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Kieran knew who his biggest enemy was at the moment.

So, he didn't only need to complete his sub-mission [The Sheriff's Second Step] and clean up Shatterstone town, he still had to dig out "Modi"'s men that were hiding in the dark.

Kieran was certain, "Modi" must have planted a mole in Shatterstone Town.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to grasp Holler's whereabouts so precisely.

Anyone else other than "Modi" would take extra care while using Holler as well.

Despite Holler's identity as a mayor of a small town, the town he was in charge of, Shatterstone Town, was not just any town.

Shatterstone Town was located at the starting point of Supreme Road and was very close to one of Burning Dawn's military camps.

The strategic location of the town had already determined Holler's identity to be exceptional.

In fact, Kieran doubted Holler. Without his identity as a wounded soldier from Burning Dawn, would he be able to smoothly ascend to Shatterstone's mayor?

It might seem like a fair election but actually, it has been decided by the higher authorities.

Similar to "Modi"'s mole, he might seem smart and hid quite well but the mole was already blinded by his own greed.

Relying on his dwarf-like body, Old Peeker easily hid in a shadowy spot as he watched the mayor's office further away.

Old Peeker's eyes were struggling because, in order to truly get rewarded, he had to head to the office. However, he had quite the fear of Holler's abilities.

Old Peeker knew where his advantages lied, it was none other than his identity as a hotel owner and his dwarf-like height. As for battle and hiding, it wasn't his forte at all.

He didn't even have any fight capabilities.

Still, Old Peeker decided to risk it despite the realization.

The newly arrived sheriff was a terrifying person. Old Peeker didn't want to stay around to mingle with that bastard.

He worried that he might expose himself accidentally in the future.

"Its all or nothing!"

Old Peeker was taking baby steps as the thought came into his mind but after a single step forward, he froze on the spot.

What did he see?


Kieran appeared before him somehow without his notice.

"L-Lord sheriff, good evening! I am here to visit Mayor Holler! I heard that he was bewitched, how scary is that!"

Old Peeker was slightly stunned but quickly reacted to the situation; he then said with a sigh.

"I know right. It's really scary, so… can you tell me about this "scary" person in details?"

Kieran nodded and took a glance at Old Peeker.

If it wasn't for his powerful Intuition attribute, allowing Kieran to notice Old Peeker was hiding in that spot for a while, others might really think they bumped into Old Peeker here.

"What did you say? I don't understand." Old Peeker looked confused.

"He is just bait. Bait to lure out the one who controlled him from the dark. I suppose that mastermind would be curious about what methods I used to "wake" Holler up so quickly. The mastermind might not appear in person because of his vigilance but his mole or spy in the town would definitely show up." Kieran pointed at the mayor's office.

Old Peeker's face changed but he planned to deny it with all his effort.

"I really don't know what you are talking about. If there is nothing else, I will be taking my leave." Old Peeker turned around, trying to leave.

Kieran, of course, wouldn't let him escape. A chop at Old Peeker's neck knocked him out cold.

He grabbed Old Peeker by the collar and turned his attention to a further shadowy spot.

Kieran's eyes were as calm and cool as usual. Still, such gazes gave immense pressure to the person hiding in the shadow.

2 to 3 seconds later, the person walked out.

"Don't get it the wrong way, I am not the person you are looking for or one of his men. I am just following the dwarf in your hand here because I was curious."

It was a young man but slightly older than Volgen, still, there were fine mustache hairs over his lips.

He had a normal looked with short hair; his gray eyes were not uncommon either, even the dark brown leather armor on him was standard.

However, each side of his waist was equipped with a longsword respectively. Seemed like he was a dual wielder.

Kieran took back his gaze at the man, and…

A flash! A chop!

Kieran was not interested in listening to the man's explanation, nor did he want to test the man's words validity with his own.

He had a more simple way to deal with him.


Snacker's face turned sour when he saw Kieran disappear before him. He never thought Kieran was such a reckless person.

There was an obvious difference in what he saw and what he heard but Kieran's strength was stronger than rumored.

Despite Snacker dodged with all his might, he still felt the wind behind him coming closer.

A bitter smile appeared on Snacker's face.

He knew he was about to be mocked by the other guys but what caused the bitterness in his expression was, he couldn't even withstand a single blow from Kieran.

Soon, however, Snacker's bitterness went away.


An arrow grazed the air and was fired at Kieran's arm delivering the blow to Snacker.

Based on the arrow's trajectory, if Kieran continued his chop forward at Snacker, his hand would be perforated.

Blu, who fired the arrow grinned before he took out another arrow from his quiver.

He already predicted what would happen next: Kieran will definitely dodge and he will fall into the relentless arrow rain from Blu.

"You are really a sharpshooter but I am not that bad either!"

Blu thought arrogantly in his heart.

Before this, Kieran was using his bow and arrow to take out the bad guys in Shatterstone. The scene caused exchanges of praise from the people but it made Blu, a well-known sharpshooter in Dawn City unwilling to submit.

He didn't think he was lousier than Kieran; he could even performer better!

Despite the confidence, he was not welcomed by the honor he deserved; the same thing happened when he was in Dawn City.

People said it was because of his competitor disappeared, only then Blu and his friends got the name for themselves. It wasn't the result of their hard work.

Blu was extremely unwilling to submit to the comments. He was helpless against it since his competitor disappeared on his own.

Now, his competitor appeared in Shatterstone Town. He would not let this chance slip again.

He couldn't accept the fact that he was always below his competitor.

Blu quickly adjusted his breath, boosting himself to his prime state.

He wanted to prove his own worth. The string on the bow was pulled back again.

His fingers on the string and the arrow were steady and strong but he hadn't let go.

Kieran's hand didn't even dodge the arrow, instead…


The arrow fired hit Kieran's palm precisely. His fair palm didn't bleed at all, it didn't even leave a scratch!

Quite the opposite, the arrow was reflected.


Kieran's chop landed on the back of Snacker's neck. He then reached out for the reflected arrow and grabbed it.

As he grabbed the arrow, he threw the arrow back where it came from.

Blu was shocked. He immediately let loose of his finger on the string.


Another arrow was fired from his bow and it precisely hit the returning arrow but Blu's arrow was knocked away by the arrow Kieran threw.

The arrow Kieran threw went straight for Blu without any delays.

Blu did a side roll but he didn't dodge it completely. His shoulder was chaffed.

When he saw his leather armor and skin on his shoulder break, Blu stood up with a dumbstruck face, trying to say something.

However, before Blu spoke, another chop from Kieran landed on his back.


Kieran launched another kick behind him!
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