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The Devil is Cage 946 Resonance. Choice 2 in 1

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The loot from killing the Devourer's clone was an Advance Rank, sleeveless leather mail.

On top of its pitch black surface, the glare on the chest part was slightly dimmed down while around the edge of the shoulder, there were meticulously carved patterns forming two lines, wrapping across the armpit area, as if two profound looking straps were attached on the left and right side.

[Name: Devourer Shadow Mail]

[Type: Equipment]

[Rarity: II]

[Defense: II]

[Attribute: 1. Devouring Force; 2. Devouring Strike; 3. Devourer's Wrath]

[Special Effect: Huge Appetite]

[Prerequisite: killer of the Devourer's clone]

[Remark: It is as powerful as it's name despite it being just a shadow.]


[Devouring Force: When interacting with any attack lower than rank II, the mail will absorb them (Includes but not limited to slashing, blunt attacks, piercing attacks); Any attack higher than rank II will grant 20% damage mitigation to its wearer]

[Devouring Strike: When the same target triggers Devouring Force twice in a row, the wearer can counterattack with damage received on the second strike with a +1 attack buff on the target]

[Devourer's Wrath: When the wearer is attacked more than 10 times within 1 second (can be from different targets), targets within a 25-meter radius will receive a Powerful shockwave attack that ignores defense, 2 times per day]


[Huge Appetite: Able to consume a lot more food than usual and acquire better effect from food. Has high chance to trigger special attributes from consuming food]


"Rank II? The glow of a rank I and a rank II item were the same? Which means rank I and II might be different but... it is still within the same major rank?"

Kieran touched his chin as he pondered upon the matter.

If rank I and II belonged to the same major rank, this means attributes representing rank I and II should be similar as well. Maybe not only rank I and II but even rank III also belonged to the same category.

As for higher than rank III?

Kieran didn't know but it would be an entirely new rank.

Shaking his head, Kieran kept away the scattered thoughts and started to carefully check the attributes of [Devourer Shadow Mail]

Not too shabby!

Those were Kieran's comments regarding the item. Whether was it the rank II defensive power or all of the different attributes, they lived up to its rank; even the special effect was decent.

After [Armor of Excellence] shattered to pieces, having acquired a stronger [Devourer Shadow Mail] was like sending coal to him during the harsh snow.

Kieran equipped [Devourer Shadow Mail] without any second thoughts.

He then looked at [Mardos Lair].

[Name: Mardos Lair]

[Type: Armor (Right-hand wrist guard)]

[Rarity: III]

[Defense: III]

[Attributes: 1. Mardos Web, 2. Mardos Net, 3. Mardos Devour]

[Effect: 1. Mardos Fire II, 2. Mardos Terror]

[Prerequisite: The one who killed Mardos (Binds to player)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Mardos was hatched from a Hell Fiend Spider egg that was left on earth, through a special and hastened hatching process, it had a growth disorder in nature, in addition to losing its intellect, strength, and lineage of a Hell Fiend Spider, all it has is the natural predatory instinct, but your presence has started to change it!]


[Mardos Web: Fire a tensile and sticky retractable spider web no longer than 100 meters, the spider web has a rank l defense, the target will be required to have rank I Strength to break away from the stickiness, 10-second duration, 2 times per day]

[Mardos Net: Fire a 20-meter radius sticker spider web laced with poison, binding multiple targets 150 meters within sight, spider web has a rank I and above defense, the target will be required to have rank I Strength to break away. The poison will force the target to undergo 3 Constitution authentications of rank II, Strong rank I, and New rank I. If the target fails all 3 authentications, the target will receive rank II poison attack. If the target fails 2 authentications, the target will receive Strong rank I poison attack. If the target fails 1 authentication, the target will receive New rank I poison attack, 5-second duration, onceday]

[Mardos Devour: Player will absorb the soul energy of each target killed, replenishing player's HP, Stamina, the recovery rate is based on the target's soul level. The soul can be temporarily stored in the armguard, able to replenish at will. The restoration level is equal to 1 Lethally Wounded Status worth of HP and Stamina, 2 Heavily Wounded Status worth of HP and Stamina, 3 Moderately Wounded Status worth of HP and Stamina. (Current stored Lethally Wounded Restoration: 0; Heavily Wounded Restoration: 0; Moderate Wounded Restoration: 0)]

(Note: This is pure soul energy and has no specific harmful elements, suitable for all Origin Forces.)


