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Chapter 538: Glib
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Lu Li had completely offended the Ji Mengtian, Yang Xuan, Die Feiyu, Lu Ni and Lu Suan. There was a chance that Die Feiyu wouldn't get back at Lu Li. On the other hand, if the five were kept alive, Ji Mengtian, Lu Suan and Yang Xuan would definitely seek revenge.

The thing was, if Lu Li did kill the five, the four forces they were from would drown the Northern Desert in blood. This was a conundrum for Lu Li.

Lu Li thought that he could make a bigger deal and bargain with the four forces with Ji Mengtian's and the other's lives and the authority of the Demon-slaying Hall. He could negotiate for terms for his benefit so that the four forces wouldn't have the courage to get back at him.

It was a nice idea!

But reality was cruel. Jiang Qiling was taken away right after they came out. The only leverage Lu Li had was taken away from him as well. Ji Mengtian and the others were saved and Lu Li no longer had the Ding of Barbarian God.

Lu Li himself was captured and was brought outside. Nothing was under his control now. What would the ending be like? It would all be up to fate to see if Lu Li could make it.

"Ha, ha, reckless!"

"Young and naïve. He thinks he is No.1 in the world just because he has some trivial means. But this is the Demon-slaying City…ha, ha, he is courting death."

"I don't think he will come out of this alive. Roaring at the Demon-slaying City and blackmailing the Demon-slaying Hall are enough to sentence him to death.

"I heard he defeated the allied army of the four alien races. He is so young and so talented. It is a pity to see him perish."

"Hmm! How many human talents have been born over the hundreds of millions of years? But there has always been only one Demon-slaying Hall. Even Ji Mengtian, Yang Xuan and the others will be slapped to death when angering the three masters here, let alone an insignificant warrior like him to mess around at the Demon-slaying City."

"Ha, ha, the four forces have been busy building connections off the record during these days. How can this punk make it?"


Many noises of discussion reached Lu Li's ears. Those people were looking at him as if he were a dead person with ridicule. Lu Li's mind was weighed down.

Death, he was not afraid of!

But Bai Qiuxue was waiting for him to save her, Lu Ling was yet to be found and Lu Renhuang hadn't been rescued yet. Lu Li felt reluctant to go like this.

However, he couldn't even move his finger. He was taken to a castle by a patriarch. There was nothing Lu Li could do now.

The castle was near the plaza which was quite spacious from the outside. It should be a hall of patriarchs or a meeting venue at the Demon-slaying City.

There was a crowd convened outside the hall. That patriarch brought Lu Li into a spacious chamber.

"So many powerful warriors!"

Lu Li glanced over from the corner of his eyes after he entered the hall. There were at least 100 warriors here, all of who were above the Human Sovereign Realm.

It would seem that those 100 warriors were among the most powerful among the human race. Of course, there must be some older freaks still in closed-door cultivation or alienated from society and didn't make an appearance.

The more than 100 warriors stood on two sides. Only 11 of them were seated. There were three elevated seats in the middle. But only one man was sitting there.

Lu Li was thrown to the middle of the hall. The power enveloped him disappeared. He and Little White could move again.

"Squeak, squeak~"

Little White yelled fiercely at that patriarch and then sneaked into Lu Li's sleeve. He stood up slowly and glanced over the hall.

Many were strangers to him. The only ones he recognized was Jiang Tianshun and the Law Enforcement Patriarch who was sitting on the first seat on the left. Clearly, the one sitting in the center had a higher status.

"Grand Master of the Demon-slaying Hall?"

Lu Li looked at the powerful warrior in the center seat. He could not tell that warrior's age. Judging by his appearance, Lu Li would say that the warrior was only 50 or 60 years old. His hair was grey and his face was without expression. His hawk nose and dashing eyebrows gave him an impressive bearing.

"Lu Li, on your knees!"

The patriarch who took Lu Li in shouted. Pointing to the elder in the center seat, the patriarch said, "Meet Deputy Master, Law Enforcement Patriarch and the other patriarchs."

"Deputy Master?"

Lu Li was disappointed again. The Grand Master didn't come. It was the Deputy Master. This was another piece of bad news.

Lu Li didn't kneel. He could kneel here till his death but it still wouldn't help him out of the current situation. If so, why would he give in and get down to his knees?

Lu Li said with a snort, "If you guys here can give me justice, I can kowtow to each of you for 100 times. But judging by the looks of it, I don't think you are going to deal with this fairly. I will not kowtow now. Whether you want to kill me or smash me is up to you. After all, reasons are not respected at your Demon-slaying Hall."


Just as Lu Li finished his words, he felt a power coming down at him. He was pressed to the ground on his knees. It was about 300 tons pressing down on him. The sudden move made Lu Li incapable of handling it.


Lu Li's knees were forced to the ground. His hands were still pushing against the ground. Otherwise, his entire body would have been pressed down.

He hummed. With a silver glare in his eyes, Lu Li released Burning Blood skill. Then he reached to his back to draw the divine weapon of Dragon King with one hand and pushed it against the floor. He trembled as he lifted one leg up and straightened his back bit by bit. He raised his head up slowly. In his eyes were murderous looks. He was an unruly lone wolf!


From the hall came sounds of surprise. It was Deputy Master that released the power. How could Lu Li, with his low realm, raise his back and head against such power, draw his weapon when faced with so many powerful warriors and give out a murderous glare in his eyes?

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li snorted as the silver glare in his eyes shone brighter. He stared at the all-mighty Deputy Master into his eyes and moved his lips with great effort, "You are so powerful, Deputy Master. But…you must have lived for hundreds of years. Don't you feel ashamed to bully a 17 year old boy like me? Or, you can only display your Deputy Master's authority by bullying a kid?"


Once again, people were surprised. Many patriarchs looked funny as they wanted to laugh but didn't dare to. Some of them hoped to say something but they could not locate the words to refute him.

The power that enveloped Lu Li disappeared soon. His words were too acute. If Deputy Master kept on, when the news spread out, it would be detrimental to his authority.

After all, Lu Li was only 17. To everyone present here, he was only a kid. To bully a kid was not something honorable.

Deputy Master still didn't show any emotions to indicate whether he was delighted or not. He said in an indifferent tone with no trace of feelings, "Being glib will not save your life. You don't have to try to provoke me. The Demon-slaying Hall has its own rules. We didn't make the rules. It is our ancestors who set them. Any violators will have to face death sentence! You…you have committed several capital crimes."

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li laughed at Deputy Master's words. He had absolutely no concern now. He asked in a low voice, "I don't care if I am going to die. But before that, can I have some words and ask some questions?"

Deputy Master didn't nod or shake his head. He didn't say anything. Practically, he granted Lu Li's demands.

Lu Li glanced at the patriarchs. He didn't let his look linger on Law Enforcement Patriarch. Since he came in here, he never looked at Lu Li twice nor said anything. Lu Li wouldn't bet his hopes on Law Enforcement Patriarch. Lu Li would have to rely on himself to live.

After he looked around, he asked, "Deputy Master, what kind of capital crimes have I committed? Which ones? Let me die knowingly."

Still, Deputy Master didn't answer Lu Li's words directly. Instead, Deputy Master looked at the patriarch next to Lu Li and said, "Patriarch Yang, you tell him."

Patriarch Yang answered after a pause, "You have disobeyed orders from patriarchs of the Demon-slaying Hall. You refused to come out from the small world and you have threatened the Demon-slaying Hall. When you came out, you roared and you challenged the Demon-slaying Hall. Now, you are talking back at the Deputy Master. Those alone will be enough for us to sentence you to several deaths. We don't have to talk about anything else."
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