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When the Devourer's clone was less than 10 cm away from his face, Kieran's [Arrogant Word] was swung down at it.

The bewitching purplish glimmer together with the rampant roar left a mythical trail in the air and slashed the Devourer's clone at the waist. The Devourer's clone was defenseless since it thought it had everything under control.


After the sound of slashing real flesh and splashing blood, the Devourer's clone was split in half.

Its clone opened its eyes wide at Kieran.

It didn't think Kieran would ignore the temptation to Ascend to Godhood.

It never thought Kieran would dare to strike its clone after seeing its real body in the sky.

It didn't even think that Kieran's greatsword would be so powerful to the point it didn't have a window to defend against it.

[Fury Slash]!

The strike that consumed all his Stamina in exchange for a +2 attack buff in rank.

Not only did it break through [Arrogant Word]'s Extreme rank attack limit, it even went above the higher rank and reached rank II.

Of course, it still wasn't [Arrogant Word]'s limit.

One shouldn't forget Kieran enchanted [Critical Rate] and [Critical Damage] on [Arrogant Word] before.

[Critical Damage: Has a certain chance to deal double damage when striking a target's weak point.]

[Critical Rate: Has a certain chance in dealing a higher rank attack damage]

The two effects no doubt relied heavily on luck.

Kieran's luck wasn't the worst but it was nowhere near the best either. Most of the time, he relied on his courage, calm, and vigilance to maximize his benefits.

However, things were slightly different in the current dungeon world.

[Vanessa's Favour]!

Kieran was blessed more than once by Lady Thorn and he was definitely a lucky person in this dungeon world, it wouldn't be too over the top to consider himself as the Son of Luck.

Therefore, the [Fury Slash] wasn't just a common heavy strike but was buffed with [Critical Rate] and [Critical Damage].

How far would a rank II attack reach after being doubled?

Kieran didn't know but he knew how much a rank II attack with a +1 buff would reach.

Rank III!

Not just any rank III attack but rank III with a [Critical Rate] buff!

That single [Fury Slash] alone had exceeded Kieran's strongest blow during usual times.

Likewise, the effect was also obvious.

The Devourer's clone was split in half and was turned into specks of light.

A dark golden glowing item was floating where the clone stood.

While Kieran was panting heavily because of the depleted Stamina for that strike, he wasn't affected by the exhaustion when he came face to face with the loot, he grabbed it and stuffed it into his bag.

After securing his loot, Kieran only looked up to the sky.

He knew the real battle was just beginning, despite the system notification having already popped up.

[Special main mission complete, player will leave the dungeon in 10 seconds…]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]


Killing the Devourer's clone obviously inflicted some damage on its real body but compared to being deceived by a puny mortal, it was nothing.

Kieran could only imagine how pissed off the gigantic existence in the sky would be.

Even for he himself was deceived by someone that he could squeeze like a bug and even received damage in the process, Kieran would be extremely pissed off.

10 seconds.

It was short but trying to hold on for 10 seconds from the grasp of the Devourer, it wasn't entirely an easy task, despite the Godsholding it down.

So, when Kieran looked up again, two Stamina recovery potion were consumed right away, he even held the [Secondary Water of Life] in his mouth like a cigarette.

Promptly, Kieran was grateful for the choices he made.

"Despicable bug! How dare you deceive me!"

A titanic roar came from the sky.

The sound waves and violent wind caused by the titanic roar was like an explosive mortar dropping on Kieran.


Amidst the explosion, debris and dust flew everywhere in the small square of the temple district.

When the dust settled, the little square was completely obliterated, leaving only a thousand-meter wide crater with dozens of meters deep.

Inside the middle of the crater, Kieran was holding on to [Arrogant Word], his body was wobbling but he clenched his teeth to prevent himself from falling.

He tried his best in overestimating the Devourer's power but until that explosive roar, Kieran realized he was far from a correct estimation.

Even with [Primus Arm, Primus Scale] and [Seattle Right Hand, Ice Hand Shield], a dual defensive stance and even with an effective blocking stance from [Arrogant Word], that one single roar caused severe damage to Kieran after shattering all his defensive measures.

If he didn't have the [Secondary Water of Life] at his mouth, he might have to rely on [Ring of the Serpent King, Snake Molt] to escape death.

After all, it was just a single roar from the Devourer and more importantly, the Devourer was still fighting with the Gods, it wasn't even a concentrated strike toward Kieran.

The gigantic body in the sky easily neglected the attacks from the Gods, a simple counterattack from the body would cause the Gods to dodge in panic. Kieran's gears were spinning as fast as it could while he was watching the battle.

The Devourer's power had far exceeded Kieran's estimation, plus that ridiculously gigantic body of a serpent, whether he would fight it or try to escape, it was no longer possible.

What about hiding or creating clones?

Just looking at that blinded serpent eyes, from the start to the end, the Devourer couldn't see, all it relied on was its senses to battle the Gods. Not even the Gods were able to fool its senses, let alone a mortal.

Idea after idea came to his mind but were rejected one after another.

It was rare for Kieran to be stuck in a helpless and dire situation.

While the the Devourer who was still tangling with the Gods was growling non-stop.

"Despicable bug, I won't let you die so easily! I will torture you and you will wish you were dead! KNEEL!"

This growl didn't have the explosive power from the previous one but it had the mental impact that Kieran couldn't even withstand.

Kieran's strongest Spirit attribute was like a joke before the Devourer, it was like paper, a piece of weak and fragile paper.

Kieran widened his eyes and instantly blacked out upon impact, he became like a puppet, trying to carry out the order from the Devourer.


The greatsword was buzzing and vibrating non-stop.

[Arrogant Word] was shining in purple and its sudden flash of light enveloped Kieran's body wholly. The rampant arrogant aura was buffing Kieran's body following the dazzling light.

Kieran's scattered consciousness slowly gathered again and his body that was commanded to kneel kept moving.


A lion roar sounded. The golden lion took form beside Kieran and beside the golden lion, the armored colossal crocodile and rhino appeared.

Meanwhile, a faint and weak wave was showering Kieran's surrounding. A giant sea serpent faintly showed itself.

A small yet strange golden snake's image flashed over.

All of the beast souls were staring at Kieran.

Suddenly, the willpower of the Origin was imbued into Kieran's own will and consciousness.

A king never kneels!
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