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<p>When Gregori started his interrogation on Raulee, Burning Dawn camp swiftly returned to normal.</p><p>Most of the infected ones were extremely well-known or they themselves were originally the low, medium-rank officers. It wasn't really hard for them to take over Burning Dawn camp.</p><p>Especially when Walloon declared that what happened was all part of Dilder's scheme, the soldiers held no grudges against each other.</p><p>In the eyes of the normal soldiers, Dilder and his men who pocketed their pay were the vampires, the villains. The ones opposed the villains were obviously the good ones, let alone the good ones were once brother-in-arms that fought side by side with the normal soldiers.</p><p>The wolf plague was fearful but the brotherhood from the past still remained strong.</p><p>Unlike the calculative nobles, the simple soldiers didn't have qualms against each other. A simple greeting and a hug corrected the course back to normal.</p><p>Walloon who was carrying a big pile of official documents was shuttling through camp. When he felt the liveliness that he had never seen before in the camp, he even hastened his steps.</p><p>The major knew what changes Burning Dawn had been through.</p><p>Kieran.</p><p>Therefore, no matter whatever Kieran ordered him to do, the major would give his best effort to fulfill it.</p><p>"My lord, this is what you requested, all the official documents about Burning Dawn for the past year! The documents of the "darkness" incident 12 weeks ago are on the top of the pile. I've questioned more men about that and did an analysis about the losses, everything is written inside."</p><p>Walloon was reporting like a responsible subordinate.</p><p>Although there still wasn't an official declaration from Dawn City stating Kieran's position, Walloon had already assumed Kieran had taken over Burning Dawn. Even without an official declaration and another general being sent here, so what?</p><p>Walloon unconsciously looked at Orderfell at the corner of the hall, writing swiftly like a real secretary.</p><p>After all these years, Burning Dawn would change as well.</p><p>"Mm. Orderfell, hurry up. I need you to calculate the military funds and give it to Walloon."</p><p>Kieran nodded before he told Orderfell.</p><p>"Right away, my lord, right away!"</p><p>Ordefell looked up to Kieran with a flattering smile while his hand was still writing non-stop.</p><p>Being able to survive was more important than anything for Orderfell.</p><p>Let alone Kieran's secretary, he could do anything for Kieran without any dissatisfaction as long as he could breathe.</p><p>Just when Orderfell hastened his calculation of the military funds that he owed, Gregori fully tainted with blood walked into the command center.</p><p>The stenchful blood from Gregori shook Orderfell, he buried his head deeper and calculated even faster.</p><p>He didn't want to suffer a beating from the bloody man since the interrogation room was just beside the command center.</p><p>Raulee's agonizing cry was still echoing in Orderfell's ears and it made him curse his predecessors even more, for what reason did they build an interrogation room right beside the command center.</p><p>"Bunch of sick psychos! I'll make sure you bastards pay the price!"</p><p>Orderfell then doubled the debt of his predecessors, he didn't believe anyone would be able to tell the difference and even if he was exposed of performing such lousy act, he had excuses for himself.</p><p>Or in other words, even if someone exposed him, would anyone around the camp blame him for that?</p><p>The soldiers wished his predecessors would drop dead, Orderfell included.</p><p>So the noble general tried to be as careful as possible while keeping an ear out of what was going on.</p><p>"My lord, that guy is a spineless coward. He told me everything after a simple "workout"."</p><p>"12 weeks ago on a dark night, Saint Cyanda the XI went missing and the eldest price who got the news first hand tried to cover it up. However, following several royal officers, including a chief maiden that sided with the second price, the news got out and they couldn't cover it up anymore. Still, the news only leaked within the imperial household. Raulee is one of the second prince's men, he planned to use his name to transfer Burning Dawn soldiers back to Dawn City to force the eldest price to back down."</p><p>Gregori's words made everyone furrowed their brows except Kieran.</p><p>They never thought such an imperial affair was going on in Dawn City.</p><p>Saint Cyanda XI was missing!</p><p>Compared to his valiant and wise ancestors, Saint Cyanda XI might not stand out like others but he still had quite a good reputation among the people.</p><p>At least, there was no tyranny or sudden increase in taxes.</p><p>Kieran tapped the handle of his chair and frowned slightly.</p><p>He wasn't surprised by what was going on in Dawn City or the affairs in the imperial household. All was within his expectations since Raulee's appearance allowed him to relate to more.</p><p>What surprised Keiran was the time period where Saint Cyanda XI went missing and where Burning Dawn was assaulted were extremely close. It made Kieran doubtful of the two incidents since he never believed in coincidences.</p><p>Kieran then pressed the topic.</p><p>"What else?"</p><p>"Other than that, the bastard also hid the affiliation between Dilder and Golden City. He thought he could escape my eyes, so I let him experienced the pain of a broken rib. He then honestly revealed that Didler and the others didn't just want to cause a mess in Burning Dawn, they also planned to aid Golden City in a military take over of Burning Dawn."</p><p>"The envoy bastard didn't want to care about this since he claimed that he prioritized Dawn City. Since he is being a lousy captive, I couldn't help but broke another of his ribs," Gregori answered honestly.</p><p>Meanwhile, Walloon who was standing beside was enraged as his face blushed. If he didn't straighten his priorities, he would rush over to the interrogation room and broke few more of Raulee's ribs.</p><p>"Nicely done. Don't forget to break a few more rib bones on behalf of me and Walloon here. I also need more detailed information on Dawn City from him as well."</p><p>Kieran gave his order to Gregori after a quick glance at Walloon.</p><p>"Understood, my lord!"</p><p>Nothing was more delightful and pride-inducing than being able to help Kieran.</p><p>Especially when Kieran praised him, Gregori was overjoyed and he almost sprinted out the command center at full speed.</p><p>Everyone knew Raulee would suffer a lot but no sympathy was spared.</p><p>A traitor was despicable.</p><p>If that was the case, how much would Raulee who was selfish and disregarded other's life and death allow others to suffer for his benefit?</p><p>Even Orderfell showed contempt for Raulee in his heart.</p><p>The three other ladies who were eavesdropping on the command center shared the same thought as well.</p><p>Evie Dan and Sharly verbally attacked Aisphany together.</p><p>"So this is your assistant cum servant?"</p><p>"Having such treacherous servant, no wonder 2567 looked down on you!"</p><p>"He never thought what consequences would be waiting for him right?</p><p>"No, no, no, he should have thought of it but he didn't care!"</p><p>"What a selfish and treacherous bastard!"</p><p>The "cat" and "dog" started to attack the "fox".</p><p>"I was lied to as well! I didn't know Raulee was such a bastard!"</p><p>Aisphany looked bitter and started to put up her act. The gears in her heart were spinning fast though as she tried to shift the topic.</p><p>Naturally, Aisphany sighed right after that.</p><p>"I really want to help 2567 in dealing with Golden City but I'm too weak and I'm alone…"</p><p>Before she finished, Aisphany noticed the shine in the "cat" and "dog"'s eyes.</p><p>Then, the "cat" and "dog" left with lousy excuses.</p><p>A bunch of hunters along with werewolves and a group of Burning Dawn soldiers…</p><p>Aisphany looked at Evie Dan and Sharly's backs, somehow she started to feel sorry for the enemies from Golden City.</p><p>However, right away, Aisphany remembered what she must do: claim the credit!</p><p>She was the one who helped Kieran solve the big problem, how could she not be rewarded?</p><p>It didn't matter even if she didn't move a finger in the process because the outcome would not change.</p><p>Adjusting her mood and body, as if she was really a fox wagging its tail, Aisphany then walked into the command center.</p>
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