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To be honest, other than the Witch's Legacy, Kieran couldn't think of anything else that could drive Broker into doing what he did.

Or perhaps it was his original plan all along?

The title dungeon and the Witch's Legacy, Broker had no intention to give up on either one.

As for how Broker could get his hands on information regarding the [Blade of the Daybreaker (Sub Scroll)] and the Witch's Legacy at the same time?

Kieran never doubted the capabilities of a Unique Title player.

Moreover, the existence of the secret bazaar and the other properties had stated how influential Broker was.

Kieran rearranged his thoughts; he told every single one of his speculations to Lawless and Starbeck without further concealing anything.

Lawless was his best friend in the game, so there was no need to hide it.

Starbeck was a literal coward but he wasn't totally useless during crucial times. Besides, the upcoming dungeon was closely related to him as well, it was necessary to reel him in regarding the details.

"This bastard is really greedy as hell! Does he not worry about ending up taking a total loss like drawing water with a sieve?" Lawless grunted after he heard what Kieran said.

"That is why I worry so much. Broker must have something to rely on since he dared to do something like this," Kieran said slowly

Kieran never dared to underestimate anyone, especially the likes of Broker.

From other's point of view, the way Broker initiated this kind of "dual front line battlefield" was reckless and bold but from Kieran's own point of view, Broker had absolute confidence; it wasn't good news for him.

"What are you planning to do? Or should we make a move on Extremus and Darde the Titan now instead? Since none of these two are known for being Mr. Nice Guy," Lawless suggested.

"Believe it or not, Broker would really prefer for us to do that… whether is it Extremus or Darde the Titan, they are not easy opponents. Without certain advantages, we can't deliver a lethal blow and once both of them escape, the real endless nightmare will begin after that."

Kieran shook his head with a smile before continuing.

"Besides, we don't have enough time! [Blade of the Daybreaker] cooldown timer has reached [10/10] but we can't be certain whether or not Broker's men are inside the dungeon. If Broker himself is still inside, the longer we drag this out, the more disadvantages it will place on us. It might even render the 1 dungeon clear advantage of Starbeck and myself useless, causing our efforts to fall short."

"Broker's men might not be able to do anymore after the cooldown reaches 10/10 but that is just a high possibility, definitely not a certainty. Things that are uncertain have too many dangerous and unknown elements! So, Starbeck and I will start the [Blade of the Daybreaker] dungeon right away," Kieran explained his reasoning.

Lawless was convinced by Kieran's explanations because he himself couldn't guarantee what Broker would do.

If it was Kieran's second speculation, everything would be still fine but if it was the first, the longer they dragged on, the outcome will definitely be deadly.

Therefore, it was self-explanatory of which choice should they go with.

"That damn merchant always left people hanging in the air!" Lawless cursed.

"This is how he does things," Kieran said as he looked at Starbeck.

"Starbeck, any suggestions?"

As his teammate for another dungeon run, Kieran will not take Starbeck's suggestion for granted and he too hoped that Starbeck could voice out something that he missed.

"I...I-I have nothing… I'll just follow you."

Starbeck obviously wanted to say something but when Lawless looked at him, his nervousness got the best of him; it made him shake his head right away.

Kieran who already knew Starbeck's character knew it was his true words but with Lawless around, Starbeck dared not say anything. He would have to ask Starbeck again when Lawless is away.

"Then let's get ready."

Kieran then started to calculate his rewards from the previous dungeon and also checked the dungeon rating.

[Special Dungeon: The Shaman's Partner IV]

[Dungeon Type: Free Mission]

[Dungeon Difficulty: Medium High]

[Main Mission: You need to stay in Naveya City for 4 weeks and make sure you and your participant's identities are not exposed.]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating F)]

[Sub Mission 1: Itinerant Merchant]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating F → E)]

[Sub Mission 2: Bold and Reckless]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating E → D)]

[Sub Mission 3: Hidden]

[Mission Completion: 100% (Rating D → C)]

[Special Event: Prevention of Fate (Perfect Rating)]

[Perfect Rating: C → S]

[Special Main Mission: Damage the Devourer]

[Mission Completion: 300% (Rating S → ZZ)]

[Battle Performance: Extremely Active (Rating ZZ → ZZZ)]

[Exploration Performance: Average]

[Special Rating 1: Eliminated Lady Wealth's clone (Rating ZZZ → V, Rep +2)]

[Special Rating 2: Assist kill on Lady Wealth's true body (Rating V → VVV, Rep +3)]

[Special Rating: Eliminated Devourer's clone (Rating VVV → GGG, Rep +5)]

[Player final rating: GGG!]

[Calculating player final special dungeon reward…]

[Final player special dungeon reward below…]

[Points: 500,000; Skill Points: 80; Golden Skill Points: 10; Golden Attribute Points: 10]

[Acquired special dungeon: The Shaman's Partner V]

[The Shaman's Partner V: The battle between the Gods and Devourer ended differently because of you but the effect of this fierce battle is only beginning…]

[Main Mission: Starts when entering the dungeon]

[Player final rating: GGG…]

[Acquired special reward: Randomly draw an item from the dungeon world]

[Note 1: Player must draw the item himself, no replacement allowed]

[Note 2: The draw chance cannot be reserved, player has to draw before the new dungeon starts, otherwise deemed forfeit.]


"After the ratings reach a certain height, I can receive real special rewards?"

Kieran glanced over the ratings and was feeling a little anticipated in his heart.

"What will it be? Will it be a high tier item? My luck isn't that bad, maybe I can get some special items!"

While Kieran was pondering the matter in his heart, he chose to draw the item right away.

The drawing process was simple. There was no spinning wheel or stuffs like that; the prize directly appeared on Kieran's hand.

Next moment, Kieran felt the weight on his palm and he eagerly looked at the item in his hand.

It was a palm-sized, grayish white, irregular edged stone-made item which still had explosive and tremendous pressured marks on it.

After a slight gaze, Kieran threw it at a corner of his garage.

"2567, why are you throwing stones now?"

Lawless looked at his friend as he was contacting his contacts for more informations=; Starbeck was also looking at the scene curiously.


Kieran didn't change his expression and said with a calm tone. Then, he quickly walked towards another corner of the garage, walking further away from the spot that he threw that stone.

After making sure Lawless and Starbeck couldn't see him, he covered his chest.

Suddenly, Kieran realized having two hearts was not a good thing because once heartache occurred, it would be double the pain.

Huu, Huuuha!

Kieran's stingy scrooge soul was erupting because of being trolled of the system again. In order to divert his attention, he breathed heavily repeatedly before shifting his attention to the loot that fell off from the Devourer's clone and the newly improved [Mardos Lair]
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