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Two different willpowers clashed and resonated.

The huge resonance came from the deepest part of the soul like a volcanic eruption, Kieran's body started to tremble uncontrollably.

Kieran felt like he just woke up from a long slumber.

His eyes regained their sight. He glanced over the other mirages around him that were fading away before he laid his hand on [Arrogant Word]'s hilt again.


As the blade chimed and buzzed, it was raised up in the air. The sharpest point of the greatsword was pointed at the Devourer.

Following Kieran's movement, the whole battlefield fell into silence.

The Gods looked at Kieran in an inconceivable gaze. They didn't understand why would Kieran raise his sword against the Devourer.

It was obvious that Kieran fully relied on the souls of his equipment to help him escape his demise yet now he was provoking the Devourer again.


Many of the Gods commented on Kieran's stupid move, except for Lady Thorn, Vanessa, and Lady Love, Nillusuo.

The former had her eyes glimmering brightly and saw another situation in the future through her vision; the latter merged with the figure before her sight with the one that she should have forgotten.

Especially when Kieran's body was flowing around the rampant, chaotic, and devilish aura, if it wasn't for Kieran's looks, he would be exactly like the man in her memories.

That man was also as strong, unyielding and also… heedless of consequences.

As though some thoughts struck the God of Love, Nillusuo's divine light started to ripple.

The changes also happened to the other mortals that ascended to Godhood, the New Gods.

Some of them were recalling the past.

Some of them were unhappy.

Some of them felt rage.

Regardless of what it was, they couldn't change the fact that Kieran was standing on the ground, looking strong and unyielding as he pointed his greatsword at the Devourer.

What already happened could not be changed and what hadn't happened yet, who knew how it would turn out?


The Devourer growled again.

After being opposed by a mere transcended mortal who wasn't even a demigod, the Devourer was infuriated to a point never before seen.

An even stronger, bigger mental impact crashed down at Kieran like a waterfall but compared to the wobbling defeat from before, Kieran did not budge this time.


Dong Dong!

Dong Dong Dong!

Strong, vigorous heartbeats filled Kieran's ears but louder was the roar of the devil from his heart!


The incoherent words sounded with no logic at all, nothing except insults.

The moment Kieran's body was "commanded", the devil felt endless wave of insults.

The king of the abyss has no generosity.

The king of the abyss has no virtue or morality.

The king of the abyss has no nobility or mercy.

All it had was killing! Slaughter! Massacre!

"Who dares to offend me, KILL!"

"Who dares to show me contempt, KILL!"

"Who dares to stop me, KILL!"

The word "kill" was exploding in Kieran's mind yet it did not affect him at all.

His mind was clear and calm, he saw the cardinal sins wake up one after another due to the chaotic devil's influence. Even the Eye of Chimeras was slowly waking up.

Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy stood behind Pride.

They were crying, laughing, messing around and looking cold, all of them then looked up into the sky.

"Who gave you the balls to talk to me like that!? Who gave you the balls to even be above my head?!" Pride uttered each and every word out loud.

Pride then walked towards the devil together with the other cardinal sins.

The chaotic Devil Force accepted the power from the cardinal sins with pleasure while Kieran was watching.

Suddenly and quietly, both diabolical existences somehow stood on the same side this time.

Kieran was also with them, he raised his right hand over his chest.

"You guys feel unwilling as well?"


"Who's willing to obey that big piece of sh*t?"

"Who wants to worship it?"

"Not me, I am not obeying that thing!"

"Since all of you are not willing to, then… let us fight together on the same side!"

"We shall topple the heavens and rip the earth apart!"


As if the explosion was a reply to receive Kieran's will, the Devil Force and the Cardinal Sins Force burst out but it didn't hurt Kieran.

However, the combined energy ignited the power of the plague, the Plague Force!

Inside the heart holding Dawn Force and Plague Force, Plague Force was burning fiercely under the influence of Devil Force and Cardinal Sins Force.

Then, all of them became the fuel for Dawn Force.

Instantly, Dawn Force operated 10 times, 100 times faster than ever!


With Kieran in the center, a cyclone made up of pure Dawn Force appeared around him.

