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As Ye Nishang gave her command, some warriors in hiding took actions. Four Earth Immortal Realm warriors moved and sneaked to Lu Li's front, back, left and right respectively.

As the four took their positions, they took out some formation stones and threw them into the ground. The blood streams were flowing faster as the formation stones were embedded into the ground.


Lu Li and Ke Mang sensed actions were being taken at once. The former asked, "Do I need to kill those four?"

"Hmm, there is no need!"

Ke Mang smiled confidently, "I might be afraid of them if the formation had been completed. They will find activating the formation in advance is not that easy!"

Ke Mang took out many formation stones. He turned to Lu Li and said, "Saint Lord, I need to go down for a bit. Please let the Dragon Demon protect me for a while. I will use a formation to bring down their formation!"

"You don't have to go alone!"

Lu Li smiled, "Where do you need to be? I will go with you. You are completely safe in my Feather Wind castle."

"Thank you, Saint Lord!"

Not so many of the Great Land could have the honor to be protected by Lu Li. Ke Mang was feeling a hint of excitement. He threw the formation stones downward, much faster than the four Feather Race Earth Immortal Realm warriors. Ke Mang was more skilled as well.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh~"

Lu Li flew around with Ke Mang who threw out formation stones constantly. Any Feather Wind warrior that dared to go near Ke Mang was surrounded by the Feather Wind castle. Those warriors passed out in the castle and all fell to the ground.

The four Earth Immortal Realm Feather Race warriors had decided to risk their lives. Surprisingly, Lu Li did not even give them a second look. That Dragon Demon stood where it was and did not attack, even if those Feather Race warriors were striking at it.


The Feather Race castle could cut off psychic power. The four Earth Immortal Realm Feather Race warriors did not know what was going on in the Feather Wind castle. They could see some white glares every now and then. After a while, the four looked into the ground. To their surprise, they saw many formation stones.

"What is Lu Li doing? Is he building a formation to protect himself?"

The four Earth Immortal Realm warriors were wondering. But they were thrilled that Lu Li did not try to disrupt their actions. The four had heard of the Blood Formation. They believed that when it was activated, not even dozens of formations would be able to provide Lu Li with any protection.

"Hmm, trying to build a formation now? Making a frantic last-minute effort? It is too late!"

One of the Earth Immortal Realm warriors thought to himself in contempt. He quickened his actions. They were actually not afraid if Lu Li had tried to stop them. The Blood Formation could be activated even with a few stones missing. It would only make the effect weaker.

The four of them had been placing formation stones constantly. Within this short span of time, they had placed tens of thousands. It was too late even if Lu Li wanted to ruin the stones.

"Woo, woo~"

A bugle call was heard. Outside the valley, the Feather Race warriors felt relieved to hear it. They swarmed toward the Valley of Feather Race and soon disappeared into the thick haze.

"Are they going to activate the formation now?"

Ke Mang smiled and explained to Lu Li, "Saint Lord, don't worry. My embedded formation is done. This formation alone can undermine their unfinished formation. Well… since they have not started it yet, I will build another formation in the outer ring. Let me make them sink into the depth of hopelessness."

Lu Li nodded and flew on with Ke Mang. More formation stones were placed. Even though he was one man, Ke Mang was much quicker than the four Feather Race warriors combined.

"Open it! Lu Li, let us see how you get out of this."

After a while, a Feather Race Earth Immortal Realm warrior had placed all the formation stones he had. He yelled all of a sudden. Following that, he spat out much blood. His face turned colorless as he trembled and fell to the ground.


The other three Feather Race Earth Immortal Realm warriors did the same thing. They spat out blood. Their breaths weakened quickly as if they had become hundreds of years older in an instant. They could not even stand up.

Their blood kindled the blood streams. From the underground came out a glaring light. The blood streams surged on violently, boiling as if they were being heated in the scorching heat. The blood moved about quickly, meandering on the ground like dragons. A surge of power spread across in an area with a radius of three miles. Space was confined completely.

"Swish, swish!"

A stream of blood underground leaped up—as if a blood dragon was rising high. At the same time, other streams of blood soared to the sky from all sides as well. They intertwined in the air, forming a huge cage of blood that could lock Lu Li, Ke Mang, and the Dragon Demon in.


Ke Mang's hand glowed as he poured out Xuan Energy. The ground shone brightly. Next came a spread of haze that filled the entire area.


The four weakened Feather Race Earth Immortal Realm warriors opened their eyes suddenly and gazed at the Blood Formation with astonishment. According to Ye Nishang's description, the formation should not have haze. Was there something wrong?


There were scouts outside the Valley of Feather at all times. Every now and then, some would go and update Ye Nishang.

She was stunned to hear the reports. She had built the Blood Formation several times. Even though she had only tried on a smaller scale—nothing ever went wrong. She never saw any haze!

"Can it be?"

Somehow, Ye Nishang had a bad feeling. A while back, Lu Li had noticed that she was building a formation and had stopped his slaughtering. Now, something strange was happening. Was… Lu Li a master in formations? Was he using a formation to crack another?

"I never read that Lu Li understands Inhibition Formations. Also… I have been studying Inhibition Formation since young and it has been 15 years. That one… passed the Blood Formation knowledge to me. It is impossible that the formation can be ruined that easily."

Ye Nishang could not believe this. She flew toward the opening of the valley. She wanted to see with her own eyes how the formation she built could be damaged so quickly.

The three patriarchs were stunned as well. Fearing that Ye Nishang might get hurt, they went after her. The three princes went along as well. They arrived at the entrance of the Valley of Feather, but none stepped out.

"Swish, swish~"

Outside in the wild, dragons of blood rose straight from the ground and intertwined into a prison of blood, covering an area with a radius of over three miles. The four Earth Immortal Realm warriors were inside.

However, the prison of blood was filled with haze and fog. The visibility was poor. Not even psychic power could be used.

Blood was converging, flowing toward the cage. The entire formation would be complete when all the blood was gathered inside the cage.

Everything seemed fine except for the white haze!

Ye Nishang studied carefully but she was puzzled. After a while, she suddenly trembled, her eyes were speaking fear. She forced a smile, shook her head and said, "It is me that have belittled heroes in the world. Lu Li is no ordinary warrior. The Blood Formation is undermined…"

"Swish, swish~"

The white haze in the formation suddenly took shapes of dragons which were entangled with the blood dragons. The movement of blood was disrupted at once. The entire formation exploded. Blood spilled across the sky, tainting it red, appallingly…

The Blood Formation was brought down!

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