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Kieran's kick was like a hammer swung in a flurry.

Not only did it caused an air-breaking sound that people would fear, but the strong wind also lifted up the girl's hood as well.

The face under the hood didn't disappoint the men who were infatuated by her body.

Fair skin, delicate features, especially those pale blue eyes, it was enough to attract any man's eyes in an instant; even women would be unconsciously drawn towards her gaze as well.

That grayish blonde hair of hers was tied into a garland shape over her head while the rest of her hair was let down over her shoulders.

Still, it didn't alter Kieran's course of attack.

For Kieran, it didn't matter whether his target was a man or a woman, as long as he could not verify his target's identity, or possibly an unknown native or even a hostile assailant, he would not show any mercy.

Aisphany was shocked when she was attacked. She never thought a young man would strike her down.

The words that were hanging in her mouth was swallowed back just like that but what more infuriating was… her plans were messed up.

Aisphany looked at Kieran in dissatisfaction.

With her delicate features and pale blue eyes, her dissatisfaction didn't exactly annoy others but instead, others would chuckle over her expression.


Roses had thorns on them, just like how beauty was lethal to men.

Anyone who chuckled over her dissatisfaction would never live to see the sun on the second day.

A half transparent defensive barrier formed around Aisphanny; a more powerful formless energy was gathering in her hands.

The defensive barrier shattered upon contact with Kieran's powerful kick. Her formless energy was then gushed out from her hands like a geyser, trying to reduce Kieran's impactful kick and at the same time trying to overpower him.

However, Aisphanny soon discovered, her intentions were but flights of fancy.

She found it difficult to even block Kieran's kick let alone overpower him.

The seemingly casual kick from Kieran was like a sharp blade, slicing and dicing the torrential energy stream and went straight to Aisphany's face.

Though, the formless energy saved Aisphany from her demise. A split second before the kick touched her, the energy dragged her aside, causing the kick to miss its target.


Kieran's kick grazed Aisphany. The powerful wind from the substantial force broke Aisphany meticulous prepared hairstyle.

"You bastard!"

A loud growl came from outside. A huge figure then charged in from outside the building while wielding a broadsword.

The figure was charging like a knight. He was fierce and mighty with his valiant stance but…

The figure was kicked away faster than his charging speed.


The figure was sent smashing through the security office door and crashed into the mayor's office; whether he was dead or alive was unknown.

Aisphany saw her comrade being kicked away. She immediately wanted to gather the formless energy to attack Kieran again but when she lifted her hands up, a sharp and long sword was pointing at her while floating in mid-air.

The tip of the sword was at her throat.

It was the presence of death! It was the first time Aisphany felt despair from the presence.

Her mind went blank, forcing her to tremble uncontrollably.

"D-Don't kill me," Aisphany said out of instinct.

Then, she saw a pair of cold to lifeless eyes looking at her.

What kind of gaze was that!?

The gaze didn't show any feelings, didn't show any delight for victory, didn't show rage because of the untimely intervention and didn't show fear of the unknown but Aisphany felt the spine chilling coldness from the gaze.

"He wants to kill me!"

The thought suddenly came into her mind.

Mixing with the presence of death, Aisphany suddenly saw illusions before her eyes because of the shocking impact.

She saw a wolf running alone on the broad fields, howling at the moon sharply.

"T-This is the person you're looking for?!"

"How is this possible? How will this person help you?!"

As the thoughts flooded her mind, Aisphany was almost out of breath under the illusion but her frozen thoughts didn't cause her to make the wrong decision.


She screamed the name out loud with her all breath.

[Dandelion's Pierce]'s sword tip already poked through her skin on her throat, causing blood to flow down the blade.

The narrow long blade was shaking non-stop as if it was eager to taste the blood of its target yet it didn't pierce through Aisphany's neck because Kieran didn't allow it.

With Kieran's absolute willpower, [Dandelion's Pierce] circulated around Kieran about two rounds with a mild vibration before vanishing in the shadows.

Aisphany just escaped the grasp of death but before she could catch a breath, Kieran grabbed her up.

"Where is he?"

Kieran interrupted Aisphany meaningless words.


She was stunned and didn't react properly to the situation.

"I said, where is Starbeck?" Kieran repeated himself.

"Oh my God! That guy really knows you! Gosh! You both are really as good as he claims…"

Aisphany was overwhelmed by the fact, she started to express her shock but soon, she started to regret her instinctive reply.

The palm that was grabbing her by the neck was quickly squeezed to a maximum limit.

Any further squeezing from the guy before her and Aisphany's neck would be snap in two; she truly believed that.

Likewise, she doubted that the guy before her would show her any mercy.

Pak Pak Pak!

Aisphany was beating Kieran's arm and looked at him with a suffocating expression.

Cough* Cough*

"... I don't know where he is now, I am only here to deliver the message to you by his request…"

Cough* Cough*

The palm was slightly loosened. Aisphany then coughed repeatedly, trying to grasp some air.

Still, even she was coughing, she kept revealing details about Starbeck.

"Where's this message?" Kieran asked.

"In my bag!"

As Aisphany revealed the point, she was thrown on the floor while her bag was taken.

Kieran found a stamp sealed letter from her bag but he didn't return the bag to her because Kieran still found some belongings of Starbeck.

He raised a brow before opening the letter.

Everything had its priority. Kieran knew what he must do now.

After checking the letter itself, he opened the envelope.



I am fine but things are a little special now.

Do what you must, I will always support you.


Saint Anne Calender: 1182 Summer.


A few words and lousy writing but it had the secret code they both knew of.

""Fine" means he is not in danger at the moment and "special" means… things haven't gone according to plan? He knows I am in Shatterstone Town but he can't move around freely…"

After deciphering the secret codes, Kieran folded the letter and placed it in his own bag.

Then, he squinted his eyes at Aisphany.

"I'll give you one chance to explain why Starbeck's things are inside your bag."

Kieran emphasized each and every word.
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