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Chapter 108: Godzilla

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Li Du was confused after Reginald left. "Who is Godzilla?"

Hans seemed surprised. "The monster that was created by RB! This is one of the most famous monsters in the world. China and RB are so close to each other, and you don’t know about it?"

"F*ck you!"

"Okay, don’t be mad. I’m just kidding," Hans laughed. "He is the Mexican monster—his real name is Hesla Flores—and he is a giant. Let’s get out of here! If he is in Flagstaff, we could hire him."

They had their lunch. Hans went looking for this guy who had named himself after the world famous monster.

Flagstaff was a small city with a small population. Searching for a brawny man with a large reputation should not have been very difficult.

The next day, when Li Du woke up at 2 o’clock, Hans called, "D*mn it! We’ve been fooled by Reginald that bastard!"

"What’s going on?" asked Li Du, completely confused.

Hans came to him. He saw Rose was not at home, then he took off his shoes and walked around the house barefoot.

Li Du passed him a cold beer and a pair of slippers. "Wear them, I don’t want to wipe the floor with disinfectant."

"Speaking of that, I found news of Godzilla. The idiot was caught by the police, and is pending a lawsuit," said Hans.

"Is there a problem with his character?" Li Du frowned.

Hans shook his head. "Nothing serious. Let me explain: Godzilla came to the United States through the temporary worker program. The guy was only 18 years old, six and a half feet tall, and 300 pounds."

Li Du nodded; the man could definitely be Godzilla in human form.

The temporary worker program was proposed by former American president George W. Bush in 2007. It proposed to invest 450 billion dollars in the United States to boost employment and promote economic recovery. But it wasn’t working.

"He had been forced to work as a drudge in the United States. He is actually very competent, and his strength is astonishing! But a guy like this, with a huge appetite, must spend at least $1,000 on meals for a month.

"Of course, even with all his money spent on food, his hard work somehow creates a greater value. It is a shame that Flagstaff doesn’t provide a suitable job for him; this guy has been taking odd jobs.

"He was unemployed previously, with no money to buy food. Two days ago, he was starving, so he went to his neighbor’s kitchen to search for food. His neighbor found him in the kitchen and called the police."

Hans told Li Du about Godzilla while drinking a beer.

In the end, he said, "D*mn it, we’ve been fooled by that b*stard! Since that guy is at the police station, we have to look for someone else."

Reginald had secretly hoped they couldn’t find a porter; he had deliberately misled the two men and gave them a hopeless target.

Li Du pondered a moment and said, "I don’t think that breaking into a neighbor’s house to look for some food in the kitchen is a serious crime, right? Perhaps we should go to the police station and ask about it."

When the weather was getting cooler, they drove to the police station and called Rose. She quickly came out and asked, "What happened?"

Li Du told her about Godzilla and he said, "We wish to know how to settle this problem."

Apparently, Godzilla was famous in the police station. Rose laughed, "Oh, I know him. The bulky guy who can eat 20 hamburgers for a meal. His problem is not so serious. I think the judge will not sentence him to prison. How much food does our country have to waste?"

Li Du asked, "Can we pay him a visit?"

Rose nodded. "Of course; come with me."

Then, both of them returned to the placed they were in a few days ago, after they had been arrested because of the mammoth ivory; the detention room.

They met Capote in front of the detention room. When Capote saw Li Du, his face twisted and he asked, "Why are you here?"

Li Du coughed, "You're so rude."

Capote barely smiled at Rose. "Hey, Rose, why do you bring them here?"

"They are the bulky guy’s friends. So they are paying him a visit." Rose looked at him in surprise because of this small smile.

Capote didn’t stay for too long. He put on his cap and left.

Entering the detention room, a big and bulky guy sitting in the cell attracted Li Du's attention.

The man was holding his head with both hands and sitting on a stool. Even though he was only sitting, his body was big enough to display his macho bravado. They could see how tall he was when he stood up.

The big man was wearing a vest and a camouflage trouser. His arms were as thick as poplar trunks. His wide shoulders were like a floodwall. His two hands were as big as cattail leaf fans. People could not see his head when he put his hands together on his head.

There were two young men being kept in the cell with the bulky guy. They sat in front of him uneasily and silently. They looked very afraid.

"This guy is really strong!" Li Du exclaimed.

The people in the cage were very young. One of them begged, "Madam, please move us to another room. We were only accused of theft. We should not face the danger of being killed at any time!"

Rose glared at him and said, "Shut up. If you don’t want to get into such danger, please don’t commit yourself to crime anymore!"

After he saw the brawny man, Li Du nodded to Hans. "If this guy is willing to be a porter, he will definitely help a lot."


"But how is his temper?" Li Du didn’t want to recruit a timebomb to work with.

Hans said, "Well, I think he is kind and nice? I don’t know much about him. "

Rose said, "Are you guys talking about Hesla? He has a good temper, and was quite cooperative when he was caught. I read his profile before. This is the first time he was caught and detained at a police station.

"Do you guys remember what I said just now? The judge will not sentence him to prison because there are records indicating he went to an orphanage, and poor communities, to work as a volunteer several times. Considering these records, the judge will not sentence him to prison just because he stole food in hunger. "

Listening to this, Li Du had an idea. He stepped forward and patted the iron railings. He asked, "Hey, bulky guy, are you interested in working as a porter?"

The strong guy with big hair looked up. He had a chiseled face which was regular in size and shape.

He looked straight at Li Du and said, "Six thousand as a monthly salary, or, two thousand as a monthly salary with accommodation and meals."

Li Du laughed, "Your requirements are reasonable. What do you think Big Fox?"

"Killing pigs gets $6,000 as a monthly salary," Hans shrugged. "This guy can be a porter and he might work as a bodyguard, too. I think he fits our requirements."

Godzilla said, "I can also be your driver."

"That's truly worth it," Hans laughed.

Li Du asked, "Then when can you be released?"

Godzilla shook his head. "I don’t know. I am not well-educated. I don’t know much about the law."

Rose said, "According to the regular process, it takes about 40 days. If you pay a bail, you can take him now."

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