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Under Li Du's cold stare, Raymond spilled out every single thing he knew about the
Miami prison.
There were four prison areas in total and each area could hold up to two hundred and
fifty people. About nine hundred people were held up in the prison right now.
There weren't many heavy criminals locked up in here. Miami's most dangerous
criminals were sent to Philly prison that was not too far.
Hence, the criminals in Miami prison weren't too fierce. As long as they kept a low
profile, they wouldn't be in too much trouble in prison.
However, there were clans in the prison, mostly formed on an ethnic basis, such as
Caucasian, African American African, Mexican and so on. As there were just a few
Chinese people in the prison, there was no Chinese clan, only an Asian one.
Being part of a clan could help one avoid being bullied, but there was also a hierarchy
within clans. Lower levels had to pay protection fees to higher levels, in the form of
cigarettes, food, or even money.
Raymond did not join any clans. He used to be in the African American clan but was
expelled in the end. That might be because he could not fight, so the clan might have
felt that he was not earning his keep.
Li Du almost laughed out loud when he heard that.
Actually, less than half of the people in the prison joined clans. Most of them were
unallied. As the prison guards here were responsible, they did not allow severe bullying
cases to happen.
Of course, bullying was bound to happen anyway. With a bunch of criminals held
together, it was unavoidable.
Raymond reminded Li Du that prisoners liked bullying newcomers. Moreover, that was
considered as setting up an example. Usually, the previous batch of newcomers would
be doing this, and all the other criminals would watch the show.
This was a tradition in the Miami prison. Raymond assured Li Du that it wouldn't be too
bad, though, that the prisoners mostly wanted to scare newbies or just to play pranks on
Hurting others while in prison was also an offensive crime. The prisoners were all
hoping to get out sooner, so they would not get themselves into real trouble.
The only troublesome part was the offerings that took place twice a month. The
prisoners were not just chilling out inside the prison. They had to work, and by the end

of the month, the prison would give them their salary and some items. This would be
one of the times for offering.
Another time would be during the beginning of the month when the prisoners' family
members were allowed to visit them. Families would bring gifts, such as food and
cigarettes. This was also one of the times for offering.
By now, it was the end of October. Li Du's timing of entering the prison was not that
great, as it was almost time for the offering.
"What is this offering?" Li Du asked as he sat on the table, looking down upon

Raymond said, "It's something you give to all of the clan leaders. Giving offerings
equals to paying protection fees. They are true to their words, they won't touch you after
receiving your offering. Well, of course, you can't offend them in the first place."
Li Du said, nodding, "Fine, you guys are lucky. I won't stay here for too long, or else
you would all have to give me offerings."
Raymond chuckled. "Big Brother, you're really something."
Li Du snorted. "Don't think I'm bullshitting you. Go to sleep, and let's see who dares to
touch me tomorrow. He's gonna be the unlucky one!"
Raymond secretly cursed him. Yeah right, you just wait till tomorrow, I'll see how badly
you get beaten up. And you think all of the fellows in prison are bitches? You can beat
me up but I'll see how many you can handle tomorrow!
Raymond took his things down to the lower bunk and went to sleep.
He had been sleeping on the top bunk previously. Now that Li Du came, however, he
had to give up the top bunk to him.
Prison life was just as disciplined as army life. They had to wake up at six in the
morning, the prison guards would open up their cell doors and the prisoners would then
bring along their daily necessities and go to the canteen for breakfast.
After the cell door was opened, everyone had to stand at both sides of the door, holding
themselves straight with their hands behind their backs like soldiers. The prison guards
would come and do a headcount. If there were no missing persons they could go to eat.
Li Du stood by the door as Raymond taught him to do. This was also one of the many
rules. If the newcomers did not learn this step, the old prisoner of the same cell would
be punished as well.

The prison guards came and did one round before someone blew the whistle. All the
prisoners let out a sigh and lazily got into a queue with their plastic bowls in hand as
they walked towards the canteen.
The few prisoners in front of Li Du turned around and looked at him. One of the
Mexicans asked, "Hey, boy, why are you in here?"
"Are you the one who got sent in last night? Damn you, I was sleeping well before you
woke me up. Then I couldn't go back to sleep. Listen, you have to compensate me. You
hear me?" A bald old man said fiercely.
"All the cleaning jobs in our cell blocks will be yours now. Listen here, you stupid little
Asian, you better come back and scrub all our toilet bowls after breakfast. Or else we
won't go easy on you!"
Li Du nodded with a gentle face. He had a smile on his face and seemed as harmless
as a mouse.
Raymond was watching the show happily from the back. Why the fuck are you
pretending, and why are you such a wuss now?
The canteen was very big, so all of the prisoners were gathered here for meals. They
lined up in a long queue, while servers handed out food for them. It was like a buffet
with around ten different types of dishes to choose from.
When it was Li Du's turn, he merely took a look and lost all his appetite at once.
Breakfast was lousy. There was a big selection, but only stuff like dried bread, fried
minced meat, fruits and vegetables that were not fresh anymore. There were also a few
types of soup. Li Du didn't bother noting what they were, but they looked like murky
This was the standard in American prisons. The food was substandard because in most
prisons, there was a budget of only two dollars and forty cents per person per day. That
meant each meal should only cost eighty cents. What could that amount of money
possibly fund?
He had lost his appetite so he simply ordered a few things. The server had to tell him,
"Everyone can only order four, no more."
Li Du said, "Then just give me a few slices of bread and some fruit."
The bald man who taunted him earlier gave him a murderous stare as he said, "Take
the fried meat and give it to me later."
Li Du didn't want to let the fried meat contaminate his plate. The chunks were probably
made up of pig's lymphs, or scraps from chicken or duck meat.

He didn't listen to the bald man, and only took the bread and fruit, after which he went to
look for a place to sit down.
The bald man looked upset as he spoke through gritted teeth: "Alright bitch, you've
upset me, I'll fucking…"
Another big hunk walked over and pushed the man away. The bald man fell back. He
turned around and looked at the other prisoner, then quickly retreated without another
"Just another wuss," Li Du's mouth twitched carelessly.
The big guy looked at him and said, "You came in last night? China man?"
Li Du nodded his head, but the big guy grabbed him and said, "Come, come over and
eat here."
A few more prisoners gathered around, driving Li Du to the corner.
There were prison guards patrolling in the canteen, but they pretended not to see what
was going on and allowed these men to push Li Du.
Raymond and the bald man followed them. They were ready to watch a show.
When they got to the corner of the canteen, an African American guy smiled slyly.
"Someone from the outside sent news in. He said that you owe him one hundred
thousand bucks and a brand new Ferrari California T!"
Li Du said, "I don't owe anyone anything."
All the men laughed. The big hunk, who was the leader, clenched his fist as he said,
"You lousy piece of shit who should be eating broken glass, seems like you still don't
understand the situation you're in right now. You think this is your backyard? Haha, do
you fucking know this is hell?"
Li Du looked towards their backs and said, "Yeah, this is hell, but it's hard to tell whose
hell this is."
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