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"This… This is the Dark Neutron that supposedly belongs to one of the princes!"

Gordon could not believe in what he just saw.

"How did you know that this is the prince's Dark Neutron?" asked Chen Xiaobei in a curious manner.

Other than its color, this Dark Neutron was no different from the Dark Neutron that Chen Xiaobei encountered the last time. However, with only one glance; Gordon managed to differentiate it. This also meant that different tiers of Dark Neutrons carried different levels of abilities.

"From this Dark Neutron, I can sense a king-like aura exuding out from it! In other words, this Dark Neutron is way more powerful than the one you had last time!"

"What kind of ability does this Dark Neutron possess? If I remember correctly, you told me that each Dark Power of every respective Blood Descendant Family are very different from each other!"

"Yes! You are right about that! But, Dark Power has always been a huge secret for all the Blood Descendant's Families. Not even I would know what special ability this Dark Neutron contains! Perhaps I should travel back to the U.S and ask around!"

"It's ok. That's really troublesome! I'm just going to eat this Dark Neutron up! I'm pretty sure I will be able to figure out its special ability after some time!"

"No! Don't do that!"

"Why? I have eaten one before and there were no side effects on me at all!"

"That is exactly the reason! You already have one Dark Neutron in your system! You can never fit a second on inside your body! Legend has it that the Blood Descendant's Dark Power originated from Satan himself, the first demon Lilith, and Lucifer! Every Dark Neutron contains a really nasty curse! It's the rule of thumb that no one should ever put two different Dark Neutrons together in one person! If you do that, your body would explode."

"No way. I have never heard such a rule before! I have spent a great deal of effort to look for this Dark Neutron and now you are telling me that I can't use it? This is really frustrating!"

The previous Dark Neutron that Chen Xiaobei consumed caused him to sleep for seven days and seven nights and his health had increased by 7,000 when he woke up from his deep sleep. Not only that, he even acquired the ability of converting other people's blood essence to combat power! To him, a Dark Neutron was the kind of priceless item that was extremely difficult to come by. Besides, this piece of Dark Neutron was clearly more powerful than the previous one.

"Look... I know you are frustrated about this… but I'm telling you the truth here… In the thousand years of Blood Descendant's history, only the king of the Blood Descendants can take control of nine different types of Dark Powers! Anyone that tried to attempt to take control of two Dark Powers resulted in death! I'm not kidding here!"

"What did you just say? Did you just say that your king can take control of nine different Dark Powers?!"

"Yes. Our king is completely different from us! He defies all logic that we have stood by all this while!"

"If your kind can do it, I feel that others can do it as well! We simply haven't found the right way to do so that's all!"

"I'm not sure about the details as well. But, if you want to know more about it, I can head back to the U.S to do some digging! I have some connections that allow me to gain access to the ancient library of Blood Descendants! I believe that I will be able to find the answer that you want!"

"Alright! Let me bring you back to earth! Do some digging and inform me once you've found something!"

"Yes! I will definitely do my best!"

Chen Xiaobei then activated the Returning Bracelet and brought Gordon back down to earth.

Seconds later, Gordon was back to where Bei Xuan Faction used to be. It was midnight but Chen Xiaobei could not rest yet. He had to use the Somersault Cloud to ferry Gordon to the U.S. However, Chen Xiaobei had no time to participate in the investigation. Right after he dropped Gordon, he travelled to Eastern Europe to fetch Murong Xiaoyao, Huo Yuanba, and Huo Qiaoqiao to the new place.

After that, Chen Xiaobei returned to old address of Bei Xuan Faction. This was because the three ancient factions were about to bring him the 30,000 Spiritual Stones ransom to redeem their faction elders. Before he could realize anything, dawn was about to come. The disciples from three ancient factions had departed to Bei Xuan Faction last night. By right, they should have arrived at Bei Xuan Faction by now.

With the 30,000 Spiritual Stones, Chen Xiaobei would be allowed to use the ability of Blood God's Deity Killing painting once again.

"Bro Bei!"

After waiting there for some time, the disciples of one of the ancient factions were finally here. To Chen Xiaobei's surprise, the person that Kunlun Faction assigned to deliver the Spiritual Stones was Zhuo Qunfeng.

"Eh? Why are you here?" asked Chen Xiaobei.

Kunlun Faction was the most powerful ancient faction amongst all three factions. Naturally, they were supposed to be the wealthiest and the one that was least willing to fulfil Chen Xiaobei's demands. That was why he never expected that they would be the first ones to arrive.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Long story. Bro Bei, you should count the Spiritual Stones first. There are 10,000 of it here." Said Zhuo Qunfeng while pointing at the boxes behind him.

Immediately, a dozen Kunlun disciples opened all 10 boxes that they carried with them. Chen Xiaobei could see that they were filled with Spiritual Stones.


Chen Xiaobei swung his arm and all the Spiritual Stones were absorbed into his Infinite Space Ring.

"There's no need to count. I trust you…"

Every single Kunlun disciples were in shock when they saw Chen Xiaobei storing all the Spiritual Stones inside his Infinite Space Ring. They had never seen something like this before.

"Bro Bei, can we talk in private?" asked Zhou Qunfeng in a calmed manner.

After that, the two of them walked to a secured spot.

"Just now, you asked me that why am I here first. That's because our faction leader is doing some training and no one is allowed to disturb him! All the other elders were worried that you might flatten Kunlun Faction! That was why they asked me to send these Spiritual Stones to you ASAP!"

Clearly, the Blood God's Deity Killing painting had managed to put fear in his enemies. Without the help of a demigod, not even a powerful ancient faction like Kunlun dared to challenge Chen Xiaobei's patience.

"It seems like you still have something that you want to tell me."

"Once our faction leader completes his training, he would definitely come to kill you! You had best prepare for it!"

"A demigod will come and kill me? Maybe, by that time, I will not be afraid of him!"


Zhuo Qunfeng was completely taken aback.
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