to fight was awakened, sharp like a newly-polished knife.

Li Du did not care about those thugs and said, "Don't put on an act. If you want to fight, then do. I have fought with warlords in Africa. If you guys are trying to scare me, it's not working!"

Saying that, he continued to walk off and joined the crowd in viewing the next batch of warehouses without looking back.

George Anthony took a deep breath and was going to walk off with a dull expression. However, Eagle Beak Blade held him back and shoved him. Gritting his teeth, he said, "D*mn you. Tell me what's going on! F*ck, f*ck!"

Conrad stopped him and said, "Don't go too far, Eagle Beak Blade. We took down this warehouse. We won the bid!"

Eagle Beak Blade looked at him menacingly. "Then will you guys pay up?"

Conrad's tone softened as he said, "Let's discuss this when we get back. Let's continue with the auction."

George Anthony sighed and said, "We lost. Why, why do I always underestimate this bastard? How can he possibly be so cunning?"

Eagle Beak Blade stomped his foot and scolded, "D*mn it. You guys have to pay for this warehouse. You guys have to complete the purchase! D*mn it!"

"Let's discuss this when we get back," Conrad said. "In fact, your profit at this auction is not shabby. You managed to take down number 77."

Hearing that, Eagle Beak Blade looked slightly more appeased.

The auction continued speedily. The 142 warehouses that were planned to be auctioned off in the course of two days were all sold that day.

The speed of the auction was phenomenal and the treasure hunters bid for the warehouses like bees chasing after honey. The question of who could make a profit and who could not was postponed for when they would assess their purchases.

Li Du had taken down four warehouses and spent a total of 54,000 dollars.

They queued up to pay and George Anthony looked pale. When he saw Li Du, he smiled bitterly and said, "You knew. You had planned this. You were just acting, right?"

Li Du looked at him, feigning confusion, and asked, "What are you talking about?"

George Anthony did not reply but said helplessly, "We ran into trouble. You are really tricky."

Li Du continued to look puzzled. "What exactly are you talking about?"

George Anthony said, "I will fork out this sum of money. There's no way I can avoid that. This trade is too important to me, I cannot quit. So, just tell me. How did you know?"

Li Du smiled and said, "I really have no idea what you're talking about. Goodbye, Mr. Anthony. Hope that you will find the jewelry in number 103. I hope that you will earn big bucks."

It had all been a trick. Both parties had designed their traps and in the end, Li Du emerged as the victor.

In reality, George Anthony and the Eagle Beak Gang's plan had been very cunning. Initially, Li Du did not know of the relationship between them. He thought that the Eagle Beak Gang was targeting him because he was famous.

He overlooked the fact that two of his men had photographed the Anthonys and Eagle Beak Gang passing each other in the hotel. He had not considered that those thugs and George Anthony would gang up on him.

However, after he had used Time Reversal on the imitation jewelry in warehouse 103, he had noticed that things were not that simple.

From the scenes that Li Du saw, there was one in which Eagle Beak Blade and George Anthony were sitting around and drinking beer together. At that time, the imitation jewelry was placed on the table.

He had realized that it was all a trap. Earlier, at the hotel, the Eagle Beak Gang and the Anthonys had just been putting an act in front of him. Their conflict was just for show.

Then it all became clear to Li Du. The Eagle Beak Gang was a local Henderson gang. Why would they target an outsider like him? Although he was famous, The Great Chris Bell, Magic Hand, Black Mustang and the rest were even more famous.

The only possible explanation was that Eagle Beak Blade and George Anthony had ganged up to try and take Li Du down. They had somehow connected with the manager of the Macy's warehouses. They had placed fake jewelry in warehouse number 103 to try and get Li Du into their trap.

After Li Du found out, he did not make a fuss about it. Instead, he played their game and turned around to plan a trap in his turn. Hence, he was ahead of them and managed to lead Eagle Beak Gang and the Anthonys to their downfall.

If Li Du did not have the ability to cheat, he would have been done in.

Fortunately, now it was Eagle Beak Blade and the Anthonys who had lost the game.
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