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The Devil is Cage 963 Destructive Forward

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The mild and tenacious light appeared in Kieran's hands.

The hurling black mist paused before it retract itself back to the secret door as if it met its bane.

Still, it was too slow.

20 meters of light sword was slash towards the retracting black mist.


The black mist slashed by the light sword dispersed instantly.

Small rice-like black spots fell all over the ground after contact with the light sword. The black spots were stretching its legs before dying off.

The black spots were actually bugs!

Old Peeker was panic-stricken as he looked at the bugs on the ground.

He never thought the true face behind the black mist was bugs!

Or more precisely, he never thought the black mist would be alive!

Almost instantaneously, Old Peeker was beating the bugs off his body as he turned to Kieran.

The sun's glory appeared again after the black bugs were dispersed.

It was bright and warm.

The sunlight showered its glory over the panic-stricken Old Peeker and the rooster he was carrying tightly; it also showered its light on Kieran who was moving forward without pause.

Old Peeker widened his eyes, trying to get a good look at Kieran's figure but the sunlight was too strong, to the point where it made Kieran's figure blinding.


Old Peeker wanted to say something but he couldn't find suitable words to describe the scene but he knew what he must do.

Old Peeker looked down at the rooster in his arms and then the figure moving away from him. He threw the rooster aside and give chase.

"My lord, wait for me! It's dangerous inside the door, you'll need a female cat to lure away the…"


Before he could finish, Old Peeker was interrupted by a explosion.

Kieran raised his hand into the shadow and dragged out a big stone lion from behind the secret door. He grabbed the stone lion by its mane and smashed it hard on the ground beside him.

A step followed after the smash and the motion whipped up a dust storm from inside the secret door.

When Old Peeker regained his sight from the dust clouds, the stone lion that allegedly killed hundreds of intruders blindly trespassing was smashed to a million pieces. Especially its head which was turned to powder with Kieran's step.

Old Peeker looked at the stone lion's body and couldn't help but swallow his saliva. Still he couldn't keep his reminder to himself.

"My lord, try not to destroy the secret door, the last guard is different from the previous two, it's scariness is beyond imagina…"


Before Old Peeker finished, Kieran stepped on the ground inside the secret door.

The ground started to shake and visible cracks started to spread out in all directions from Kieran's feet.


The ground beneath Kieran's feet shattered! Even the secret door as well!


As if the whole hill was crumbling, big chunks of stones were falling into the ground.

"I'm so dead! I'm so dead!"

Old Peeker was crying out loud as he climbed and rolled away, trying to find a safe spot.

Fortunately, the safe spot was not too hard to locate but the ground beneath his feet which was still considerably steady didn't calm his heart down.

Quite the opposite, Old Peeker was more worried and scared than before. He was quietly rubbing the grass in his hands and opened his eyes wide in hopes to locate that monster that countless mercenaries, bandits and robbers called the "devil".

Old Peeker didn't know whether his bundle of grass would work anymore but it was better than doing nothing right?

A moment later, Old Peeker saw the monster.

It was so obvious that Old Peeker would have to be literally blind to not see it because it was in Kieran's hand!

More precisely, Kieran was grabbing a goat head the size of a wagon!

Although Old Peeker didn't see its buff and impenetrable body that rumor had it, he was sure the head Kieran was holding was the "devil" monster.

Other than that, Old Peeker has no idea where the huge goat head came from. Even its black, sharp as a spear horn was exactly the same as the rumors said.

"M-My lord."

Old Peeker reacted unusually fast this time as he ran to Kieran with a face full of flattery.

He wanted to sing songs for Kieran.

Up until this moment, Old Peeker finally realized those monsters that he was so scared of were nothing to this lord in front of him because this lord was more of a terrifying monster than any of those.

The monster of monsters!

As he looked at the giant goat head in Kieran's hand, his thoughts rose up uncontrollably and his words sounded more and more shameless.

"Your power is like the ancient Supreme Road which ever to be revered!"

"Your future reputation will be as bright as the sun, shedding your glory over the mortal realm!"

"Your future name will be as bright as the stars under the night sky, songs will be sung by generations to come."

Old Peeker was boasting and flattering Kieran non-stop.

In less than 20 seconds time, he had boasted Kieran to the ranks of Celestial Fenrir.

Just when Old Peeker was thinking whether to boast Kieran to the next level where the ancient legend of genesis and the father level of Fenrir, he was interrupted by a series of footsteps.

His face instantly changed for the worse and only then did he regain his senses from all the flattery in his mind.

What they had broken through was just the outer defense of the secret bazaar, they hadn't really touched the "core", let alone those defending figures at the "core".

It should be a quiet infiltration, why would it end up like crashing the party?

Old Peeker was asking himself in his heart with a frustrated tone but his actions were not slow at all.

"My lord, they outnumber us. We need to lay low for now!"

Old Peeker was reminding Kieran while he ran aside, in hopes of finding some place to hide but where would he find it in the middle of a wide rocky field without trees and rivers?

Old Peeker was anxious like ants in a hot pot.

Just when he was hesitating on whether he should hide under a rock, Kieran who was standing in front of the hill made his move.

The giant goat head in his hand was thrown inside the dark secret passage like a baseball.

Promptly, he was replied to with bones cracking sounds and agonizing cries all over the passage.

Before the guards of the secret bazaar even met Kieran, they already suffered tremendous damages.

The loss infuriated the secret bazaar's person in-charged, Gregori.

While he was scolding his useless men, Gregori who was tall and donned a dark golden scale armor with a mantle realized he would be punished by his lord because of this.

Uncontrollably, he quivered.

He must recover his loss quickly!

Gregori decided to move out himself. He drew his longsword and merged himself into the rocks.

While he was like a fish swimming in rocks, Gregori soon located that bastard that caused so much damage to the secret bazaar.

Gregori silently appeared behind his target and just like the million times he practiced assassination, his sword was driven towards his target.

However, the moment his sword was thrusting out, his target turned around and looked at him with a deep, majestic eyes as though Gregori was looking at the starry sky.
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