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The generator of the Gatling gun buzzed in its unique sound; six gun barrels were slowly spinning.

In less than a second, the bullet storm from the six-barrelled Gatling gun could rip the figure in the shadows to shreds.

While the six gun barrels were pointed at him, the figure in the shadows made a wise choice to walk out.

"Pardon me, it seems like my appearance has caused you to misunderstand but I mean no harm." The person raised his hand up.

"Meaning no harm isn't just something you say with your mouth," Lawless laughed coldly.

A single glance from his sharp eyes allowed Lawless to see through the fakeness in the person.

After all, compared to what he experienced from Broker, it was far from decent.

It was like a lvl 1 and lvl 99 comparison but still hateful and disgusting regardless of the levels.

"You see, I am just a messenger. Please don't put a petty figure like me in a difficult position."

"I'll place the invitation here, can you pass it to Lord Flame Emperor? This is quite a rare gathering, we hope that you can participate as well."

Then, the person stepped back as he placed an invitation with a burning bottle image on the ground.

Lawless originally didn't plan to let the person go but when he saw the invitation, he changed his mind right away.

Burning Bottle! Hilton!

Lawless knew his good friend was searching for this bastard!

Since the guy acted as a messenger for Hilton, even if he wasn't one of Hilton's, he would know more about the mysterious high-ranker.

When the thought came to mind, Lawless took a step forward quietly but the messenger was much more vigilant than Lawless imagined.

The moment Lawless took a step forward, the person pulled out a scroll from his sleeve.

The scroll was ripped apart as it was emanating a magical presence; the messenger than vanished in front of Lawless.

"Teleportation scroll?" Lawless was surprised.

As a veteran, Lawless knew a lot more about the underground game than the common players; he knew how much a teleportation scroll was worth.

Even if it was the short distance kind, it would be equal to the price of a Rare rank item.

Being able to give such items to just a messenger, even if it was to handle his good friend Kieran, it was enough to let Lawless know Burning Bottle was much more than it meets the eye.

A group with less than 10 players that was almost unheard of yet had so much under its sleeve?

Lawless didn't buy it.

A quick check later, Lawless picked the invitation up.

"What is Burning Bottle hiding?"

Lawless plunged into deep thought when he saw the image on the invitation.

Then, he started to probe for more information regarding Burning Bottle from the familiar people around him.

While he was waiting for a reply, Lawless saw Kieran's name light up again.

Without further hesitation, Lawless delightfully requested to enter Kieran's room but he didn't receive a reply for quite a while.

"Something went wrong?!"

The thought made Lawless anxious.

Lawless then requested at least a dozen times in the next half hour to enter Kieran's room.

Finally when he was given the permission to enter, Lawless barged in in an anxious manner.

However, when he saw his friend with a calm aura and looking great in general, Lawless was stunned.

It was totally different from what he had imagined.

Lawless then saw Starbeck who was standing beside Kieran; he was looking a little different from what Lawless remembered but couldn't tell exactly what the difference was.

"What? What's wrong?" Lawless asked.

"I've been sleeping until just now. What are you holding in your hand?" Kieran shifted the topic in a slick way.

"An invitation from Burning Bottle! That group is not simple."

Lawless passed the invitation to Kieran before he stated what happened just now in a serious tone.

"Teleportation scroll?"

Kieran slightly muttered as he placed his attention on the invitation.

He was hesitating whether he should tell Lawless about the Advance Ranks.

Rachel was obviously one but given her relationship with Lawless, she didn't tell Lawless either which mean she must be holding something back.

While Kieran thought about Lawless's "illness", he chose to contact Rachel instead.

Two seconds later, Rachel replied, "Sure".


"You know about the high-rankers?"

"Of course! After the Character Model Template Limit Break dungeon, a high-ranker can get some special title and some people's attributes will also reach new heights with an extra something behind."

After Rachel's reply, Kieran was brewing his words, trying to explain to Lawless but before he could, Lawless already uttered what he wanted to say.

"Hey, hey, hey, my friend, do you guys see me as a stupid cow? I've many more contacts other than you and Rachel! I'm mixing around with other players as well!"

Lawless grunted in dissatisfaction when he saw how dull Kieran's expression was.

"No, you are just being a stupidly good person." Kieran shook his head and said seriously.

Right away, Lawless rolled his eyes at Kieran but he threw over a cigar to Kieran at the next moment.

The devil flame on Kieran's left hand lit up the cigar. He allowed the faint sulfuric scent to fill his mouth; he carefully tasted the tobacco mixed with sulfur in his mouth before spitting out a mouth of smoke.

Then, he took another puff.

"Quite nice right? It feels like it is baked and lit up completely with firewood. I've tasted one just now and I think you will get hooked by the sensation."

Lawless took out another new cigar as he spoke; he told Kieran what he felt about the taste and Kieran did not reject.


When the cigar was ignited, Lawless took a big puff, looking satisfied but before he spat out the smoke completely, Kieran asked.

"Does Rachel know?"

*Cough! Cough!*

"She didn't before but she does now… You don't have to hide it for me. Just answer what she asked you. Don't worry, she might just chop me up a few times, I won't die so easily."

Lawless coughed a few times before he smiled bitterly.

Kieran quietly nodded.

He felt the relationship between Lawless and Rachel was weird before and now the feeling was getting stronger.

However, he knew the two of them cared for each other genuinely.

That would be enough.

As for other matters, Kieran would leave it to the two of them.

"How is the progression of the title dungeon?" Lawless asked out of curiosity.

"It's a little better than the absolute worst."

[Dungeon cooldown, 10/10]

"That f*cking merchant!"

Lawless cursed out loud when he saw the display from Kieran.

He knew even if his good friend messed up Broker's plans, that f*cker would still get the upper hand in that dungeon world.

Whether was it directly altering the dungeon cooldown, or sending his men to infiltrate the dungeon world to alter the events, Broker was ready.

His good friend?

Not only did Kieran have no advantages at all, he still has to carry a goddamned baby!

Lawless then looked at the Mimosa angrily.

Starbeck hid behind Kieran without even thinking, he said without even showing his head, "I-I'll try my best in helping 2567!"

"When you say you'll try your best, it's best you stand before me and show your courage rather than hide behind 2567," Lawless grunted coldly.


Starbeck wanted to refute Lawless but his words couldn't escape his mouth.

While that was happening, Kieran received a request to enter the room.

When he saw the requester's name, he raised a brow.
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