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"Mr. Chen! Are you happy now? Can you help us to clear the toxins from our bodies now?"

"Mr. Chen! Please help us to clear the toxins from our bodies! Park Il-seung has passed out! We are going to lose consciousness soon as well!"

"Mr. Chen… Please… Sob…"

Seeing that Park Il-seung was lying on the ground like a dead fish, the crowd started to beg Chen Xiaobei to save them in a hysterical manner. As for Macky, no one really cared about him anymore.

"I did not say that I will help you guys after Macky rolled on the floor. I remember someone said that she will jump into the sea if I manage to clear the toxin out from one's body. I think she should jump into the sea first!"

Upon hearing that, Niya's face changed immediately.

"Mr. Chen! Please don't do this to me! Listen to me… I think you don't know my true identity yet! I'm the first lady of America! First lady of this world! As long as you decide to save my life, I can promise you an unlimited amount of wealth! I will give you all kind of power that you want as well! There is only a small misunderstanding between us! It is not necessary for me to jump into the sea, right?"

Immediately, everyone nodded their heads. Even Luo Puti wanted to advise Chen Xiaobei not to mess the whole thing up. Unfortunately, Chen Xiaobei had no intention to listen to their advice. He then continued to heal the captain of the yacht. Soon, the captain regained consciousness. Naturally, he was very grateful that Chen Xiaobei had saved his life.

"You should rest first. After that, you should check out the yacht to see whether it is still functioning."

"Alright! Let me make a trip to the control room right now!"

The captain nodded his head and went off.

"Mr. Chen! You can't just leave us here… Don't do this to us, please… I beg you…" Immediately, the people with poison in their bodies screamed their lungs out. All of them thought that Chen Xiaobei was going to leave them to die. As their bodies were getting weaker, they might pass out anytime soon. Fear came out from the unknown. Every single of them did not know whether they could still regain consciousness after they passed out.

After knowing that Park Il-seung could not clear the toxins from the body, Chen Xiaobei became their only hope. There was a high chance that even the hospital would not be able to help them. Fear started to creep into their minds when they thought about it. Running out of options, they had to beg Chen Xiaobei for the antidote. Earlier, all of them were eager to force Macky to roll on the floor. However, when it came to Niya, none of them dared to force her to do anything because her true identity was simply terrifying. That was why offending her was definitely a moronic move.

Upon seeing that, Niya became even more nervous.

"Mr. Chen! I know that you don't like me! But, you should know that I have America supporting me! We have the most powerful army in the world! We also have a secret special squad as well! Also, we have elites that are more powerful than the people on God of War Leaderboard! I think you should reconsider your decision! Think about it! Do you want to become our friend or enemy?"

"So, are you threatening me right now?"

"I don't mean that… I just want to let you know that becoming my enemy will not bring you any benefits! Work together with me and you will receive life-long benefits!"

The reason behind why Niya was so confident of herself was because of America. With America as her back up, she could literally do everything with confidence!

"Hehe… What if I choose not to work together with you?"

Chen Xiaobei laughed scornfully. Upon hearing that, the crowd took in a deep breath – thinking that Chen Xiaobei was simply too arrogant. Refusing to help Niya was equivalent to declaring a war on America! At the same time, Luo Puti was feeling nervous for Chen Xiaobei as well. Clearly, she knew that America was the ruler of this world! They would definitely not allow anyone to threaten their power!

"To be honest! I'm really impressed by your attitude! You are just a doctor but you are arrogant enough to put America aside! I can promise you that my husband will avenge me if I'm dead! By that time, your friends, lovers, and families will definitely be hurt! With that being said, you are a cold-blooded animal if you still refuse to help me!"

"Xiaobei! I think it's time to put a stop to this mess! I know you are not afraid of her but you have to think about your parents! You do not want to make this mess any bigger! Trust me!"

At the same time, those ultra-rich businessmen started to put pressure on Chen Xiaobei as well!

"Mr. Chen! You better think about it! You do want to mess with the almighty America!"

"Mr. Chen! You are still young and your future is really bright! You are going to regret your actions if you make the wrong choice here!"

"You should think about others even if you do not care about yourself!"


The crowd was trying their best to convince Chen Xiaobei to change his mind. Upon seeing that, Niya finally let out a sigh of relief. Feeling confident, she knew that no one would not succumb to her after she made the threat. As long as Chen Xiaobei succumbed to her authority, the toxins in her body would be cleared eventually. By that time, she would definitely think of some ways to make Chen Xiaobei pay what he did to her!

"So much bullshit!"

Right after that, Chen Xiaobei leaped to the other yacht and strode towards Niya.

"Hehe… Finally, you made up your mind? Just like the Chinese said, those who suit their actions to the time are wise! Succumbing to my power is definitely the best choice you have made in your life!" said Niya.

Immediately, the people around her started to lick her boots.

"Ms. Niya is the best first lady in this world! Only you can figure out ways to save us! It's all thanks to you that we are saved! Thank you so much!"

All those compliments made Niya really happy. This was the kind of feeling that she enjoyed most!

"Kid! Heal me now and I will make you become a health consultant! I can promise you that you will get to enjoy an unimaginable amount of wealth!"

Seeing that Chen Xiaobei strode towards her, Niya became even more confident. Without saying a word, Chen Xiaobei picked Niya up like picking up a small chick.

"What… What are you trying to do?" Niya shouted, startled.

"I want to tell you that not everyone is afraid of America!"

After that, Chen Xiaobei walked towards to the back part of the yacht while carrying Niya with him.

"You… How dare you… Help… Help…"

"Quick! Save Ms. Niya!"

All four of Niya's bodyguards shouted at the same time. Immediately, all four elites with Half Step True Nirvana dashed at Chen Xiaobei. However, Chen Xiaobei was not afraid of them at all. He did not even plan to dodge the attack.


The four of them were powerful enough to kill Chen Xiaobei easily.





Suddenly, a beautiful and elegant frost wave came crashing down on them. Within seconds, all four of them were defeated.
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