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Love Temple's wagon slowly went back to the temple district and stopped outside Hunter Temple.

Pudd who had been waiting for a while had a glimmer in his eyes when he saw the wagon from Love Temple. He sprinted towards the wagon as Livezel was completely neglected amidst their conversation.

When he saw Lilith come down from the wagon, Pudd smiled but when he saw Kieran behind her, his smile froze.

"Lilith! Why did you bring him along?" the young hunter questioned angrily.

Lilith frowned and showed her displeasure when she was questioned in that manner, Kieran maintained his calm face.

He was observing Pudd's expression from the start to the end.

Pudd's admiration for Lilith was no secret. In fact, many from the temple district knew Bocard, Pudd, and Livezel had been trying to court Lilith for a long time.

So Kieran could not expect much from a young man who was blinded by love, at least he wouldn't really care about Pudd unless he stepped on his tail.

Moreover, Kieran was thinking about how to perfect his plan at the moment.

Compared to Anxico who bore unknown intentions, Pudd did not even qualify for a glance from Kieran.

While carrying the hybrid Frost Wolf, Kieran also walked towards Hunter Temple.

"Archpriest Ryan."

The tall Livezel from Melody Temple was behaving well as he greeted Kieran respectfully.

"Mm." Kieran nodded as a reply before heading inside.

Given the identity of an archpriest, such small nod was enough.

Livezel lifted his head up and saw Kieran walk passed him. His kind and respectful look suddenly had an extra sense of blankness.

He remembered clearly when they were discussing this person before his eyes, despite his reputation rising, he couldn't step up to the bigger picture but now, Livezel had to look up to him.

Amongst those who shared the discussion: one was dead, one was terrified to his core and became more grumpy, and the last one was completely infatuated with this archpriest.

Livezel saw Lilith and Pudd arguing further away and he instantly understood the girl that he was trying to court had someone else in her heart.

Although Livezel was not from Love Temple, his sharp instinct told him the truth.

Livezel felt helpless against it. He turned around and looked at the figure who was walking up the stairs, Livezel smiled bitterly.

"King of Killers"!


The most powerful archpriest that Thorn Temple had ever appointed!

If the person only had the first title under his belt, Livezel might still have some confidence in competing but following the other two titles, even if all the young men in the temple district came together, they might not be a match for this person, let alone him alone.

Maybe even all the elders together were no match for this person, let alone all the young men.

Livezel instantly felt dispirited in his heart. Even the anticipation for the Festival of Partners started to fade.

Sighing, Livezel was preparing to take his leave and it was at that moment, he saw Pudd marching towards the person with an upset look.

"Pudd, wait!"

Livezel was shocked, he tried to stop Pudd.

Livezel, Bocard, and Pudd were around the same age but because of Lilith, they weren't friends to begin with. Still, because of Lilith, the three of them had spent quite an amount of time together, much longer than common friends and the relationship that bloomed during that period was much deeper than common strangers.

If Kieran wasn't added to the fray, as time passed, the three of them would have competed for Lilith like a battle of life and death but Kieran was here.

Bocard was death, Livezel was ready to step away.

The situation was different.

The priest from Melody Temple who had a kind heart treated Pudd as a friend who shared the same ill-fate, he didn't want Pudd to lose his life over this.

However, Pudd didn't even care about Livezel's calling, he dashed forward like an arrow and stopped in front Kieran.

"You're here to participate in the Festival of Partners?" Pudd asked.

"Mm." Kieran nodded. He couldn't really deny it since he was holding a hybrid Frost Wolf in his hand.

"Very well!"

After seeing the nod of acknowledgment from Kieran, Pudd laughed.

He raised his and called out loud, "The archpriest of Thorn Temple has arrived for the Festival of Partners! I, Pudd, priest of Hunter Temple question whether Archpriest Ryan has what it takes to participate, I hereby challenge you!"

The loud and sonorous voice was heard all around.

It instantly attracted gazes from people who were kind of looking at the situation.

The attracted gazes were shifting between Pudd and Kieran, each of them was looking intrigued.

Especially when they saw Kieran, the judgemental gazes with a sense of reverence were never ending.

After a while, a crowd gathered in front of Hunter Temple.

Some were there to participate in the festival, some were there after they heard the news.

Other than Lightning and Sin Temple, people from every temple were present, including Thorn.

"Is Hunter Temple insulting Thorn Temple now?"

Einderson who was also at the scene said coldly with a gloomy face.

The few priests and knights behind him were even filled with killing intent.

Kieran ascended to the archpriest position with his own powerful strength and courageous act, not only he did get promoted without argument, he was loved and respected by the whole temple.

The title "strongest archpriest of Thorn Temple" didn't come from outside but it started within Thorn Temple.

It proved how much of a reputation Kieran had in the temple and with that kind of reputation, he was challenged by a priest from Hunter Temple, it was an unforgivable act from how they saw it.

If Hunter Temple didn't send their assistance to aid Thorn Temple during the last fight, Einderson would have initiated another war.

After Thorn Temple emerged victorious from the battle with Wealth and Sin Temple, their conservative viewpoints had changed without them even noticing.

"Of course not! Officiant Einderson, Pudd did not mean what he said!"

Herasu who ran out from the temple waved his hands and explained.

He then turned around and scolded his disciple, "Pudd, apologize to Archpriest Ryan now!"

As he was being scolded by his teacher, Pudd who was enrage with jealousy filling his mind did not care.


Pudd answered loudly while looking arrogant. His response was decisive and firm.

"So this is what you've got? Trying to lay pressure on me with your people? Or is it because you think you can't best me in all three Hunter Challenges? Of course, you won't be able to compete in working with your companion and the solo fight which are the two out of the three challenges since you only just got a pup there but what about archery?"

"Are you up for the archery challenge?"

The young hunter seemed to be a fearless gladiator, he didn't just stare at Kieran, he stepped forward to his face, trying to push him down.

Pudd's attitude enraged the others from Thorn Temple, all of them voiced their dissatisfaction but it stopped right away because Kieran spoke.

"Archery? Where?"

Kieran looked directly at Herasu without even batting an eye at Pudd.
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