[Mardos Fire: When using Mardos Web or Mardos Net, the bound target will receive rank I fire damage and rank I negative energy corrosion. Able to activate Hell Fiend Spider Fire at your will. ( Mardos Fire is not mortal fire, water and sand cannot extinguish it.]

[Mardos Terror: The monsters that lived around the hell sulfur river were not as simple as they look but they chose to bow down to Mardos. When using Mardos Web, Mardos Net, the bound target will be forced to undergo a Spirit authentication not lower your own and Intuition authentication not lower than your own Fear and Illusion level. If the target fails 1 authentication, the target will receive a mental impact attack equivalent to your Spirit rank. If the target fails 2 authentications while receiving the mental impact attack, the target will be forced to undergo another Death authentication (Judged based on the special life energy belonging to you and Mardos), the target will die instantly if failed and the soul will be devoured!]


After seeing the small spider eat half of the Devourer's body, Kieran knew [Mardos Lair] would undergo tremendous changes but he never thought it would be this drastic.

It leveled up from Above Legendary to rank III!

This kind of jump in power almost changed its core and it made [Mardos Lair] looked like entirely new equipment, especially the new [Mardos Terror]!

As a Chosen One, the attribute fit Kieran's situation perfectly.

Kieran touched the spider icon on his arm guard with his other finger; he couldn't help but smirk.

"You've lost the original inheritance, wisdom, and power of a Hell Fiend Spider, leaving behind pure predatory instinct. My appearance, however, is slowly changing that fact, making the changes deeper and deeper."

Kieran repeated the remarks on his own; his tone indicated that he was filled with anticipation.

"Ripper of stars and catcher of Gods… I really want to see you become the real Hell Fiend Spider."


A slight buzz came from the spider icon as if it was replying Kieran.

However, it was not just [Mardos Lair], [Lionheart], [Primus Arm], [Wild Soul], [Rudenmoren Skin], [Ring of the Serpent King], [Wolf Remnant Feast] and also [Arrogant Word]!

All of his equipment was faintly sending their thoughts to Kieran; it was thin and blurry, even Kieran couldn't clearly catch the meaning within.

Yet he instinctively reached out his hand and touched each and every one of his equipment.

He didn't forget the scene when he was facing the Devourer and he would not forget for the rest of his life.

Compared to others, these pieces of equipment which seemed to be nothing more than inanimate objects felt more like his partners that fought with him side by side in many battles.

"Partners?" Kieran muttered to himself.


All eight of his equipment buzzed and replied to him.

Then, Kieran saw a vision of green fields.

The golden lion was laying down there, commanding the special pack.

The white giant wolf was running around the outskirts, howling ceaselessly.

The armored rhino and colossal crocodile were charging forward.

The golden snake and the sea serpent that caused a tidal wave were hiding under the ground.

Meanwhile further below ground where the magma boiled, the small spider was floating pleasantly.

Then, Kieran saw himself wielding [Arrogant Word].

His figure was blurry under the starry sky and soon after, his vision turned blurry as well.

He saw "himself" trying to say something to him but before he could hear it, the vision went away.

The green fields vanished within a breath's time and everything was back to normal.

Kieran returned to his old broken garage.

Nothing had changed on his equipment but Kieran had a different view in his heart, or more accurately, an entirely new perception.

"Partners!" Kieran said it again.

This time, it sounded firmer and stronger, unlike the hesitant one from before.

"What's wrong?"

Startled by Kieran's utterance, Lawless and Starbeck turned around.

"Nothing. Lawless, do you know anyone that can fix soft mail?"

Kieran took out [Orinder Soft Mail]. It was damaged together with [Armor of Excellence]

Although [Orinder Soft Mail]'s defense might not be enough for Kieran to face enemies in the future, it was actually an extra piece of armor which could be worn underneath [Devourer Shadow Mail].

During critical moments, it could very well be a life-saving tool; just like how [Burwell's Slaughter] was a soft blade that could hide in [Wild Soul].

"Oh right, can you get me a [Sharp Weapon, Special Sword Weapon] skill book? As long as the price is not too high, I am fine with it. Best if you can barter for it."

Kieran continued and at the same time, he passed dozens of Magic rank equipment to Lawless for sale.

