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For natives, anyone unfamiliar to a certain location or always committing common mistakes would be thought of as an idiot.

Some slightly vigilant ones would think it might be a trap of some sorts but as a player, Kieran viewed it from a different perspective.

When he heard Holler's answer, he automatically pondered the identity of this "Modi".

A player!

Based on how Holler described him, there was a high chance that "Modi" was a player.

Unlike how Kieran entered the dungeon world the official way and acquired simple memories and an identity, the others didn't have all these. That was the reason why they were unfamiliar with the area around Supreme Road and always made common mistakes.


"Maybe it is Broker putting up an act?" Kieran muttered.

Kieran could never be too safe against Broker because before the very last moment, no one knew how much Broker was hiding under his sleeves.

This time was no exception either.

"He threw out this "Modi" let us focus on him? No, no, no, it shouldn't be this simple. He would definitely go with a more complicated plan."

"Our attention wouldn't just focus on "Modi" but also the people around him as well! This is what Broker wanted!"

"He wanted to attract our attention onto those related to "Modi", fooling us to think that those related ones are his real men. Those men must be a horrifying trap, waiting for us to fall into. Meanwhile, his other real subordinate would hide in the dark, waiting for a chance to strike."

"Or… Broker is toying with us again, those related ones are really his men while the ones hiding in the dark are the trap?"

Kieran was rubbing his temple while he was deep in thought.

The reason why he hated Broker was because of his vague and obscure means. His "real" might turn "unreal" and his "unreal" might turn "real" at any time.

Each time Kieran faced off with Broker, he would scold him with Lawless, calling Broker a cunning merchant but in Kieran's heart, the title Deceiver is more fitting than Broker.


Kieran released a breath and temporarily gave up on figuring out Broker's plan.

The leads at hand were too little, he couldn't relate into more like this and thinking without a direction would only mess him up.

[Communication Card] was taken out again. Kieran was ready to contact Starbeck but the notification that followed made him frown.

[Target is in a special environment, unable to establish communication…"

Kieran changed his method a few times yet the outcome was the same.

Obviously, it was the worst part of their prediction.

What was worse was that Starbeck didn't move according to the plan, which was to give up on the mission to protect himself whenever his life was at stake.

[Blade of the Daybreaker] had no main mission.

Giving up on his own accord would only lose him the title [Daybreaker's Blade] and nothing else.

For anyone else, the Unique Title was something they would contend with their lives for but for Starbeck, the title was not necessary.

"Something happened?" Kieran thought as he began to worry.

After clearing [The Sheriff's First Step], Kieran had acquired an extra 3 days to stay in the dungeon.

It seemed like he cleared the sub-mission fairly easily but it was actually based off his special powerful strengths.

As Kieran explored each dungeon world by risking his life and acquiring rewards far exceeding everyone else, he wasn't a player that could be measured with mere dungeon entry numbers anymore.

If anyone were to rate him with dungeon entry numbers, Kieran would make sure that particular someone paid for their mistakes.

Likewise, any other player with a 6 dungeon clear would have to pay a hefty cost to clear the sub-mission just now.

Being surrounded by hundreds of armed robbers while firearms were restricted, it was already exhausting to mention let alone there was Holler, a half mystic warrior.

As Kieran was judging Starbeck's danger based off on his own experience, he couldn't help but frown yet it didn't stop him from making his move.

He couldn't contact Starbeck nor did he know how he was doing but he knew all of the participating players, including the three other malicious opponents revolved around Burning Dawn; even the special opponent Broker was no exception.

So, Starbeck must be around Supreme Road.

"Holler, bring me all the files and letters you have on Burning Dawn and try to gather information about unusual occurrences around Supreme Road," Kieran ordered.

"Yes, my lord!" Holler bowed and left in a hurry.

As Mayor Holler went off, Volgen the civilian troop captain who was standing guard outside all this while walked in.

"What happened?"

His young age made him a straightforward person, he hated unclear answers so he asked Kieran directly when he stood before him.

"Holler was bewitched and he lost his own conscience. I freed him from the bewitchment, he found his own conscience back and returned to his old self," Kieran said in a partially true way.

He concealed why Holler was bewitched but stated the fact Holler had fallen for something.

Kieran didn't hope the young man that he has a good impression off go through unnecessary pain, the kind that he wouldn't be able to recover from.

If he was able to recover, it would be best for Volgen to properly cherish it.

Family, friendship, love, everything was the same.

Despite there being some white lies included in Kieran's method, the young man before him didn't mind, did he?

After listening to what Kieran said, the young captain let out a long sigh of relief. His anxious feeling went away completely together with his long sigh.

He was really worried about Kieran telling him something he didn't want to hear or face.

Thank God!

A smile appeared on Volgen's face.

"Thank you for everything you've done for Mayor Holler," Volgen said.

"No need for thanks. Holler is Shatterstone's mayor and I am Shatterstone's sheriff, it's what I should do," Kieran answered.

Kieran's answer brought more fondness from Volgen.

"I am also Shatterstone's civilian troop captain, helping you is also part of my duty. My lord, anything that I can help you with?" Volgen said with a smile.

His words were actually a joke that Volgen used to be closer with Kieran, he never thought Kieran would nod seriously.

"Of course. Gather whatever men you can. We will carry out a big spot check. Shatterstone has too many unstable elements, I think we should clean it up entirely."

Young Volgen was still caught off guard at first but as Kieran spoke his intention, Volgen's face became serious as well.

"Yes, my lord!" Volgen answered loudly and went off gathering his men.

Kieran, on the other hand, didn't put much care towards the young captain but he turned his attention to the follow-up sub-mission after [The Sheriff's First Step], [The Sheriff's Second Step].

[The Sheriff's Second Step: After breaking the curse, you have established the initial trust around you but this is just the start. Shatterstone Town still has a lot of danger that requires its sheriff to deal with it.]


"An automatic chain mission? Will the end lead to Burning Dawn? Or…"

Kieran looked at his [Identity] as his eyes glimmered.
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