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The eyes were like a reflection of the milky way.

Under such majestic gaze, Gregori felt tiny and insignificant.

Even the mystical spell that was "planted" in his body felt insignificant at the moment.

From Gregori's point of view, the mystical spell in his heart that was as grand as a sky pillar shattered instantly under the majestic gaze.


After a heavy bang sounded from inside Gregori, his body wobbled and eventually he spat out a mouth full of blood.

However, after the mouth of blood, Gregori didn't feel any pain. Instead he felt comfortable and relaxed like never before.

"Thank you my lord!"

Gregori then kneeled down with one knee and pledged his allegiance to Kieran.

His slight resistance was completely dominated by Kieran with his [Mesly Ring].

The resistance was small and weak but it was enough to capture Kieran's attention.

"Using spells to control people?" Kieran guessed.

He wasn't all that surprise though because it was just like how he controlled the natives with [Mesly Ring]. The surprising point was the resistance in Gregori's body was too weak, to the point that it didn't seem like Broker's M.O..

Based on Kieran's understanding of Broker, even if his target was unable to resist, Broker would definitely create a pain-in-the-ass situation for Kieran and might even kill the target in the end.

But now?

Kieran was looking back and forth at the secret bazaar passage and Gregori.

The thoughts about this secret bazaar and Broker's plans with Shatterstone Town appeared in Kieran's mind again.

"As expected of you… the biggest trap must be in here!"

Kieran looked into the dark secret passageway.

SSS+ Intuition allowed him to easily see through the darkness. He saw the neatly built buildings underneath and the guards inside who were at loss for what to do.

However, the uncomfortable deep dark abysmal feeling vanished without his knowing, or more precisely, it concealed itself.

"Trying to bluff me?"

Kieran muttered in his heart before asking Gregori, "What's inside?"

"Inside? It's the secret bazaar Modi formed and a laboratory. I am in-charge of the secret bazaar and the lab is only open to Modi alone. I don't know what he holds inside," Gregori was being honest.

Obviously, Gregori was spared from the details of the lab as well.

Kieran went silent for a while before he pointed at the guards circulating the secret passage, he asked, "So those men obey your commands and not Modi's?"

"They are all my recruits and they are loyal to me. I was taking orders from Modi before this, so even if they want to serve Modi, he wouldn't spare them a glance. Modi once said, he doesn't wish his men to be useless," Gregori answered.

"Very well. Order your men to bring up all the valuables from the secret bazaar.

Kieran ordered.

Gregori nodded before carrying out the order given quickly.

Just like Gregori claimed, the guards obeyed to his command. Despite the slight hesitation from them, after some scoldings from Gregori, the guards showed compliance as well.

"My lord, my lord! Don't you want to go down to take a look yourself? The lab that only opens to Modi must have something good inside."

Old Peeker who climbed down from the rock seams beside suggested to Kieran with a smile while disregarding his dusty and muddy face.

"You want to go? Then you can go and have a look on my behalf." Kieran didn't even bat an eye at Old Peeker.


Delighted, Old Peeker's body almost went out of control and ventured into the secret bazaar after the sudden surprise.

However, the hotel owner who had quite the experience in judging people and situations didn't truly allow the joy to take over his logic. After a mere two steps forward, he stopped abruptly.

Old Peeker turned around and sized up Kieran with a suspicious gaze.

Other than calmness and dullness, there was nothing on Kieran's face.

Old Peeker started to recall everything that happened after he met Kieran. As though Kieran didn't care about anything since he never really showed a lot of expression on his face.

No, that wasn't right!

Kieran cared about his spoils of war! Otherwise he wouldn't order Volgen to gather all the spoils of war from the dead robbers.

The current situation was the same as well!

Gregori and his men were carrying out the spoils of war but why did Kieran show no interest in the lab which was supposed to hold the most value?

Old Peeker was deep in thoughts.