The small cyclone was spinning around Kieran. The white light was filled with tenderness and tenacity but within a breath's time, the little cyclone turned into a typhoon.

The 100-meter Dawn Force typhoon was blowing across the temple district yet it didn't whip up any dust or pebbles at all.

Then, the typhoon suddenly stopped and everything around Kieran settled down as if the energy typhoon didn't even happen but the Gods and the Devourer were staring at Kieran.

There was light on Kieran similar to the divine light of a God yet a little bit different.

The white light covered Kieran's face.

The white light was like the first light from the sun during dawn, bringing brightness to the land.

The white light was so divine and tender, anyone who saw it would feel unbelievably shocked.

"Godly Ascension?"

"No, this isn't Godly Ascension! There is no divinity in him, no ignited divine flames and no divine position!"

"Then what is it?"

The Gods discussed for a while before falling into silence.

Even Lady Thorn didn't know what form or state Kieran was in at that moment because none of them could imagine what state Kieran had already achieved.

[Dawn Sword]!

All the Origin Force inside Kieran gathered and formed a special version of [Dawn Sword].

It was special and rare because the formation of energy only had a very small chance to combine perfectly.

While under such a perfect combination of energy, it wouldn't just form [Dawn Sword II] but… [Dawn Sword VII]!

[Fusion energy converting…]

[Dawn Sword temporarily empowered!]

[Dawn Sword temporarily reached rank VII!]

[Dawn Sword VII: When you can truly utilize the Dawn Force, it means that you are truly a Knight of Dawn, despite the way you utilize it being one-of-a-kind. Charge Dawn Force for 2 seconds, consume ALL Stamina to fire out a 100-meter, rank V attack power light sword, doesn't have cooldown]


The system notifications piled up before Kieran's vision but his attention was placed completely on the Devourer as he was calculating the distance.

He wanted to dish out the light sword on the Devourer!

Kieran didn't know what outcome would follow after the sword strike but he would not allow himself to leave just like that, even if it would cost him his own life.

He wanted to attack with his energy sword!

With determined eyes, Kieran stepped on the Creature of Desire and they flew up into the sky.

The Devourer somehow felt danger when it saw Kieran coming closer.

The sense of danger felt ridiculus but when the Devourer thought of how that petty mortal damaged its body before, it couldn't help but wiggle its body, trying to draw distance from Kieran.

The Creature of Desire was fast but the Devourer wasn't slow either.

Plus the original distance between them, the distance between the both of them didn't shorten but instead, it became longer.

Kieran felt more anxious in his heart when he saw that the Devourer was flying further away.

His time was running out.

3 seconds!

After that, he would return to his game lobby!

"Hurry up! Hurry up!"

Kieran urged the Creature of Desire to give its best effort in catching up but it seemed useless.

It made the Creature of Desire growl non-stop and also made Kieran more anxious.

"So I must leave like this?"

"No! Absolutely NOT!"

Kieran shouted as the unwillingness filled his heart.

The roaring from his heart burned his persistence away, it was rare for him to ditch his calmness, leaving only the most instinctive persistent in his mind.

His persistence was burning hot, it was boiling like magma.

Coincidentally, burning and boiling was also the favorite thing of the Hell Fiend Spider.


[Mardos Lair] shook, a small spider climbed out.

Its multiple eyes were gazing at the prey flying away, it then spat out its spider web.

The mirage-turned-real spider web flew across the sky, the sulfur river flowed down and formed across the sky for the little spider.

Inside the boiling magma of the sulfur river, the demonic entities' mirage roared up in the sky.

2 seconds!

Suddenly, the Devourer was caught by the Hell Fiend Spider's web.

The instinctive fear and terror rose in the Devourer's mind again.

Last time it was because of Starbeck's Afu.

This time, it was because of Kieran's Hell Fiend Spider.

Its gigantic body kept wiggling and struggling but it was pulled closer to Kieran despite the efforts.

The distance between them was originally a few thousand meters but it was instantly shortened to within 100 meters.

1 second!

Now within range, the bright dazzling 100-meter energy sword slashed out at its target,

Naveya's sky turned dark in an instant and when it shone brightly again.

The Devourer was slashed in half!
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