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There were four generals from Saint Cyanda imperial household in Burning Dawn, in name.

They were in-charge of Burning Dawn's North and South camps respectively.

However, a hundred years ago when Saint Cyanda VII ordered the siege on Golden City, the South camp was lost since it was close to the city under siege. All that was left was the North camp near Shatterstone Town and 11 outpost stations around the region.

There were around 3000 men stationed in the Burning Dawn North camp all the time and each outpost has 50 to 100 soldiers respectively.

There was another group of riders of a thousand men which was known as the ace of Burning Dawn as well, and together, Burning Dawn had around 5000 men, 10,000 if you included the other transport soldiers and extra militias.

However, among the 10,000 men, 2000 of them were infected with the wolf plague. Most of them consisted of lower and medium-rank officers.

What more concerning thing to Kieran was that 3 out of 4 of the generals from Saint Cyanda from the Imperials was infected with the wolf plague, including the deputy general of the North camp and the general and deputy general, in name, of the South camp.

"Only one general left…"

Kieran squinted his eyes as he pondered the issue.

He was more curious than ever about the requirements of getting infected, or should it be, he was more curious about what was the goal of Broker's men.

According to Blairefolk, the infected aide, the ones infected with the wolf plague had a certain position or a respectable reputation within Burning Dawn.

It was obvious that it wasn't a natural disease but the dirty work of Broker's men.

"Why did you do it? Your main mission of your identity? Or some other hidden events that I don't know of?" Kieran wondered.

However, one thing was for sure and that was Kieran could never afford to let them succeed!

As for how he would destroy his enemy's plan?

Kieran was perfecting his own plan in his mind while he continued questioning Blairefolk for more information.

"Blairefolk, who gave you the order to assassinate Walloon?"

"It's General Dilder! Before I left the camp, the general gave me a direct order, requesting me to find a chance to take out Walloon and… and you, my lord! He is guilty of his crimes and should die over ten thousand times! Don't worry my lord, I will twist his head off of his body and present it to you!"

Blairefolk who was under Kieran's control showed panic and rage when he remembered the order given by the deputy general. He knelt on the ground and made a vicious vow.

"Why do you still follow his orders after you are infected?" Kieran raised a brow.

"He promised us real identities. Even if we are infected, he would allow us to live under the son and not executed or jailed," Blairefolk replied.

"Is that so?"

Kieran went into deep thought for a while before continuing his questions, "Among those infected, how many important people are there? Or who do you think is important in the camp, tell me their names and their traits."

"Yes, my lord." Blairefolk then spilled everything he was ordered to.


Further away from Kieran and co., a mountain peak that was quite a rare scene in Supreme Road appeared in sight.

The peak wasn't that absurdly high but extremely steep; some places on the mountain was almost 90-degree walls.

The North camp of Burning Dawn was located right there.

The walls of the camp were built with sturdy rocks and every 10 meters of the wall, there was an archer tower on top. Other than that, the soldiers that had been through tedious training made the militia base camp look more like a fortified fortress.

Deeper inside the camp, a secret meeting was being held.

Three people attended the meeting and the host was none other than the second in command, Deputy General Dilder.

He was quite tall but extremely slim. Despite his beard, leather mail, and the treasured sword on his waist, he didn't seem too valiant in presence.

Quite the opposite, his image looked more like a worthless person with an imposing attire, easily making one laugh but he himself didn't think do.

Dilder thought he had the valiantness and indomitable will that others lacked.

Using his seemingly steady gaze, Dilder sized up his two other comrades before slowly saying, "How's the plan?"

"Still going smoothly! Most of them are willing to join us!"

The deputy general in name of the South camp said with a smile but the general looked a little hesitant.

"Isn't it too risky?" He asked.

"Risky? Everything has risks! If you don't take the risk, how can you succeed?" Dilder laughed as he waved his hand.

"But the risks are too big and there are not enough benefits to get us through. Did it ever cross your mind what would happen if the soldiers didn't get what they wanted? An uproar would be inevitable!" The South camp general reminded Dilder.

When he heard the stern reminder, Dilder wasn't angry at all, instead he laughed pleasantly.

In fact, he had been waiting for someone to ask him that particular question, after all, it was the part of the plan where he was most fond of.

"I need them to cause an uproar! If they don't, how can we escape unscathed? The slots his lordship promised aren't that many, other than ourselves, we can at most heal a couple more, that's it." Dilder purposely lowered his voice but his delighted look was unconcealable by any means. His thin face was expressing his disregard of the soldiers.

From the perspective of this noble old master, let alone the infected soldiers, even the whole of Burning Dawn was dead, it didn't really matter to him.

Although he was the soldiers superior, in name.

"Are you sure we can join Golden City smoothly and still maintain our identity and positions?"

The South camp general asked the one thing that he was most concerned about.

"Of course, this is the promise between nobles! The most trustworthy promise you can find!"

Dilder said with assurance.

"Then, what about the envoy? What are you going to do with her?" The South camp general asked again but this time, his face showed a wretched expression.

"She is also one of the important trading goods! His lordship showed a great interest in her." Dilder then went towards the wine cellar beside.

The South camp general swiftly put away his disgusting expression and sat properly again.

He knew what the mentioned lord represented. If his lordship showed interest in the envoy, he couldn't further show any weird thoughts about the subject, otherwise he would die without a proper burial.

"Relax, we are partners in crime! Don't act like this!"

"Here, have a drink!"

"When we join Golden City, we can enjoy endless wealth and women, why would you care about a single one?"

Dilder took a bottle of wine and glasses from the cellar. He poured a sweet wine for his two collaborators before raising his wine glass.

"Tomorrow at sunrise, it will be our moment of success! Here is to our early success! Cheers!"


After the clear noise from the wine glasses, Dilder and his collaborators drank the wine in a single breath.

The three of them showed a smile at each other and neither one of them noticed a black figure went away in a flash outside the window.
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