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A dog's head?!

Kieran was bewildered as he stared at the sky.

Whether was it the shape in the darkness or the mouth that popped out, it was telling Kieran it was indeed a dog's head but it was gigantic.

Aside from other trivial details, the fact that the dog could bite and cling to the Devourer's body stated how gigantic it was.

Although the Devourer's gigantic size came from its body length, its body width wasn't small either. Its body was as wide as a city district, it was enough to strike fear in people's heart with a single glance.

However, even with such a ridiculous body size, it was helpless against the dog bite, allowing the dog head to tear it apart.

Under Kieran's watch, the gigantic Devourer suffered at least hundreds of bite wounds on its body. The most severe bite almost tore it in half, leaving only a little bit of flesh and skin to hold it together.

"What is this? How can a part of an animal be this powerful? What if it came out as a whole…"

Kieran with furrowed brows mocked himself with a laugh.

He recalled the comment that he gave Starbeck in front of Lawless.

"Anyone who underestimates Starbeck will get more than they bargained for."

Now, it seemed like Kieran still underestimated Starbeck's abilities.

Or should it be anyone with malicious intent that dared to even touch Starbeck would die without a grave.

Suddenly, Kieran thought about the possible plans that Broker had for the title dungeon, [Blade of the Daybreaker].

"What kind of plans do you have, Broker? What makes you so daring in committing such a diabolical act? Or does this overpowered player before me have some weakness that no one knows of? Touch… Touch!"

Kieran suddenly thought of what Starbeck said before.

"If that's the case..." Kieran's eyes glimmered.

He then swiftly thought of another possible outcome of the current situation.

However, if it was possible, Kieran really wanted to move and seize the opportunity to complete his main mission while the dog head was clamping the Devourer down.

Unfortunately, he couldn't even move a muscle.

[Terrorize: Spirit has passed the authentication, Fear and Chaos debuff will not occur…]

[Bind: Strength hasn't passed the authentication, temporarily immobilized…]

Despite the fact that the real battle was happening in the sky, Kieran on the ground was somehow affected.

Kieran wasn't really frustrated over the matter though, instead, he felt grateful.

He knew that if he was in the sky where the battle was occurring, he would have to endure a Spirit load beyond his imagination and once his Spirit failed any authentication, he would fall into the [Fear and Chaos] state. The consequences would be unbearable for him.

He had ways to fly up to the sky but it didn't mean he would be able to fly freely under such a heavy debuff state.

Kieran looked up into the sky and quietly waited for Starbeck and Afu's performance to finish, the gears in his mind didn't stop as he watched.

"Starbeck said he had the confidence to last for 10 seconds after that but this Afu didn't seem to be going away anytime, which means Afu might be able to last longer than 10 seconds. The way Afu attacked was messy and random. It seemed more like an instinctive attack and not an effective one. Which also meant Starbeck couldn't really give Afu precise orders. Hmmm, hold on, given how this Mimosa behaved, he might have the right to give the orders but he might have been frightened out of his mind or even forgot to command Afu…"

Listening to Starbeck's non-stop sobbing in the sky and seeing how the Devourer was bitten by Afu, Kieran somehow had an unusual movement in his heart, making him wanted to laugh out loud.

In the end, he held it in and only had the corners of his lips twitch a few times.

Compared to Kieran's mouth twitching, the Gods were all astonished beyond words.

Their arch nemesis, the Devourer was suppressed like this?

No, suppression was no longer an appropriate word.

It was crushed! That's right, the Devourer was crushed without any kind of resistance!

What was that gigantic dog head? How could it be so powerful?

Who was that inconspicuous mortal? How could he command such a powerful and weird existence?

Question after question rose in the Gods' hearts.

Especially Lady Thorn who did some observation on Starbeck the mimosa plant before, her heart was rumbling with confusion as though a tidal wave struck her.

Although she did see a slim advantage for them in the vision just now, she never thought the advantage would turn out to be so huge.

"We can win! This time, we can really win!"

For the first time, hope rose up in Lady Thorn's heart, so did the other Gods and despite them being immobilized, their morale was lifted.

The Devourer, on the other hand, was quite different. It was growling in pain and wiggling its body, trying to free itself from the dog's bite but its body that could easily crush a mountain with a slight movement was feeble and weak at this time.

The force behind the dog's bite was beyond its imagination, it even had an aura that caused the Devourer's soul to tremble. The more the Devourer was bitten, the more fear it felt.

"What is this thing? Why am I so instinctively scared of it?"

The Devourer was pondering upon the question non-stop.

At the same time, the weak and feeble feeling that it hadn't even felt when it was born into this world started to spread throughout its body.

As the weakness spread, the Devourer stopped its wiggling.

It didn't give up in struggling but it was ready for an all-out attack!

The Devourer knew if this continued, it would be his demise, it must quickly get away from this freaky dog head.

However, when it wanted to make a move, the existence that frightened the Devourer vanished together with Starbeck.

The Devourer didn't know why the frightening existence would vanish now but it knew it was saved.

Other than that, the Devourer easily gained the upper hand on the battlefield again.

The sun slowly rose up, expelling the darkness that enveloped everything, it felt like a new day in Naveya City.

The Devourer stretched its heavily wounded body. The Gods didn't hesitate, the moment they regained their mobility, they launched their attacks at the Devourer.

The Devourer, however, ignored all the attacks from the Gods. Its attention was placed on the ground.

There was another inconspicuous mortal on the ground yet it was much more horrifying than the previous mortal.

A ray of black light shone, the battle continued in the sky.

A clone similar to a human suddenly stood before Kieran.

Its head was a combination of a snake and a man. It had the features of a man yet was covered with thin scales; it had limbs but no tail and was wearing a black robe.

The Devourer's clone was sizing up Kieran carefully.

"No, you are much stronger than the previous one and even stronger than any other mortal in this world! Since you've reached transcendence, did you came here to get "merits" to Ascend to Godhood?"

"300 years ago, there is another mortal similar to you but he failed and had a miserable ending. So, why don't we switch it up… Tell me where did the mortal with the dog head came from and I will help you Ascend to Godhood. What do you say?"

Voices of bewitchment came from the clone as it was hissing with its snake tongue.

The Devourer had absolute confidence in bewitching the transcendent mortal before it.

It knew no mortal could resist the temptation of ascending to Godhood, the best example was Hero Algor.

Look at him! Family broken, friends turned on him and betrayed by his own subordinates.

Why? It was for no other reason than the chance to contend for Godhood.

But sometimes, such perception always leads to accidents.

Just like how the Devourer took Starbeck lightly, it was repeating its mistake again before its own eyes.

It took lightly of the most persistent trait in Kieran's character: friendship.

Likewise, the Devourer also underestimated Kieran's boldness and recklessness.

"Ascend to Godhood? Okay, I promise you. But I can't tell you his background in public, I might suffer terrifying retribution so I can only tell you alone." Kieran looked hesitant but eventually, the words escaped his clenched teeth.

"Of course!"

The Devourer didn't even suspect anything. It walked over to Kieran, created a sound isolating barrier with the wave of a hand. It made sure the conversation wouldn't get out of the barrier before it leaned its ear to Kieran's face.

Kieran gripped his greatsword even harder and squinted his eyes as he saw the Devourer clone's head coming closer to him.
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