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"Its lord general! And lord deputy generals!"

Kieran who walked out from the tent with the heads made the soldiers that gathered cry out in shock.

However, the cries of shock were suppressed by an air breaking whistle when Kieran threw the heads at them.



As if a giant swung its giant hammer, three heads were hurled towards the crowd with a loud "bang", crashing into a few of the Golden City soldiers.

The crowd was instantly toppled over, bone-cracking noises were heard in succession.

The direct high-value target was absent of any signs of life upon impact and the ones behind that were caught moaned in pain.




Different titles of address were heard but what they were welcomed with was death nonetheless.

Obviously, Kieran did it on purpose. When he decided to go one man against ten thousand, the plans came to mind.

Compared to crashing into the camp with an intent to massacre, Kieran didn't mind killing of the enemies' generals and middle-level officers first.

No one knew how important the commanding officer and the middle-ranking officers were in a cold weapon war, or more precisely a war without firearms than Kieran since he been through it before.

Even for an elite squad, without the commanding officer and the middle-ranking officers, they were nothing but scattered soldiers.

Therefore, after hurling the heads out, Kieran dashed into the crowd, searching for the officers.

Sou Sou Sou!

Bang Bang Bang!

Within a flash of his movements, kicking shadows erupted and almost covered the sky, it looked like a blooming jimsonweed, cool yet extremely lethal.

Soldier after soldier was kicked to the sky from the crowd.

Each of them felt like they were being struck by a truck, not only did they suffer severe bone-crushing damage from the tremendous impact, it even cause further danger to others suffering the impact of their fall.

The soldiers weren't stupid, after the initial panic, some smart ones noticed Kieran's attacking pattern.

The smarter ones quietly moved away from the officers.

When the smarter ones moved, the stupid ones saw it too, hence they followed.

The reaction from the common soldiers gave Kieran enough convenience to isolate his targets since the scattering of the soldiers revealed the officers to Kieran one after another.

The officers were horrified when they saw Kieran coming after them.

Some scolded their men loudly; some were panicking and some clenched their teeth and put up a fight.

However, regardless of what the process was, the outcome was still death.

One after another, the officers were killed; body after body, they all fell.

The bodies kept on piling up, kept on growing into a small hill.

It was piling up the fear and growing despair in the soldiers' hearts.

The crow feathered mantle on Kieran's shoulders fluttered and shined with its unique reflection following his dashing and evading, it was emanating an… ominous light.

He transformed into the black God of death, his name was the Bird of Death.

He extended his wings under the bright sun, covering the sun's glory from its target.

He moved around on land yet growled at the sky, it shook the land to its deepest abyss.

The Golden City soldiers who saw Kieran had their hearts occupied by fear.

Troop morale plummeted.


Someone amongst them shouted and the crowd that gathered together scattered following that single phrase.

Kieran, however, didn't give chase.

He was standing on the ground mixed with blood, gazing over this with stern eyes.

Beside him was the fallen commanding tent that used to look grand and incredibly huge and the middle of the heavily guarded Golden City military camp had fallen into disorder and an ugly state.


Sou, sou sou!

A concentrated arrow rain fell down from the sky.

The arrow rain didn't just cover Kieran, they were aiming at those fleeing soldiers as well.

Agonizing cries sounded and ceased abruptly one after another.

Bodies were pinned down on the ground, twitching and shaking before dying.

A lot more blood flowed out like a river, soaking the shaking ground.

Dak, Dak, Dak Dak!

Concentrated horse gallops sounded like war drums. A group of black riders rode out beside the camp and swarmed towards their enemy on the reserved running tracks.

The horses and riders were covered in golden armor.

The riders had cold eyes as they looked at Kieran who was unscathed by the rain of arrows.

However, they were not startled by the scene before them.

They were the top elite soldiers of Golden City! They were once known as the strongest riders, only second to Burning Dawn!

They could easily win a battle without even fighting on this land against any kind of enemy, regardless of the numbers. Twice or even thrice the numbers, the riders would never back away, let alone now, against a single person.

Although the person was a little special, as the elites of Golden City, they had enough experience and knew what they should do against a foe like this; they were also confident in triumphing over him.

After all, since the very beginning, the rider group was formed specifically to deal with such special foes, despite their current actions having deviated from their original motives.

However, their battle techniques had already become second nature.

"Golden Horn is invincible and forever victorious!"

The lead rider shouted loudly and his men echoed in unison behind him.

Their echoes rumbled hard and within their weird tempo, their voices formed lines and lines of mystical runes over the horses' iron hooves, shining brightly.

As if it was a switch, the moment the horse hooves were shining, a special kind of aura enveloped the riders.

They became as tall as the mountain peaks and as heavy as the muddy swamp.

When the riders sprinted faster, the mountain peaks fell from the sky, crashing down on Kieran, trying to crush him to bits; the heavy muddy swamp even quietly appeared beneath Kieran's feet, dragging his body down and trying to sink him to the bottom.

Line after line of notifications about Strength and Constitution authentications appeared in Kieran's vision.

The forces were enough to restraint most of their foes and crush the bones of those who had less decent constitutions; they didn't even need the charging from the riders behind for the follow-up attack.

Most importantly, it was their mental shock attack.

"Even if one had outstanding Strength and Constitution, without sufficient Spirit, they could only watch the riders as they got closer and trampled them into meat paste. I see they possess strengths on par with the Magic species, as expected of the elites of Golden City."

Kieran glanced through the pile of notifications and the charging riders. He reached out to [Wealth's Keep] and drew out [Arrogant Word].

Just like how Kieran analyzed, one wouldn't just need outstanding Strength and Constitution but also powerful Spirit. Otherwise, any person or a smaller squadron who dared challenge the Golden Horn wouldn't have a good ending.

But, Kieran was an exception.

He had outstanding Strength, decent Constitution, and an extremely powerful Spirit, plus… sufficient techniques to allow him to deal with the situation at hand.


[Arrogant Word]'s broad edge buzzed.

Amidst the loud chime, the most primal force of nature was flowing into Kieran's body rapidly in the same fashion as all rivers flowing into the sea.

When the primal force of nature reached its limits, the giant rhino mirage formed behind Kieran.

The ground trembled even more fiercely because Kieran too was charging towards the Golden Horn riders.

Both sides were like some primordial beast running into each other, clashing with unimaginable power.

A moment later…

Riders were thrown and horses were toppled.
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