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Chapter 112: Here To Help

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In the evening, a Chevrolet pickup and a Land Rover arrived at the side of the Steampunk Hotel.

The pickup opened up, and the plump Rambis jumped out from the passenger side with a thump. He then opened the back door of the truck, and Carl, who had a small mustache, appeared with a solemn look.

"Are you sure that Hans and that Chinese man are staying here?" Carl asked.

Rambis patted his strong wide chest and said, "Yes, brother-in-law. I swear that those two sons of b*tches are staying here."

Carl nodded his head, as Rambis said in a praise-seeking tone, "And I even know which room they are staying in. Bedes, that jerk, has an exclusive room for them."

These words made Carl look even more solemn. Bedes was a scheming chap, and very good at managing his relationships with treasure hunters. He generally only kept the exclusive rooms for customers he deemed valuable.

Anyhow, he, as a potential member of the Hundred Thousand Club, had never been given an exclusive room. This made him detest Li Du and Hans even more.

The Land Rover behind them opened up, and four strong black men walked out. Leading the way was a black man covered with tattoos; he had a nose ring, earrings, and a lip ring. Coupled with the look of disdain in his eyes, there was an unruly air about him. "Frank, Bill—are they here?" he asked.

The man named Bill’s expression twisted. He smiled and said, "Yes, buddy. Later, let’s find a reason to get into a conflict with them, then teach these two sons of b*tches a lesson."

The man with the piercings nodded his head. "A country bumpkin and a Chinaman? I hope that our men do not use too much force and end up killing them."

Rambis informed the four men of the room number. He and Carl could not go up; after all, it was not a respectable matter to speak of.

Looking at the four black men leaving, Carl sighed and said, "I hope that they do not go overboard. In fact, I don’t like to resort to violence for business dealings."

Rambis said, "Brother-in-law, it is them who have gone too far. These two b*stards tricked us twice, and then had the nerve to come to Phoenix. This is provoking us!"

The four men entered the hotel, and went straight to the second floor.

Nick, who was drying the cups, saw them and asked with a frown, "Hey, you guys there, what are you doing here?"

"Looking for someone," the man with the piercings said the three words coolly, and was expressionless the whole time.

As he found the room number that Rambis gave, a loud noise could be heard coming from the room.

"Perfect—say that the noise was disturbing us, and let’s get these idiots!" The man with the piercings smiled icily, stretched his hand out, and banged on the door violently.

"Who is that?" Hans asked impatiently.

He was impatient because he was busy doing something.

Godzilla’s bed was too small. Li Du saw that he was not sleeping comfortably, and so negotiated with Bedes to let Godzilla stay over. They were going to put the two beds together, and let Godzilla lie on the floor.

Bedes had agreed. However, all the metal beds in Steampunk were put together using steel, and were extremely heavy.

Even with the humanoid beast Godzilla’s strength, it was still very exhausting for the three of them to move the beds.

Hearing that there were sounds from the room, the man with the piercings banged harder on the door.

Hans was irritated, and said, "You guys keep going. I will go and get the door."

Godzilla nodded. He grasped one of the legs of the metal bed with both hands, gathered his strength, and began moving the bed with a puff.

At this time, the room door opened. The man with the piercings was the first to dash in. His head was confidently raised, but then he saw Godzilla, whose muscles were all bulging.

At this time, Godzilla was holding up the metal bed; his upper-body muscles were pumping with blood, and bulging like thick, hard rocks. The greenish veins on his thick neck were protruding as though there was a soon-to-erupt volcano hiding within it.

Hearing the knocking at the door, Godzilla had turned his head unconsciously to take a look. Due to the burden of the excess weight on his muscles, he appeared brutally fierce with the hideous expression of him gritting his teeth. Even Li Du, who was familiar with him, was a little afraid of his appearance.

Upon seeing Godzilla, the man with the piercings widened his eyes; the muscles at the sides of his mouth quivered uncontrollably, and he suddenly felt like peeing.

The other three men did not enter, but they knew the principle of stalling, and began to shout from outside the door, "Frank, why was it noisy? I see you are…"

"I see you are moving the bed in here? Ha-ha! No wonder there was a loud noise. Do the three of you need help? Come, come, come—you guys, come and give a hand—let’s help out." The man with the piercings, Frank, had quickly interrupted his men, his expression changing rapidly while talking; shifting from that of a cold-blooded killer to that of a fawning waiter.

Outside, his three men were confused. What did their boss mean?

However, after they saw Godzilla upon entering the room, they instantly understood their boss’s good intentions, and quickly added on, "Right, right, right—let’s help and do it together."  

"What should we do with the bed? The sooner we can finish, the sooner there will be no noise."

"Sh*t, we thought the sound we heard was not right, and so came to ask if you need help."

After hearing them out, Li Du actually thought that the noise they had created had caused a disturbance. "I’m really sorry, we are almost done."

Godzilla was left alone to carry the bed, so he had to exert even more strength. With the increased pressure on his body, the look in his eyes was fiercer, and his expression more aggressive.

At this sight, Frank had an even stronger urge to pee. He quickly said, "It’s nothing–come, come, come–we will give you a hand and help to move this bed over."

With the help from the four strong men, the heavy bed could finally be moved.

Having shifted the first metal bed toward the window, the second metal bed’s position also needed to be shifted.

This work was indeed tedious. Godzilla took off his vest, and prepared to give it his all.

With his singlet removed, the tattoo on his chest could be seen. It was the image of an eagle holding the stalk of a brightly-colored flower.

On seeing the tattoo, Li Du said, "This guy is cool. What is the significance?"

Godzilla twitched his nose and said, "A golden eagle holding a poppy. Previously, just to get meals and get by in the gang, everyone would get this tattoo."

Frank carefully examined the tattoo, then quickly lowered his head, as though worried that Godzilla would notice him.

The seven of them worked together, and the second bed was finally moved to the side, leaving a big space on the floor.

Frank asked cautiously, "Is it over?"

Li Du laughed and said, "Yes, it’s over. I’m very grateful for your help. I guess I should buy you all drinks as thanks."

"Not necessary, not necessary. People should always help one another. We should go now," said Frank, shaking his head vigorously as he walked out.

After he was out of the door, he took to his heels, speeding down the hall.

Li Du closed the door and said, "We Chinese have a saying not to judge one by one’s look: ‘Seawater cannot be measured by a bushel.’ Those men may look fierce, but they are quite kind."

Hans was puzzled and said, "I’m still unsure what is going on. They pushed me when I opened the door. I thought they were going to pick a fight."

The four black men felt relieved after they ran out of the hotel. One man, who had a head of hair that was dyed white, was not pleased, and said, "Boss, we should not be scared…"

"Who was scared? Was Boss scared? Boss merely did not want to create too much trouble," another black man said.

Frank waved his hand and said, "All of you, shut up! I was indeed scared, but you guys thought I was scared of that big lump? Sh*t, I was afraid of the tattoo on his chest! I’m scared of the power behind him!"

"What’s with the tattoo? I have a bald eagle on my chest as well."

"Damn retard!"
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