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With Fire Raven in the sky, Kieran had no worries about getting lost and not finding his target in the wilderness.

Frost Wolf pup was stuffed in the pocket of his leather mail, exposing only its head outside. Kieran was moving in maximum speed towards where the troops of Golden City were.

The place was actually very close to where Burning Dawn South camp used to be.

The war from a hundred years ago didn't just allow Golden City to become independent, it also cost Burning Dawn its South camp.

The 11 outpost stations in between the North and South camp slowly altered their objectives of sweeping robbers and bandits, maintaining safety around the area as a front line against Golden City.

Other than the outpost station near Shatterstone Town, the 10 other stations were renovated multiple times, making all of them stronger and bigger, as if each station was an independent small castle.

However, given the renovation of the outpost stations, Kieran saw how Burning Dawn, or more precisely, Saint Cyanda imperial household viewed Golden City.


As Kieran passed by an outpost station, he saw the blade marks and arrows on the walls. He didn't pause his steps to investigate, let alone enter the station.

He knew what his priority was: exterminate the troops from Golden City.

After securing the safety around Supreme Road, only then would he have the energy to move on to Dawn City.

It was his promise towards Shatterstone Town and Burning Dawn, it was also what he must do because…

[Triggered special event: Golden City Invasion]

[Based on player's experience in dungeon world, player will be automatically placed in Burning Dawn's faction]

[Golden City Invasion: Independence was not Golden City's goal, they wanted to devour more with their hungry ambitions and Burning Dawn is a thorn in their side and as Burning Dawn's legitimate leader, you must stop Golden City's ambitions.]

[Note: Ratings will depend on your performance]


After [Wolf Plague Havoc] had ended and when the conversation with Aisphany was over, a new [Special Event] had popped up in Kieran's vision.

He wasn't surprised at all, instead, he accepted it wholeheartedly.

Although there were the restrictions of the curse on this land, the restrictions had their own pattern as well and Kieran could already confirm around three points.

First, the deviated Cardinal Sins Force would not affect his body.

Second, utilizing Dawn Force on its own would not be restricted by the curse either.

Third, the power of the curse hidden in this land would be triggered by similar curse power or other wicked sources of energy.

With the given circumstances, no doubt it would be catastrophic to other players but for Kieran, it was not a problem.

After all, didn't he go the all-rounded path just to adapt himself to all kinds of possible restrictions on his powers?

With the three points as a base, Kieran soon drew a conclusion that the suitable combat measures he had were, Dawn Force, [Arrogant Word], kicking combos and his Spirit related attacks.

Each of the mentioned was a perfect skill to use on the battlefield.

If he were to mix and match, Kieran will be able to sweep the battlefield with ease.

After all, the battlefield only consisted of troops formed by commoners, not Magic species, some legendary being, or Gods.

It had a certain level of difficulty for Kieran but it wasn't that hard. Besides, what worried him most was not the face to face clashing on the battlefield but the dagger from the shadows.

"You shifted your focus to Dawn City? Or… here?"

Kieran thought in his heart while he hastened his steps.

The outpost station soldiers didn't even notice Kieran, they thought it was just the wind.

In fact, every outpost station that Kieran passed by felt the same since Kieran moved across the stations like the wind.

Right until in front of the camp of Golden City troops, the wind finally stopped as Kieran changed his way of approaching the camp.

Shadow, the shadowy kind.


In the middle of the Golden City main military camp, a giant tent was built and three core generals were sitting around a map with a casual look.

The map also included Supreme Road and Dawn City, especially around Dawn City, there were many detailed labels.

"This is our bridgehead!"

One of the generals pointed at Burning Dawn North camp.

"Mmm. Once we get the place, we can ride directly towards the heart of Saint Cyanda, Dawn City!" Another general nodded in agreement.

"But we shouldn't underestimate Dawn City's defense either. The walls are high and sturdy, the soldiers were elites as well. If we want to take Dawn City, it will not be easy."

The first general who spoke added more.

"Therefore, it is necessary for us to attack Burning Dawn camp and at the same time send elite riders near Dawn City fast and undetected. The riders will then rendezvous with the spies we've planted and take out the city gates, followed by the city itself. This chance is very hard to come by for us!"

"Burning Dawn is heavily wounded by his lordship and Saint Cyanda XI is missing because of his arrangements as well. The whole imperial household is a mess. The Burning and Dawn family, on the other hand, kept hiding behind their doors. No enemies will oppose us this time… and if we fail, I really don't know if we'll ever get another chance like this."

The second general voiced his suggestion.

The first didn't refute but he looked at the third who hadn't even spoken; the second general did the same as well.

Not only because the third was the main general, but he was also the one that could contact the lord.

"How about it? What's his lordship's answer?" Two other deputy general asked.

"His lordship thinks it might work," The general answered.

Right away, the two deputies were overjoyed. They knew the war merits they gained through this war would be the most colorful ones in this gray life, aside from the rewards in the end.

Golden City never held back its rewards towards those who served her with great merits, otherwise, Dilder and his men wouldn't have surrendered so easily.

"Then, shall I arrange the riders right away?"

One of the deputies asked.

"Yes! The riders shall ride first, followed by the sentries. Dilder and the others are still in the camp, it won't take us too long…"

The general nodded.

However, before he finished, he was interrupted by a longsword that flew out from the shadows.

The long and sharp [Dandelion's Pierce] was like the scythe of the grim reaper as it slashed the necks of the three generals.


Puk Puk!

Three heads flew up high. The blood gushed out from their necks and their headless body slowly fell to the ground.

The commotion in the tent startled the aide and guards outside.

"My lord, what happe…"


The aide asked but [Dandelion's Pierce] that flew out perforated the aide's mouth and went through his neck.

It was silent for a second outside the tent before…

"Assassin! Assassin!"

Cries of shock sounded in succession outside.

Kieran who walked out from the shadows grabbed the generals' heads and walked further away.

Let's the slaughter-fest begin!
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