He wasn't really a narcist to think that he was Kieran's right hand man, hence the important mission given to him.

If one were to consider Kieran's right hand man, Gregori who was busy moving items felt more like it.

It wasn't the first time Old Peeker saw such loyalty in a person, he saw it on Mayor Holler as well.

Old Peeker had no idea how Kieran captured their hearts but he knew his position in Kieran's heart wasn't that high.

The reason why Kieran brought Old Peeker along, other than needing a guide to the secret bazaar, it was no more than treating the hotel owner as a path finding pebble during crucial moments.

Such a thought appeared in Old Peeker's mind. His forward steps were as heavy as a sac of bricks and his backward steps were as fast as a flash fire.

A quick jump later, he returned to Kieran almost instantaneously.

"My lord, I don't think I am eligible to carry out such a task. You can rely on Sir Gregori here. His powers are much better than me since there might be danger inside."

Old Peeker bowed and showed his shameless side, trying to be as humble as possible.

Fortunately, Kieran didn't force him to go in, he just stood there silently.

"My lord, you must be tired from all this standing, do you need a shady spot to rest?"

In order to make himself more useful, Old Peeker didn't even wait for Kieran's reply and brought over a small wooden box from the supplies further away. At the same time, he stuck up a tarpaulin sheet with a few wooden rods, forming a mini shade.

After Kieran sat down on the box, Old Peeker took a thin wooden plank and used it as to fan Kieran.

His little actions made the guards of the secret bazaar frown hard as they were moving the valuables. Their faces had unconcealable disgust of the dwarf but Old Peeker was enjoying it like malt sugar.

For a man like Old Peeker, surviving was more important than anything.

Even more so when he was in front of a powerhouse like Kieran, he knew perfectly what he would get if he made himself useful in front of Kieran.

Therefore, Old Peeker ignored the surrounding gazes. He smiled and worked hard in fanning Kieran, until Kieran turned his head towards a further away spot.

"My lord, what's wrong? What do you need? Please tell me your request and I'll do my best to help you."

"The enemy that I have been waiting for is here. You want to help me to deal with him?"

Old Peeker was showing the traits of a loyal servant but as soon as Kieran spoke, the hotel owner crawled aside in panic and fright.

"M-My lord, fighting isn't my best forte! I'll cheer for you and wave flags as hard as I can!"

Old Peeker shrunk behind the rocks and said. He dared not even show his head.

Gregori however led some of his men to express the will to assist in battle but Kieran stopped them.

"Continue what you are doing," Kieran said.

Gregori who showed compliance 100% immediately returned to what he was doing.

Gregori's men were more hesitant and confused now though.

Didn't Kieran say the enemy has arrived?

Why was he still sitting there without moving?

Was he waiting for the enemy's assault?

Confusions rose up in everyone's heart but soon, the doubtful men widened their eyes at the scene.

They too looked at a further spot and showed inconceivable expressions.

Hundreds of thousands of wolf were charging towards them in packs, as if they were a tidal wave from the sea.

"Wolves! Wolf packs!"

One of the guards couldn't help but shout out loud.

Many more of the guards started to tremble and wanted to find a place to hide.

No one knew how terrifying wolf packs were than them since they made a living around Supreme Road, let alone the terrifying number.

Even Gregori's face turned bitter.

Meanwhile, cries and prayers sounded of from the spot Old Peeker was hiding.

The wolves were getting closer.

Gregori drew his sword and stood in front of Kieran.

He was scared but he prioritized Kieran's safety more than himself since he was being controlled.

The others already went into hiding behind rocks and trees. Even the braver ones hid behind rocks and gripped their weapons hard as they peeked through the seems, looking at the arriving wolves.

As the guards saw Gregori stood in front with his sword drawn, their respect for him were shown through their gaze. Their confusion grew even bigger at Kieran who was sitting beside since he didn't even move up until now.

However, soon enough, their confusions were turned into astonishment.

They saw a scene that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.
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