"Soft mail repair, you should find Shu. He is the best mail restoration master that I know of. Well, of course, he might be a little cold and not a talkative person since a man having the name "Shu" could cause a lot of awkward embarrassment, but he is quite a nice guy."

"Didn't Blacksmith introduce him to you?"


After that, Lawless's nagging temperant was awoken and Kieran wisely kept quiet and contacted the player, Shu, directly.


2567: I need to repair a soft mail.

Shu: 10k


After the screenshot was sent over, Shu gave an immediate reply; it was simple and clean as always without any intentions of dragging things out.

Kieran sent the fees and soft mail to him. Meanwhile, Kieran didn't sit back and relax either, he turned his attention to his points tab.

[Points: 535,000; Skill Points 92: Golden Skill Point: 11: Golden Attribute Point: 12]

The danger that Kieran faced in the last dungeon had reached never before seen heights. Even now when Kieran thought of the Devourer, his heart had a lingering fear but the rewards were relatively huge as well.

Aside from normal Points and Skill Points, the Golden Skill Points, Golden Attribute Points could level up Kieran's strength to the next level.

Soon, Kieran listed the skills available for enhancing.

Musou [Sharp Weapon, Dagger].

Musou [Sharp Weapon, Bow].

Musou [Evading].

Musou [Greatsword Blocking].

Musou [Explosive Weapon, Explosive].

Grand Master [Sharp Weapon, Dual Wield Heavy Arms].

Master [Sharp Weapon, Special Heavy Arms].

Pro [Sword Skill, Dragon Force].

Grand Master [Sword Skill, Tiger Stance].

Grand Master [Barsical Kick].

Grand Master [Hundred Violent Kicks].

Grand Master [Blade Kick].

Grand Master [Viper Kick].

Master [Dormant Viper].

Musou [Tracking].

The first seven on the list belonged to Basic skills and the rest were an extension of the greatsword branch, hand-to-hand combat branch, and special skills.

Obviously, 11 Golden Skill Points was impossible to level up all of them.

All Kieran could afford was a few selective ones or to pump everything into a single skill.

If it was the latter, Kieran leaned towards [Tracking].

No one knew how practical [Tracking] would be other than Kieran himself, so [Tracking] was listed as a priority but after that, Kieran had second thoughts.

He knew what his forte was: an all rounded build!

It would allow him to handle all sorts of situations easily.

Whether it be the multiple Basic skills or the extension of the greatsword branch, or the hand-to-hand combat branch, they were all built towards that single purpose; [Dormant Viper] was no exception either.

The effect of [Dormant Viper] at Master level was enough for Kieran to look forward to the next stage but the cost was too high.

Unless he were to give up on leveling others, it was hard to level [Dormant Viper] to really practical usage.

"Should I focus on [Dormant Viper] or choose other Basic skills, greatswords, or hand-to-hand?"

Kieran slightly frowned.

He went into deep thought for a long time but no decisions were made. In the end, he tried to get more suggestions from Lawless and Starbeck.

"Attack! Attack is the best defense! Choosing attacking skills is always the right thing to do!"

Lawless said straightforwardly.

Kieran nodded; he didn't deny his friend's point.

Then he turned to Starbeck; Lawless too.

Starbeck was no doubt nervous under Lawless's gaze but when he saw Kieran's anticipation in his eyes and thought about how embarrassed he was before, he clenched his teeth and said, "I-I think you should go with Basic skills."

"I've encounter instances m-multiple times that because my Basic skill levels were too low, I couldn't learn advanced and high tier skills. E-Everything starts from the basics, even a skyscraper needs a steady base to support its height," Starbeck stuttered but his point was made.

Kieran's eyes glimmered when he heard what Starbeck said.

Given his current power level, it wasn't hard for Kieran to acquire other types of Basic skills; the hard point was the advance, high tier, and even the special skills because players weren't idiots, they too knew the value of those skill books.

Most of them would choose to learn it themselves. Even if the requirements were not met, they would wait for the right price to sell it, not abruptly selling it off.

"If you only have the basics and lack attack, how can you clear a dungeon run?"

Lawless thought Starbeck made his point but he still refuted his argument.

Starbeck shrunk behind Kieran immediately when Lawless argued.

Kieran smiled when he saw the cowardly Starbeck evading like a deer and at the same time he has decisions made in his heart.
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