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Hundreds of thousands of wolves arrived within an instant.

Gregori who stood in front of Kieran didn't only pick up the stenchful smell of the wolves, he also saw the sharp fangs and keen claws on the big wolves whose sizes were two times bigger than a normal one; those wolves were as big as a cow or a donkey.

With the abnormal size, those wolves would have increased strength and faster speeds than normal wolves, plus the already outrageous numbers…

Gregori's sweat broke out all over his forehead. He hoped for a solution to the situation but none came to his mind.

If he was alone, he'd still have the confidence to dodge the pursuit with his special talents but with his master behind him…

He couldn't afford to run away!

Go big or go home!

Gregori clenched his teeth and gripped his sword tightly; he locked on to the fastest wolf of the pack.

He was trying to gain the advantage over his opponent but his conscience in his mind told him to create a better condition for his master behind him, whether to escape or to fight.

The guards of the secret bazaar who were hiding around held their breaths and concentrated on the scene. They could already picture the scene where Gregori was torn to shreds in the next moment.

Some of them couldn't bear to watch, so they turned around.

Some of them expanded their thoughts and sized up their surroundings, trying to look for an escape route.

Some of them prayed softly, hoping for the blessing from the Gods.

However, everything that was going on at the moment stopped at the next.

A giant white wolf mirage suddenly appeared beside Kieran.

It looked up to the sky and shook its illusory fur. A glance at Kieran later, it howled at the sky.


The desolate howling brought along the will of the king of wolves and echoed around the wilderness.




The rampant, tyrannical king of wolves didn't beat around the bush, it went with the most straightforward way to tell the wolves who they should submit to and who they were obeying now.

It was flawed.

It was imperfect.

It shouldn't be here but when it was, somethings were destined to never change.

The wolf packs that was charging at Keiran suddenly stopped. Each of the wolves sat down and lowered their heads on the ground with their ears up.


They followed the will of their bloodline and chose to submit to the higher power.

The guards who were hiding looked at the scene with inconceivable gazes.

They widened their eyes and their jaws dropped to the ground yet no words were uttered.

Gregori was also stunned for a while before he turned around and kneeled down with one knee.

"My lord, your will made all submit to you!"

His sonorous voice had an unconcealable frantic tone to it.

Gregori who was controlled by [Mesly Ring] knew Kieran relied on [Wolf Remnant Feast] to achieve the effect before his eyes, still, nothing would change because he would only think [Wolf Remnant Feast] appeared because of Kieran and not the other way around.

Of course, his thoughts in his mind wasn't entirely wrong, in fact, it was the closest to the truth.

However, everyone present at the scene knew nothing about the existence of [Wolf Remnant Feast].

All they saw was the wolves submitting to Kieran's sheer will.

Obviously with Gregori as an example and prejudiced by his impression, the white wolf's mirage was neglected by the guards.

Each of them came out from hiding and kneeled down toward Kieran with one knee.

It wasn't to pledge their allegiance to Kieran because they too already submitted to Kieran when they witnessed the scene just now. Now it was purely out of reverence.

Among them, Old Peeker was the most outrageous and the fastest one.

"My lord, I know your strength can achieve wonders! It is the honor of these useless little dogs to be able to submit to you."

Old Peeker was crawling in front of Kieran, saying his flattery while kissing Kieran's boots.

Kieran, however, didn't mind the outrageous flattery though. His attention was placed at the Frost Wolf pup beside him who was tumbling around.

The pup was different from its usual tamed manner. When the giant white wolf mirage appeared in a flash, the little pup kept sobbing.

It sounded like it was calling out to the giant wolf and at the same time behaved like a spoiled pup as though it was a child behaving in front of its elders.

When the white wolf mirage vanished completely, the pup became anxious.

Kieran reached out to the pup and carried it in his arms, comforting it.

The sobbing sounded again.

"Sorry," Kieran said.

Although the pup's fate was decided the moment it was born, it didn't mean Kieran would be able to live with it.

If the pup wasn't presented to him, it will be presented to someone else.

Without its parents at birth, how scary would the Goddamned loneliness be?

No one knew better than Kieran himself. He couldn't offer more to the Frost Wolf pup but he would give it his best.

Carrying the Frost Wolf pup, Kieran's eyes became soft without his knowing. The pup too felt the warmth in his palm and couldn't stop licking one of his palms and pushing his other with its head.

Unknowingly, Old Peeker's flattery words stopped as well.

Everyone's eyes were on Kieran with the soft smile on his face when he caressed the Frost Wolf pup in his arms.

When Kieran caught the gazes, he turned cold and dull again, as if the smile was just an illusion.

No one dared to even ask Kieran what happened, just like no one dared to question Kieran's upcoming orders. Kieran then left the place after things were settled.


Meanwhile at an earlier time…

Inside a secret hideout 10km away from the secret bazaar, a scrawny man with a smile hanging over his face was raising a toast to an elder who was covered in wolf pelts.

"Urlzakman, here's to our collaboration. It is my honor to witness your power to command the wolves."

The scrawny man then took out a box.

"This is the mystical spell that I promised you. With this, I believe your wolves will be stronger than ever and our collaboration will prosper further." The scrawny man pushed the box in front of the elder in the wolf pelt.

"Collaboration? You do know you need to present something that is worth my time right?"

The elder took a glance at the box and received it with his hand before saying it arrogantly.

"Of course. I'm a businessman, I'm always honest in my dealings."

The scrawny man didn't mind the arrogant attitude at all, instead, he treated the elder with more hospitality.

Delicious food, aromatic wine were carried in by the servants like the ceaseless flow of a river.

The elder in the wolf pelt didn't reject any of those and gobbled down like a tornado.

As he was eating, the scrawny man would say some funny and fitting things, causing the elder to laugh ceaselessly.

"Modi, you are really a decent guy. If you have need of anything in the future, come to me and I'll give you my best aid. Of course, you'll need to pay up an appropriate price as well," the elder in the wolf pelt said.

"Of course, let us toast to the smooth sailing of our collaboration." Modi raised his cup again.

"Here's to smooth sailing."

The elder raised his cup and finished his wine. Just when he wanted to say something, his face suddenly changed.


A mouth full of blood was spat out.

"My wolves! My wolves! Damn it! Who the hell did you put me up against? How the hell did I lose contact with my wolves in an instant?" The elder looked at Modi in a vicious look.

Modi kept his smile and muttered slowly.

"Lost contact with the wolves, which means that bastard used his Chosen One abilities? Then… The thing that I placed there should have worked by now. This calls for a celebration."

"Thank you for everything you did for me, I'll quickly forget your rude and barbaric manners."


As Modi's words subsided, the elder in the wolf pelt exploded.

"Try not to eat from a stranger, you'll bloat yourself to death."

Modi picked up the box on the table and laughed softly at the gruesome body.

However, Modi's smile was frozen right away because there was an extra shadow on the floor.
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