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All twelve warehouses had been inspected. Li Du was speechless!
A warehouse worth up to ten million dollars. He had never seen such a thing.
With such value, its contents were bound to be remarkable. It had to contain some sort
of antiques, or precious metals of some kind.
However, if it contained antique pieces, it would have attracted little bug, given its small
space. The little bug would eventually find them like a guided missile.
If it contained precious metals worth up to ten million dollars, the stash would definitely
not be small. Li Du had turned the warehouses upside down, but he did not find these
Twelve warehouses were sorted according to their value. The highest priced would be
the furniture warehouse that dissatisfied him at first sight.
The furniture inside, though damaged, was made of solid wood. After repairing,
repainting and with some minor touch-ups, the furniture should be able to sell at a
decent price.
In addition, there were other valuable warehouses, two containing watches and one
containing old books.
The book warehouse was filled with boxes of old reclaimed books, mainly novels and
comics. It was very likely that these had belonged to a book lover, or a junk store, or
even a comic lover. Some of the comics were hand-drawn copies.
Despite this, the value was relatively low. Even combined, they were hardly worth
$100,000, let alone ten million dollars.
He believed that Tang Chaoyang would not have made unfounded statements.
Although the two of them did not meet much and were not very familiar with each other,
Tang Chaoyang gave Li Du the impression that he was very steady and would never do
or say anything that he was unsure of.
Therefore, Li Du began to look through the twelve warehouses again and asked at the
same time, "Brother Foo, look at the auction information released by the warehouse
company. Were these twelve warehouses the only ones that were photographed?"
It was a thought. Initially, the warehouse company might have auctioned more
warehouses, but later discovered that one of them was valuable and retracted it from
the auction.
Hans made a phone call and confidently said, "Yes, it was always just these twelve."

Li Du frowned, unable to comprehend the situation.
Sitting in the car was a little depressing. He stepped out of it and stood outside,
instructing little bug to inspect the warehouses.
Just as he was inspecting the old book warehouse, a car suddenly drove over and
rushed straight at him!
Li Du's vision was focused on the little bug. Therefore, it was natural that he did not pay
attention to his surroundings. When the car suddenly rushed at him, he could not react
or avoid it in time.
The car was about to run him over. It was already too late when Li Du noticed it!
Fortunately, Brother Wolf had been following him. He made one huge leap and ran

towards Li Du, pushing him away just in time.
Li Du was appalled, seeing that the car was about to hit Brother Wolf. He turned back
and yelled, "No!"
In the end, with a sharp screeching sound, the speeding car managed to stop just in
time, leaving prominent tire marks on the road behind. It was about 20 cm away from
Brother Wolf.
A young man got out of the car, pointed at the two of them and laughed, "Haha, are you
guys doing a melodramatic movie scene? In the face of a car accident, the man
sacrifices himself to save the woman he loves?"
Li Du felt his fury bubble up.
It was Conrad Anthony, an enemy he made during the auction organized by the
government last time.
that the saying was true; enemies would keep running into each other. Li Du and
Conrad clashed every time they met. Since the press conference at the government
auction, until the auction, and again during the charity event organized by Chris, and
then at the auction in Indianapolis, the two of them could not meet without conflict.
However, every time Conrad was the one who started the fight, and this time was no
Conrad got off lightly, yet he was still trying to show off his cleverness. He leaned
against the opened door and laughed, "But this is the truth, Li. You are always with this
German dude. You two aren't a couple, right? If you are, you should really play the role
of the female."
Brother Wolf looked at Li Du, waiting for his command.

A bald and bulky man got out of the car, smiling. "It's a pity you did not turn on the car
recorder, Conrad. You should have recorded the scene just now. It was more intense
than TV shows. Excellent scene, haha."
As he looked at this bulky man, Brother Wolf's eyes flashed.
The man was only slightly shorter than Brother Wolf. His shoulders were broad and his
muscles well developed. His neck was almost as thick as his head. His black T-shirt
was so tight it looked on the point of bursting. His bare arms bulged with muscle. He
was like a beast waiting to charge.
Conrad was deliberately causing trouble. This was typical of him.
If he got out of the car alone, Li Du would have smacked him already. However,
Conrad's bulky companion made him hesitate.
Brother Wolf and I had beaten Conrad several times. He should have known better than
provoke us. Yet here he is, stirring up trouble.
Obviously, he wants to make me angry and manipulate me into attacking him.
This could only mean one thing: he's sure we are no match for his crony.
Li Du had confidence in Brother Wolf, but he knew his limits.
After the big man showed up, Hans quickly got out of the car as well. He stopped Li Du
and whispered, "Don't get involved. That guy is Carl Wood, a professional boxer and
Li Du suddenly understood. Everything made sense now. Conrad deliberately provoked
them and brought along someone who could beat them to a pulp.
If the man was truly a professional boxer and wrestler, both Brother Wolf and himself
together might not be strong enough to defeat him. Brother Wolf might be an elite
special soldier, but in reality, the special force was not invincible like it was portrayed in
the movies.
Brother Wolf's and Big Ivan's great skills were not only fist fighting, but also
interrogating, investigating, tracking, armed assault, and so on. This was the training the
special forces focused on.
Of course, if it was a life and death struggle, Brother Wolf would probably be able to
deal with this beast.
However, they were now in the city. It would be unwise to go beyond a few blows.
Looking at his fearless opponent, Li Du laughed and said, "Conrad, did you complain to
your father after getting beat up? Is this your father? Hi, Mr. George Anthony."

Conrad became furious. However, before he could speak, Li Du continued, "George, to
be frank, your son is not like you. I've heard that you always traveled far and wide for
work when you were young. I suggest you check your son's DNA and compare it with
yours. There might be some surprising discoveries."
"Fuck you! You Chinese bastard! Go beat this bastard up! I don't care what happens!"
Conrad snarled in anger.
Carl Wood, squeezed his fists, and said, "I heard that you guys can fight, huh? Ha,
unless you have guns, ladies. Otherwise…"
Brother Wolf was about to make a move, but Li Du stopped him. He just coldly looked at
Carl Wood.
Carl Wood stepped forward with a cruel smile and pointed at Li Du, "I am going to
punch you first. I want to break your…"
Li Du waved his hand, and a pepper spray bottle appeared like a magic trick.
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